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Shaun Baker/GBR, kayaking
Athletes experience intense mental anthde power of Red Bull Energy Drink,
physical stress and strain during compaen-d they have a good scientific basis for
titions and also when they are trainingd.oing so. The power of Red Bull Energy
Red Bull Energy Drink has been specialDlryink has been tested and proven repea-
developed to provide the additional tedly in a series of comprehensive studies.
energy that athletes need to overcome
physical and mental stress during trainTihnigs brochure explains how Red Bull
and before, during and after competitiEvneergy Drink works and gives competitive
events. athletes advice on how to use it success-
Athletes from a variety of sports rely founlly.
Orlando Duque/COL, cliff diving
Since its conception in 1987, quite a evidence of enhanced performance follo-number of studies have been undertakwei n g consumption of Red Bull. Ever by doctors and scientists who are renosiwn-ce Red Bull was introduced to the ned in their particular fields to under-market, it has been used by champions in stand the physiological significance ofboth recreational and competitive sports Red Bull Energy Drink and its unique to achieve improved performance. combination of ingredients. These stuIdnie asddition to the results obtained from indicate that Red Bull Energy Drink scientific studies, the ongoing partner-produces a significant increase in bothship between a wide variety of athletes physical performance and cognitive and Red Bull is testimony to the claim functions. The studies, some of whichthat Red Bull actually works. were carried out on top athletes, provided
Shaums March/USA, MTB-freeriding
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Annaleah Emmerson/GBR, triathlon
Red Bull and its effect on the body.
Fig. 1: Endurance at the highest intensity level
sec. 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900
Contro group
The Institute of Sport Sciences at determine the pumping capacity of the the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe Universithyeart. They found a significant increase in Frankfurt took this working hypo- in performance at the maximum intensity thesis and verified it in a further studlyevel, confirming the previous findings, with 17 amateur sportsmen. Apart froalmong with a concurrent significantly endurance, they also looked at the higher oxygen uptake in the Red Bull maximum oxygen uptake (VO2 max),g raoup compared to the control group parameter which is used to indirectly(Fig. 2) 2) .
Fig. 2: Maximum oxygen uptake 2 ( m V a O) x
Cont grou
ml/kg/min 44 46 48 50 52 54 56
Another study of physical perfor- increase in aerobic endurance capacity at mance by non-athletes was conductetdh aet highest intensity level following the Department of Psychology, Univera-dministration of Red Bull versus the sity of the West of England, Bristol. control drink (Fig. 3). This study demonstrated a significant
Fig. 3: A
Control group
sec. 960 980 1000 1020 1040 1060 1080 1100 1120
Björn Dunkerbeck/NED, windsurfing
This finding further confirms the resul
t S s ummary obtained by German researchers and oRnecde Bull is an energy drink that improves again demonstrates the role of Red Bulel nidnurance at maximum intensity levels. boosting enduranc 3) e . Athletic performance, and endurance in Improved pumping capacity of theparticular, depends on an optimum supply heart increases the maximum oxygen of energy. Athletes need proper training uptake, which leads to improved perfora-nd nutrition to maximise their perfor-mance (endurance). The pumping capamciatynce. In addition to proper sports nutri-of the heart can be determined directltyi obny, adequate fluid intake (water, etc.) is means of ultrasonic tests (echocardioc- ritical, especially during intensive sport graphy).This type of testing was carriedactivities. Without adequate fluid intake, out by the Institute of Sports Medicinei na t ense physical activity may lead to the University of Paderborn in Germanydehydration. As Red Bull has not been to establish the effect of Red  Bull Enefrogrymulated to deliver re-hydration, we Drink on heart performance. Subjects encourage people who are engaged in were given different drinks at rest, befsorpeort to also drink lots of water during and shortly after maximum exertion. Itintense exercise. was shown that the cardiac stroke volume (the quantity of blood pumped into the Red Bull Energy Drink increases arteries with each heartbeat) was high e er ndurance. after taking Red Bull Energy Drink than after the placebo and control d 4 r ) inks.
Markus Kröll/AUT, mountain running
Red Bull makes champions.
Even athletes who are extremely fit faeilveryday life. They are factors which to give their best performance if theydetermine one’s success or failure. lose concentration during sporting Red Bull Energy Drink contains sub-activity. Attention or vigilance, concens-tances which have a positive influence tration and reaction time reflect the on mental strength. This has been mental capacity of the brain and can demonstrated by various working play a critical role in winning or losin g raoups applying neuro-physiological game or ra.ce and neuro-psychological tests. Whilst it is relatively easy for an athle te The Institute for Sports Medicine at to evaluate his or her physical streng t h e, University of Paderborn in Germany it is considerably more difficult to used EEG (electroencephalography) to determine one’s mental strength. It isanalyse the influence of Red Bull Energy often only during the analysis after aDrink on brain activity. Thirteen athletes defeat that athletes recognise the exi-were recruited for this study, which stence of problems like lack of attent i onnv,olved testing on a cycle ergometer. The concentration and/or delayed reactiontest consisted of three trials, and the time. This can be a real problem for volunteers were given a placebo (carbohy-athletes. The secret lies in good mentdarlate solution), a control drink (carbohy-preparation, adequate sleep, rest an d rate solution with caffeine) or Red Bull relaxation, and adequate sports nutri(-verum) before the test. The results reve-tion. Optimising these elements has aled the greatest increase in readiness been shown to enhance mental powerp.otential  which indicates alertness and Enhanced mental focus, together withconcentration – after drinking Red Bull fierce determination, are critical factoErnse,rgy Drink compared to the control not only in sport but also in and placebo drin 5 k ) s.
Felix Baumgartner/AUT, B.A.S.E.-jumping
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