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Cash Struggle Continues for the Majority of UK Households
PR Newswire LONDON, November 1, 2012
LONDON,November 1, 2012/PRNewswire/ --
It has been reported recently that rent prices are on the rise making it even harder for professionals and members of the public to distribute their salaries evenly. With the winter approaching fast, it is predicted that many will face a testing time financially over the next few months.
Pay rises have not been handed out widely in the last few years because of uncertainties surrounding the economic picture in the UK and businesses have had to tighten their belts with a negative impact on working people. However, at the same time as salaries have been frozen for the majority, the cost of living has continued to rise.
This has led to a disparity in incomings and outgoings in the average home and families, couples and individuals are now in a position whereby their monthly wage is not quite enough to help them to pay for those one-off expenses that are deemed necessities when they come along.
The rise in rent over the last five years is just another example of how the cost of living has continued to go up in spite of the challenges faced by those already struggling to make ends meet. Even those with enough in their pay packets to cope with monthly expenses come upon hard times when one-off costs arise.
The team at Kwik Cash, a company specialising inpayday loans, has seen an increase in inquiries from people who find those sudden expenses too much to deal with if they come along at the wrong time of the month when they are just getting by rather than when they are flush.
Debts like rent have to be prioritised and this leaves less available cash to deal with other payments and many professionals find a solution by applying for payday loans through websites like A number of initiatives are being looked at by the government in order to reignite industry and spur growth across sectors to put an end to the financial uncertainty across the nation, but improvements are slow in the making.
It remains to be seen how the economic picture will change in the coming months, but for now the steady struggle for the majority of households continues.
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