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Germans Still Have a Positive Image of Japan
PR Newswire GÜTERSLOH, Germany, November 2, 2012
GÜTERSLOH, Germany,November 2, 2012/PRNewswire/ --
More a partner than a competitor in politics and econonics - on a par withChina
The German population has an overwhelmingly positive image of Japan and perceives it less as a competitor. In terms of how to react to the increasing competition both internationally and from Asian, Germany should, overall, work more intensively with the Asian countries and with Japan, and insist less on asserting its national interests. These are the conclusions from the latest representative public opinion poll from the Bertelsmann Foundation, the most influential political think-tank in Germany.
It shows that the majority of Germans regard the development ofAsia and in Japan as positive for Germany. Every second respondent believes that the economic rise of Asia represents something more akin to an opportunity for Germany. On the other hand, 39 percent regard it as more of a threat. However, even greater is the belief that Germany will "cope with" the associated political and economic challenges. Four out of five Germans are optimistic in this respect. Only 15 percent fear that Germany will "not cope with" the challenges from Asia.
60 percent of Germans regard Japan in particular as a political partner in Asia. 44 percent regard the country as being important or even very important in terms of its significance as a partner in the battle against climate change. On the other hand, only 30 percent believe that Japan could be a financially powerful investor in the struggle against the euro crisis. As a competitor in the development of new and innovative products, the Japanese, once famed and feared in Germany due to its capacity for innovation, are almost on a par with the Chinese. 73 percent of the German population regard Japan as a competitor in the development of new and innovative products and 48 percent regard it as a competitor in the procurement of raw materials and energy.
In terms of how to respond politically to the developments inAsia, the majority of Germans recommend cooperation rather than confrontation. 41 percent regard Germany's current polical course as correct and want to m aintain it, and 37 percent of those questioned advocate closer collaboration. Only 18 percent are saying that Germ any must stand up for its interests in Asia to a greater degree and in this respect should follow the example of theUSA.
More information on the internet at: -78E3E1B8-3407FF03/bst_engl/hs.xsl/index.html
Cora Francisca Jungbluth Project Manager Germany and Asia Telephone: +49 5241 81-81482
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