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Fevrier 2008
Sunday, January 27, Chandeleur (Crêpes festival)
The Alliance Française de Fresno presents:
An evening of mirth and merriment!
La Boulangerie, 6:30-8:30 P.M.
Homemade crêpes by Patrick Bourrel
Selection of fillings and drinks provided by Alliance Française Board Members
$10 for members; $15 for non-members
RSVP by January 23 to Françoise Kinzel at 224-0419
Tombola Drawing will be held for two free tickets to Paris and other prizes!
Tombola Tickets Still Available:
Call Françoise Kinzel at 224-0419 for tickets or more information.
Prize, 2 Airline Tickets to Paris,
Additional Prizes
2 tickets Grand Opera production, Alliance Française
French course tuition, 2 tickets Fresno Philharmonic concert, dinner for two Café Rousseau, 2 season tickets Keyboard
Concerts, 5 tickets Fresno Film Works, Campos Brothers Farms gift basket, Sephora French beauty products gift basket,
complimentary wine from WineStyles, Trader Joe’s gift basket, French Champagne from Costco, Framed archival
Montmartre photo print Rebecca Caraveo
Les Galettes (Kings’ Day Cakes):
January 5 to 31
Support our Scholarship Fund and enjoy a delicious French tradition!
Galettes are available at
La Boulangerie
(Fig Garden Village, Palm & Shaw) throughout
the month of January. Thanks to Patrick Bourrel’s generosity, each galette sold means a
contribution to our Scholarship Fund.
Orders can be made with the bakery (222-0555).
February 20, 7:00 PM
Le Sénégal:
The Path of Two Adventurers
A lecture in French and English by Adama Gueye & Terry Allen
Woodward Park Library, 944 E. Perrin, near Champlain (433-3135)
There is no charge for the lecture.
The public is invited to attend.
A reception will follow.
Adam(a) was born in Thies, a city an hour’s drive from Dakar.
He received his BA in 1994 from Cheik Anta Diop
University, his Masters in 1996, and his first post-graduate diploma in 1997, the first step of his doctoral studies. In 1998, he
entered the National Teacher Training School and obtained a high school teaching credential.
In 2007, he earned a Fulbright
exchange position for a year at Bullard High. Adam(a) is currently working on his doctoral project on “Gender Issues” and
looks forward to meeting scholars who can help in that field.
Terry was born and raised in the Fresno area attending Bullard High School, CSU Fresno for his BA and MA, and the
University of LaVerne for his doctorate in educational leadership.
After receiving his BA, he served as a Peace Corps
Volunteer in Senegal.
In 1965, he returned to finish his teaching credential and begin his 35-year tenure at Clovis Unified as
teacher, learning director and elementary school principal.
He retired in 2000 and presently teaches 11 units per year at CSU
Fresno and serves as an arts education consultant to the Fresno Art Museum’s ArtSmart program.
Congratulations to Alliance Member Maurice Cohen who was awarded the Prix
d’Honneur de la Société Nationale des Beaux Arts for his exhibition at the Carrousel du
Louvre in December where he showed 9 paintings among 500 world artists.
Also, his
Le Cercle de la Vie
(at left) was exhibited at the Grand Palais in November.
Fresno Metropolitan Museum
is sponsoring a trip to the San Francisco
Legion of Honor
to view the exhibit
Marie-Antoinette and the Petit Trianon at Versailles,
Sat. Feb.
9; members $70, non-members $80.
For information contact Ann Wanger: 441-1444.
French Classes:
It is not too late to join a French class.
Call Odette Cohen at 435-3285 for
adult classes or Micheline Curnyn for children’s classes at 435-5532 for more information.
Cafés de l’Alliance, Jeudi, 14 fevrier, 13 mars
de 16:30h à 18h à la Boulangerie.
rendez-vous mensuel avec vos amis francophones. (Occurs 2
Thursday of each month).
Friday, Feb, 8, 5:30 and 8 PM, Fresno Filmworks presents
The Price of Sugar
at the Tower
Theatre. Bill Haney's award-winning documentary, narrated by Paul Newman, exposes the
inhumane treatment of Haitian migrant workers in the Dominican sugar industry.
