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My therapist by phone: Individual Psychology Comparative Its principles and results
When we review the different approaches and psychological doctrines, one is struck by the place occupied in their small research the issue of awareness. One has the impression that human knowledge and practical experience are deliberately excluded from these activities, as if any value was denied the artistic design and the creative power of divination and intuition. While representatives of Experimental Psychology strive to classify or produce phenomena, or to infer patterns of reaction, rather engaged in physiological studies of psychic life, others attempt to incorporate manifestations and modes of expression of psychological categories and systems thinking, outdated and unoriginal. On this occasion they find reports and dynamic psychic relationships they had previously made in their conceptions concerning the human soul.
Efforts other hand, starting from minimal measurable physiological events, to describe the moods and thinking of studying, identifying these physiological processes. These authors considered as an advantage of their designs psychological and subjective thinking faculties identification researcher remain excluded from their work, forgetting, however, that in reality, their only thought comes to control or impose with force, these reports psychophysiological.
The methods used in the current or psychological tendencies recall, in terms of their importance as a preparatory school of the human spirit, principles  now obsolete in psychology  former natural sciences with their rigid system. These principles are outdated at the moment, replaced by designs that consider life and its variations, the physiological point of view as well as philosophical or psychological, as always related to each other. This is for the psychological school I called individual psychology compared. It seeks, assuming the unity of individuality, to make an image of the personality in isolation, starting with vital manifestations and modes of expression of its own. The various features are compared, reduced to a "dynamic line" common combined to determine the specific topic portrait
I must say that this way of looking at mental life is neither unusual nor particularly reckless. It manifests itself very clearly in my observations on child psychology, although other guidelines are there mixed. This is especially the nature and work of the artist, painter, sculptor, composer, poet, shall strive by small lines to represent the creatures so that the observer can enter dynamic lines of their personality, lifestyle, and so can reconstruct what the artist had deliberately concealed. Life in society, unprejudiced scientific life forces us to look in any direction to direct our activities. This finding forces us to say that, excluding any preconceived scientific opinion, person, and under no circumstances can during an event to form an opinion without having to take account of this guideline
seems to link all events psychic topic for a fictitious purpose. Psychoanalysis works both by phone Posted September 30, 2012 by Emeline Ferard
A British study tested the effectiveness of a form of psychotherapy by telephone with 39,000 patients. Result, it is also is efficient if patients had to travel to the therapist's office and all at a cost one third less. The couch has no coast. In order to reduce the costs of psychotherapy, a team from the University of Cambridge tested the effectiveness of telephone consultations in a study published Sept. 28 in the journal lignePLoS ONE. Sigmund Freud had instituted the couch in his consultations to his patients can engage more easily, without fear of eye contact the therapist. From there, the researchers could legitimately ask whether the patient and the therapist should necessarily be in the same room. According to them it is not necessary. In reaching this conclusion, the data of 39,000 patients from seven institutions were studied. These patients were then treated with cognitivebehavioral psychotherapy, a variant developed between the years 50 and 70 but this is done remotely. Result, the observations suggested that telephone therapy proved as effective and saved a third of the cost compared to inoffice treatment. Patients who do not always have access to health care Besides the financial aspect, some patients may have their access to their sessions complicated by problems of transport or work schedules. Other reasons for the order of the disability or agoraphobia may also complicate things. More patients can have access to a quality standard therapy by telephone. Peter Jones, the lead author of the study, explains the benefits of this work: "provide telephone therapy does not just help individuals access to mental health treatment if necessary, it will be a much less expensive to do so at a time when everyone is talking about reducing costs. " One in four adults is affected This study is part of the Improving Access to Psychological program Therapies [IAPT for improving access to psychotherapy], which focuses on mild to moderate depression and anxiety. These are the most common cases, but they are often poorly treated and represent a significant cost. The British equivalent of Social Security, the National Health Service estimates that each year in the UK, one in four adults suffers from some form of mental illness. Note the writing Being online therapist means first be a therapist. The practitioner must therefore have the necessary training and sufficient in the type of work it offers. It must be clearly identifiable by their marital status,
