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time out M e r c h a n t  o f  d e a t h
How Osama bin Laden
became the mastermind of
a global terror network.
P2-3 & 11
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* A handout image dated September 11, 2001 taken by the New York City Police Department and obtained by ABC News, showing an aerial view of the terror attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. The initiator of the 9/11 attacks, Al Qaeda founder and leader Osama bin Laden, was killed by US forces in Pakistan, on Sunday. Cover photograph: Bin Laden smiles as he sits in a cave in the Jalalabad region of Afghanistan in this 1988 photo. The man who declared war on America John-Thor Dahlburg and Alex Rodriguez chart the rise and fall of Osama bin Laden, the scion who became the grim face of Islamic radicalism O ssfgAaacrriiammombianli   ifabaoeifscs n ,eo   wbLoneeafe ac daloa tefs hmntSi,re eaa asti uthnd  ei   opcamrir raiys-vgspictnlraoeialg nntceedg.,hi   toaoHifnno eade n  seeSolpdfaie e unmrmdstoi,a   hrcgnieooss itl noyhds onatsrsunt t ua5t hcl 0tuli ieeno sd n a wnidt h ieamnvn eosTdvna h fePceea ma khvweiosenoutstr alssi dennas. s,nS  rdume dwomashntoe ,t rweAe acfangabthmoeaudpn tsi smsa, talnaindvn  i ng of Islamic radicalism that exalted Italian tapestries. was killed on Sunday (May 1) violence against non-believers, and Yet he became a figure of during a firefight with US forces the leader of a terrorist network that worldwide influence as a supporter in Abbotabad, Pakistan, 30 miles launched repeated attacks in the of Islamic freedom fighters in northeast of Islamabad. He had a West, most spectacularly in the US Afghanistan in the 1980s and, later, $25mn bounty on his head set by the on September 11, 2011. as an organiser and financier of US government. Bin Laden, 54, was born to terrorist cells who concealed his Yossef Bodansky, a terrorism
time out • Wednesday, May 4, 2011 • Page 3
to a hasty US withdrawal from the His given name came from an Islam: “Jihad and the rifle alone. No Laden brought in about $50mn a Muslim nation. ancient Arabic word for lion, the negotiations, no conferences and year for the Afghan resistance. It was this pullout that bin Laden embodiment of courage and nobility. no dialogues.” In the waning days The US was also generously said led him and his fellow Islamic There was also a religious resonance: of 1979, Soviet tanks rumbled into bankrolling the anti-Soviet fi ghters. militants to conclude that the One of the companions of the Afghanistan. It seemed to many in CIA agents from the period say they American soldier “was just a paper Prophet Muhammad was named the West to herald an alarming phase knew of bin Laden and approved tiger” Osama. of renewed Soviet aggression and of what he was doing, but had no . In February 1998, at a terrorist The boy’s Yemeni-born father, expansion. In the Muslim world, interaction with him. training camp in Afghanistan, he Mohamed bin Oud bin Laden, was the invasion was deeply resented In 1988, a number of the non-and leaders of other hardline Muslim a former labourer whose close ties as an attack on Islam by a godless Afghan Muslims who had been groups announced the creation of to the Saudi ruling family resulted superpower. For bin Laden, it was a battling the Soviets made a decision the International Islamic Front for in lucrative contracts to rebuild the life-changing event. whose effects are still being felt Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders. kingdom’s roads and the mosques “I was enraged, and went there at today. The Soviets, it seemed clear, In its first fatwa, or religious in Islam’s holiest cities, Makkah and once,” he said later. were on the run. The moment had edict, the front declared that “to kill Madinah. When he arrived in Peshawar, come to turn the hammer of radical Americans and their allies, both civil The elder bin Laden was a devout Pakistan, the headquarters-in-exile Islam against corrupt and pro-and military, is an individual duty Muslim. He had 11 known wives. of the Afghan resistance, he had a Western regimes in Egypt, Saudi of every Muslim who is able, in any Osama was the only child born sizeable purse to aid the cause. Arabia and other countries. country where this is possible.” to Alia, a beauty from Syria who How much actual fighting bin Among those involved was After the September 11 attacks, a preferred Parisian fashions to the Laden himself saw during the Soviet Ahmed Omar Abdel Rahman, resurgence of flag-waving patriotism veil. As a foreigner, she did not rank occupation is a matter of dispute, who would later be convicted of swept the US Security aboard high in the family pecking order. but his