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TSK Financial Ltd Launches a PPI Claims Website in Ireland
PR Newswire MANCHESTER, England, October 8, 2012
MANCHESTER, England,October 8, 2012/PRNewswire/ --
The company has taken the decision to launch a website in Ireland to handle PPI Claims dedicated to improving the service to Irish clients. This comes from growing interest in requests for TSK Financial services from overseas.
PPI complaints in Ireland have risen almost 50% this year compared to 2011, and there are many more consumers still owed PPI, numbers suggest there was over 340,000 policies sold in Ireland betweenAugust 2007andNovember 2011. Over 80% of PPI policies sold in Ireland were sold by banks or credit institutions so the Central Bank of Ireland has requested in full investigation into the miss-selling of PPI.
TSK Financial have recently restructured as the business has developed & has now appointed Alex Kent as the Director of International Operations. Alex Kent explains -
"Our websiteppiclaimform.comhas received enquiries from all over the world and we are now handling claims from Ohio USA, Tenerife, Jersey and Spain etc. We are more than happy to assist the expats in making their claims and no country is too far for our customers. It seems to have taken a little linger for expats to realise the opportunity available to reclaim the PPI they paid on loans or credit cards while living in the UK. Our fastest growing overseas market is our closest neighbour Ireland & that's why we decided that our new website will be"
TSK Financial Ltd is maintaining the low cost for their services of only 15% charged on successful claims for their clients. "Many of our competitors are still charging 30%!"
TSK Financial Ltd founders are proud of their customer marketing strategy "by never carrying out nuisance 'cold calling' or 'unwanted text messages'." They prefer to let customers who want to make a PPI claims find them. One of their most effective ways of generating new clients is through word of mouth after successfully reclaiming PPI for a friend or family member.
Billions of pounds worth of miss sold PPI is still to be claimed back from the banks. If you think you might have been miss-sold PPI then you can contact TSK Financial Ltd by visiting the website below.
The website for Irish consumers is now live at, however, you can also still find TSK Financial on
Or speak to them direct call Will Tatterton +44(0)800-0352697.
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