degrees and address offline. It must also be sufficiently at ease in the use of various devices (chat, email, forums ...) that exist on the Internet, and have an acute knowledge of the specificity of this space. The practitioner must respect the codes of ethics and conduct its practice. The practitioner must comply with the laws of the country in which it operates and to inform the client when necessary to him. ? JeanChristophe Dardartproposdestherapiesenligne About therapies online Le Monde published in its online edition January 12, 2009 a short paper on online psychotherapy: When face to face is impossible [1]. Sylvain Missonnier, a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst, quickly draws the portrait of a consultant can: a teenager overwhelmed by both the pizza boxes, ashtrays full and advance notifications MSN and a device would allow online work without probably meet a psychotherapist so she would not approach the online world. It's possible. The drama in France, is that there has been no work exchange between psychotherapists to discuss what can be done online. The result is that psychotherapists who work online are almost in hiding. I've never been able to talk with a therapist with such a practice set apart JeanPierre Begue. Two or three mails exchanged had led to a critical article published on psyapsy. This lack of exchange is harmful for both disciplines considered since they are more driven by exchanges of work. But can also be harmful for the patient who is engaged in a practice that poses a psychotherapist problems with respect to its group membership. Since 2004, we see on the web a few flower French domain names online therapy. Some therapists are on platforms free hosting Jean Pierre Begue's at, Paul is in Zveguinzoff In general, the sites are very poorly constructed, and let appear the little knowledge of the environment in which therapists claim they practice. I say quite clearly: do psychotherapeutic work online without knowing the material with which we work is a mistake. There is an imaginary and a real reality of the Internet that any psychotherapist practicing online should know. Patient side, the situation is even worse. Certification FF2P some highlight has no legal value and formulas as "para medical professional sector of the Mental Health and Sexual" can inspire confidence as to the psychologist are rather suspicious. How to find it? If you want to psychotherapy online, know that this is a task that is complicated by the fact the media used. Among other issues: the quality of the relationship is difficult to evaluate both sides; quality psychotherapist difficult to guarantee confidentiality in the same way that cabinet. It can be broken by intrusions from the therapist or patient, or because of a fault of the device used (eg. On a forum). 1. Avoid psychotherapy online if you are not 200% comfortable with the devices online writing (mail, chat, etc..) And if you do not know 2. Avoid therapists domiciled with free hosting.
3. Check the quality of the psychotherapist. This is a complex issue. Each therapist must give its customers the ability to check or get an idea of ??his: diplomas, professional. In France, psychologists are listed on the register ADELI and psychiatrists Council of the College of Physicians. Psychoanalytic institutions hold directories. Consult. 4. Avoid psychotherapist making rash promises: guaranteed results fast and without difficulties 5. Avoid psychotherapist who is not identifiable offline 6. Avoid psychotherapist who is not comfortable with the various online writing device 7. Avoid psychotherapist who gets paid in advance. 8. Avoid psychotherapist whose site displays banners. 9. Avoid mixing techniques psychotherapist who offers or exotic techniques 10. Inquire about the difference between a psychologist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist. 11. Find out about the codes of conduct. 12. Find out about the legal remedies that are at your disposal. In case of problem, it will be easier to enforce your rights in court if the psychotherapist working in the same country as you. 13. Inquire about pricing. 14. Find out about how the psychotherapist stores your trade: it has a dedicated computer? protected? how? 15. Find out about emergency procedures put in place: what to do when the therapist is unreachable? psychotherapist who can join it in an emergency (attempted suicide, delirium, endangered self or others)? 16. Avoid psychotherapist who is not aware of these difficulties Frans Tassigny Anyone seeking online help should be informed by the practitioner whom it is addressed on the work that is going to be proposed in terms cost, response time, duration and involved process. Internet presence can cause problems that must be conscious. Confidentiality can not be guaranteed in the same way that practitioner's office. Trade may be lost or sent to another recipient by mistake, or email the protagonists can be read by a third party. The therapist must take this into account by providing for example the use of an encryption program. Even if all the trade of the Internet is based on the advance made by the client, it seems safer within the line work, the payment is always made after. This gives everyone a chance and break the connection with the treatment without being bothered by stories of money. Procedures to follow in case of emergency should be discussed: who to contact if the practitioner is
not available online? What professional practitioner online can be enclosed in an emergency (attempted suicide, delirium, endangered self or others) The practitioner must know what he keeps traces of trade, it will make, safeguards and protection it uses.
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