intense commitment was masterminding a plot to blow up airplanes and in airports increased Some members of the bin Laden clan unquestioned. tunnels, the UN headquarters and dramatically. Stunned and wounded, have said her status was so lowly that In 1987, bin Laden was other New York City landmarks in the nation psychologically mobilised she was known as “the slave” and commanding a force of mujahideen the early 1990s. for war. her son as “Ibn al Abeda” — son of that attacked Soviet and pro- When the metamorphosis was The battle against terrorism took the slave. Moscow Afghan units in the eastern complete, the organisation created America to mountainous expanses of Some sources close to the family province of Paktia. to fund and staff the anti-Soviet Afghanistan and the desert sands of believe his sense of alienation and The fighting degenerated into struggle had become Al Qaeda, a Iraq, both places where thousands of rebellion began here. Others believe hand-to-hand combat, and the multinational network of Muslim US troops remain deployed. it arose later, when bin Laden was attackers had to withdraw. But bin extremists. To what extent bin Laden’s manoeuvred out of a major role in Laden seized what became a prop But in Afghanistan, the holy war influence will outlive him is a critical the construction firm by his older central to his public persona — the was ending in an inconclusive mess. question. brothers. Kalashnikov automatic rifle that In 1989, with President Mikhail Over the years, he attracted In 1968, when Osama was was usually by his side in television S Gorbachev in the Kremlin, the battalions of recruits from Saudi about 11, his father was killed in a interviews or photographs. He Soviets withdrew, leaving behind Arabia, Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, plane crash. The son’s share of the claimed to have taken it from a dead a pro-Kremlin government whose Pakistan and other Muslim inheritance reportedly was about Soviet general. army proved surprisingly strong in countries, and his diffuse terror $300mn. In Afghanistan, bin Laden’s the field. The mujahideen fought network is said to operate in 60 From age 13, bin Laden attended charisma and genius for organisation the regime, and one another. Bin nations. But the recent uprisings in the Western-style Al Thagh school became evident. Laden, who had advocated the unity the Arab world, with secular middle- in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The In Peshawar, he came face to of all believers, grew increasingly class professionals and women at teacher who tutored him in English face with Azzam, the incendiary disgusted, and finally returned to expert who wrote the barricades, have raised questions remembers a tall, handsome and preacher, and they began to work Jeddah. a best-selling about just how much his brand of unfailingly polite teenager who together for the Afghan cause. biography of militant Islam still resonates on the stood out because of his serene self- The men rented a residence and *** bin Laden, streets. confidence. established what they called the labelled him In his public pronouncemen ts, bin Biographical material about his House of the Faithful. Despite his bitter disappointment “the man who Laden rarely displayed emotion, and teenage years is scanty. Some sources The property was to serve as at the end, bin Laden had learned declared war seldom smiled. claim that Osama spent his vacations a base for Arab fighters flocking indelible lessons in Afghanistan. The on America.” But a videotape apparently made from high school and college in the to the Pakistani-Afghan border Soviets’ comeuppance demonstrated For former sometime in early November 2001 fleshpots of Beirut, drinking and for a chance to participate in the that even a superpower was no President George W and obtained by US authorities womanising. anti-Soviet jihad. There, bin Laden match for the righteous power of an Bush and countless Americans, he showed a very different bin Laden. By some accounts, bin Laden would interview the arrivals, then Islamic holy war. was simply “the evil one.” On that tape, made during a renounced such impious behaviour assign them to various factions of the The next great cataclysm to shake In 1994, Saudi Arabia stripped meeting with supporters in eastern and undertook intense study of the Afghan resistance. the Arab world would push bin bin Laden of his citizenship. Many Afghanistan, bin Laden laughed with Qur’an after his father’s company With Azzam, bin Laden founded Laden even further into religious and members of his family, closely delight when recalling the carnage of was awarded contracts to rebuild the the Mujahedin Services Bureau, an political