($10; $8, for students and seniors) can be purchased at the Tower Theatre Box Office, JA
Photography, 2003 N Van Ness, at the door or at
For information:
call 221-0755 or visit
2008 Schedule
Tombola Sales
Sale of Galettes, La Boulangerie
Jan 27
Chandeleur and Tombola Drawing
Feb 20
Adama Gueye,Terry Allen:
Le Sénégal, Path of 2
Mar 4
Lydia Kuhn:
The Titanic, The French Connection
Apr 20
Thirza Vallois:
The Paris of Artists and Writers
Apr 21
Thirza Vallois:
Aveyron:A bridge to French Arcadia
Christopher Thompson:
Le Tour de France
Anniversary Celebration and Bastille
The following have renewed their membership for 2003.
If your name is missing please send your membership
renewal ($30 Individual, $40 Family, $100 Patron) to Colleen Mitchell, 3785 E. Holland St., Fresno 93726-3602.
Make checks payable to L’Alliance Française de Fresno.
Rosalee Alchian
Dzung Trinh & Loren Alving
Craig Hamilton Arnold
Bruce Babcock
Nancy & Jack Baker
Barbara & Larry Barman
Lars &Christina Bjorkman
Robert Boro
Patrick &Peggy Bourrel
Manfred Bucher
Juliet & Antonio Campos
Rebecca Caraveo
James M Cardella
Angelica & Richard Carpenter
Florence Cassel
Jeri Cavanaugh
Anoush Chamlian
Terry Bond & Tim Channel
Tatiana&Sandy Glickman
Jack Christensen
John & Michelle Cleave
Maurice and Odette Cohen
Camilla Colby
Kristi Cole
Laverne Cottet
Karen Creighton
Jim & Micheline Curnyn
Lois & Gene Dellavalle
Celeste DeMonte
Peter &Raffi Anahid Dorian
George DuGal
Helga & John Dunlap
Patricia Duvet
Cynthia Elliott
Richard & Ellen Erganian
Sharon & Michael Farley
Mary L Fifer
Sandra Flettner
John & Annette Freitas
Renate Frieser
Cathy & John Frye
Judy Ganulin
David Gearhart
Hrant George
Bruce & Alisa Ginier
John Berrere & Ana Lia Graciano
Nicole Mott Hansen
Richard & Rebecca Haynie
Delia & Jerry Henry
Christy Hicks
Yannick J. Himber
Elizabeth, Kirsten& Bruce Honeyman
Donna & Samuel Hudson
Geraldine Hughes
David & Gail Hutchinson
Virginia & Joaquin Jimenez
Roxie Jizmejian
Lynne S. Kerr
Michael & Anita King
Francoise & Paul Kinzel
Michael J Landers
Karin & Robert Larka
Diana & Eric List
Eliane Ly
Mary Anne MacDonald
Robert & Kimberly Mallek
Jasmine Markarian
Susan McAndrew
Oran McNeil
Virginia Meltickian
Polly Miles
Colleen Mitchell
Steven Mitchell
Roxie Moradian
Olivera Morrison
Michael &Jeremy Newel
Sheila, Larry, Kevin Nicol
Paul Nugent
Thalia Panas
Bette Peterson
William & Dorothy Petesch
Janine Robertson
Jan Rogerson
Catherine Martin & Larry Roselle
David &Elsa & Anne-Marie Ross
Margery Russell
Linda Scambray
Daniel Schwartz
Joan Rubinstein & Alex Sheriffs
Teresa Wagstaff Siebert
Paula Siegel
Juan Sobenes
Andrew & Patricia Sorensen
Mr & Mrs J. G. Stokle
Josephine Sweidy
Eve Stockton Taylor
John & Toni Thezier
Elizabeth Thompson
John & Elizabeth Tomsick
Joan, Gary & Anne Truitt
Roger Vincon
Lily Walker
Trinette Wallace
Michael Waxman
Kao-Ly Yang
Mark & Anne Ybarra
Prudence Zalewski