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After debating in favor of a bill that would require
before abortions, Democrat leaders openly
harassed, threatened and belittled her.
Democrat Rep. Scott
Randolph of Orlando trashed papers on her desk and threw
her pen away.
Randolph, who refused to
apologize, now also threatens to try and
unseat her in 2012.
(Tallahassee, FL)
Freshman State House of
Representatives member, Daphne Campbell from
Miami was in her first legislative session last week
when her own party viciously turned on her after she
debated for and voted in favor of the pro-life bill
requiring Ultrasounds before abortions.
Wednesday April 27, 2001, the Ultrasound Bill came up for debate and a vote on
the floor of the House chamber when the ugly incident happened.
Rep. Campbell is
a wife and mother of five children who works as a nurse.
As she rose in passionate
support for the pro-life bill, Rep. Scott Randolph (D) from Orlando, whose assigned
seat is right next to Campbell, started tossing papers on her desk and threw her pen
in the trash apparently incensed that a fellow
Democrat would support the bill.
who has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood
and Equality Florida, told Campbell “You are a
traitor…I swear, you will not be re-elected. I
will get an opponent.” Campbell‟s quick retort
was “You have no right. God put me here.”
Rep. Campbell said in an
Sunshine State News, “I was the victim of an
altercation by my fellow state representative,
Scott Randolph.
Several items were thrown in my face, foul language was used
against me, and I was insulted and ridiculed in front of all my colleagues. I was
called a „traitor‟ and was told that I was going to be kicked out of office next
Rep. Campbell‟s passionate debate, quoted from
the book of Ezekiel and admonished members
with the commandment “Thou shalt not
Republican members in the Florida House
stood to their feet in a standing ovation as other
Democrat members protested with arms folded
standing in the back of the chamber.
The full
text of the one page speech can be found
According to Bill Warren, FFPC's Director of Policy, who personally
witnessed the whole incident, "Democrats are now harassing her with needless
questions on all of her bills and attempting to defeat even simple, non-controversial
bills." However, Republican members have come to her defense by passing her bills
out of the House with a commanding majority and even all stood behind her in
solidarity on one occasion.
Florida Family Policy Council President John Stemberger released the following
statement regarding the incident:
“I spoke to Rep. Daphne Campbell by phone and personally thanked her and told
her she is to be applauded for standing alone within her party in support of the
weakest and most vulnerable members of society-- the unborn.
She is a hero within
our community and we will do everything we can to rally around her and support
As for Rep. Scott Randolph, his temper-tantrum-like behavior is intolerant and
His disrespectful and shameless comments are a disgrace to the dignity of
the Florida House of Representatives and he has behaved in a manner which is
uncivil, undemocratic and un-American."
Campbell is holding a press conference today at 3:00pm at the Capitol asking
Randolph to apologize for the incident.
The Associated Press, The Miami Herald,
The Jacksonville Times Union and The St. Pete Time all did feature stories on the
The Orlando Sentinel newspaper where Randolph is located, barely even
mentioned the incident deep into a story on other abortion related bills.
Those wishing to thank Rep. Campbell with a word of encouragement for
her principled stand can e-mail her
Those wishing to let Rep. Randolph
respectfully know of your disappointment with his unprofessional behavior, you can
e-mail him
For More Information Contact:
Korie Kapal at
or at
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