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Affiliate Marketing Strategies

8 pages
Affiliate internet marketing success is where people come and learn killer internet marketing tips like traffic generation and creating e-books.
ways to make money online
ways, to, make, money, online,
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Affiliate Marketing Strategies
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About the author:
The author has been online for 10 years and specializes in traffic
generation. The author is motivated to help people succeed
online my hope is to help thousands succeed online by providing
useful information in the affiliate marketing niche.
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Introduction to email marketing
Here are some great email marketing tips. 1. Once you have a
customer base stay in touch with them and email at least twice a day
once in the morning and a second in the evening. 2. Subscribe to at
least 1012 newsletters in your niche you will learn a lot from this look
at what time of the day they are emailing you and what they are
emailing you. 3. People buy things from people they trust add value to
you customers by providing real value to them with free reports 4. the
worst thing you could do is be boring so give some glimpse into your
personal life and write how you talk 5. Use online video when you can
this will allow you to connect emotionally with your readers 6. Have the
blue clickable link in your email above the fold so your customers
don't need to scroll down 7. Contact your customers regularly it takes
about 5 exposures to get the sale make sure you nurture them with
valuable content 8. Promote low cost offers to get your list used to
buying from you 9. Make sure you post can be read on all types of
devices 10. It is very important to send upsells to your list to achieve a
better lifetime customer value.
I am going to share a easy list building strategy with you just don't
over think it. To get started with this you need a couple of things first is
a hot offer which can be found by going to click bank and reviewing
categories which in essence are broken down into niches and sub
niches but in general people will want to look better, feel better and
always need more money and these will also be competitive niches
which is a good thing we will want lot's of competition we just need to
out smart them. Once you have a hot offer you will need to do keyword
research in that niche which can be done at but you will
need a adwords account to use there tool or you can Google keyword
research tool and find one that suits your need next you will want to
head over towww.unbounce.comthis will be were you will make a
landing page that has an awesome headline and call to action and
also give a freebie away in exchange visitors will leave you there
name and email and get added onto your list this will require a
getresponse account or aweber account. Once you have a landing
page setup next part is to drive traffic to that page you can do this
with Facebook ads Facebook has a lot of targeting options so you will
get highly targeted leads from this. Once you have lead's coming in
you will want to make sure you have a email series setup to
capitalize on the lead's coming in.
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Introduction to traffic generation: Now let’s talk about some ways of getting traffic there are several ways to get traffic to your offers. #1 youtube you can upload videos to youtube do some simple seo and get them to rank in google. #2 ppc you could use bing ads, 7 serach, google #3 Media buys sites like trafficvance, lead impact etc. #4 Blogging you could make a blog and do some seo to get it to rank. #5 Banner ads put banner ads up on buy sell ads Read this quick message from our sponsor before you continue….. Thank you!!!! Highly Recommended below…...
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