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On the Origin and Propagation of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays ... bergische_universitat_wuppertal

DissertationOn the Origin and Propagation ofUltra-High Energy Cosmic Rays(Measurements & Prediction Techniques)Nils

Thiophene based polymers and oligomers for organic semiconductor ... bergische_universitat_wuppertal

Thiophene-Based Polymers and Oligomers for Organic Semiconductor Applications Dissertation zur Erlangung des

Generalized Algebraic Kernels and Multipole Expansions for ... bergische_universitat_wuppertal

Generalized Algebraic Kernelsand Multipole Expansionsfor massively parallel Vortex Particle MethodsZur Erlangung des

The strong N–H acid bis[bis(pentafluoroethyl)phosphinyl]imide, ... bergische_universitat_wuppertal

The strong N–H acid bis[bis(pentafluoroethyl)phosphinyl]imide, H[{(C F ) P(O)} N] 2 5 2 2Salts and ionic liquids

In-situ BrO measurements in the upper troposphere, lower ... bergische_universitat_wuppertal

In-Situ BrO Measurements in the UpperTroposphere / Lower Stratosphere: Validationof the ENVISAT Satellite Measurements

New approaches in user-centric job monitoring on the LHC Computing ... bergische_universitat_wuppertal

FACHBEREICH C - FACHGRUPPE PHYSIKBERGISCHE UNIVERSITATWUPPERTALNew approaches inuser-centric job monitoringon the LHC Computing

Jacobi-Davidson type methods for computing rovibronic energy levels ... bergische_universitat_wuppertal

Jacobi-Davidson Type Methodsfor Computing Rovibronic Energy Levelsof Triatomic MoleculesZur Erlangung des akademischen Grades

Novel polyfluorene based copolymers for optoelectronic applications ... bergische_universitat_wuppertal

Novel Polyfluorene Based Copolymers for Optoelectronic Applications Dissertation zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades

Light Matter Interaction in Nanostructured Materials [Elektronische ... bergische_universitat_wuppertal

Christian KremersDie Dissertation kann wie folgt zitiert werden:urn:nbn:de:hbz:468-20111108-165121-4[

Multigrid methods for structured grids and their application in ... bergische_universitat_wuppertal

Multigrid methodsfor structured gridsand their applicationin particle simulationZur Erlangung des akademischen Grades

Fostering conceptual change in chemistry classes using expository ... bergische_universitat_wuppertal


Fabrication and characterization of nanometer scale organic ... bergische_universitat_wuppertal


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