extremism, and eventually linked to the ruling monarchy, had September 11. Makkah and Madinah mosques. organisation that sought to channel put him at loggerheads with the disavowed him long before. Here, there were no pro forma Other accounts, perhaps and strengthen the armed response Saudi ruling family. Yet he was also a hero to many denials: bin Laden said he knew four embellished by his admirers, claim of Muslims everywhere to the It came August 2, 1990, when Iraqi in the Islamic world, a conquering days in advance what was planned, the adolescent bin Laden was already Afghans’ plight. By the late 1980s, dictator Saddam Hussain’s forces avenger akin to Saladin, the sultan though he admitted that the scale an assiduous student of his faith. it reportedly had branches in 50 overran Kuwait. who drove the Christian Crusaders of death and destruction astonished When he was about 18, relatives countries, including the US. Though he had grown increasingly from Jerusalem more than eight him. on his mother’s side have said, bin Bin Laden launched a recruiting critical over the years of the Saudi centuries ago. America had tried, and failed, to Laden sent to Syria for his fi rst bride, drive that enrolled thousands of monarchy, the still-loyal bin Laden “We believe that the biggest kill bin Laden before. Two weeks a 14-year-old named Najwa. volunteers. He set up half a dozen offered to raise an army of Afghan thieves in the world and the terrorists after the embassy bombings in East After completing high school camps to train them in guerrilla war veterans to defend the kingdom. are the Americans,” bin Laden said in Africa, President Bill Clinton ordered in 1974, bin Laden did not follow warfare. Members of the royal family a February 1999 magazine interview. a volley of 79 Tomahawk cruise his brothers to higher education in Bin Laden also brought in gave bin Laden a polite hearing, but “The only way for us to fend off these missiles launched against a bin the West, but instead enrolled in bulldozers, dump trucks and other refused his offer. assaults is to use similar means. Laden training camp in Afghanistan the management and economics assets of his family’s company, Instead, they called on the US to We do not worry about American and a suspected chemical weapons programme at King Abdul Aziz and drew on his background in provide protection. opinion or the fact that they place plant in Sudan. University in Jeddah. construction to build trenches, roads For bin Laden, the presence prices on our heads.” But bin Laden escaped unscathed, Especially influential as bin Laden and tunnels to aid the anti-Soviet of US forces on Saudi soil was a Bin Laden was most notorious having left the camp with a coterie was approaching adulthood were resistance. Many times, it is said, profanation of sacred ground. He for the hijackings by a suicide squad of top lieutenants minutes before the the religious traditionalists who he dug emplacements on the front appears to have experienced it as a of 19 young Arab men who turned missiles arrived. preached the need to adhere to a lines himself and kept working under personal humiliation. airliners into flying bombs on Under Clinton, the CIA also began strict interpretation of Islam as a enemy fire. September 11, 2001. Nearly 3,000 to train Pakistani commandos for a bulwark against the corruption and He expended tens of millions of *** people died. covert operation against bin Laden decadence of the West. dollars of his fortune to aid his fellow Bin Laden also had been indicted in Afghanistan, but the scheme *** tMheu sslaimmes  isnp aArftgahna linfies taas na, ny eotr ldeidn ary yeaBrisn t oL aridpeenn sf curlleye, db uwto aullrde atadky eh e in the August 7, 1998, bombings foundered when the Pakistani of the US embassies in Kenya and military overthrew Prime Minister fighter, sleeping on the floor of his well embarked on a collision course Tanzania that killed 224 people, Nawaz Sharif. One of the most radical voices was Peshawar office on a pallet bed. with the US. He became persuaded including 12 Americans, and *** tohf aPt aolfe sat i neiaryn  Joorridgiann,i aAnb pdruellaachh er *** tMhuats liWma swhoirnlgdt ownass  kpereespeinngc ea iunt otchrea ts injured 5,000. He was suspected of involvement in the October 2000 Azzam, who would have a marked and dictators in power and was bombing of the US destroyer Cole in Osama bin Mohamed bin Awad impact on bin Laden’s intellectual Word of the young Saudi’s exploits preventing the establishment of true Yemen, which killed 17 sailors. bin Laden was born in Riyadh, capital development. spread through the Middle East, Islamic states. For bin Laden, the Bin Laden once gloated that “our of Saudi Arabia, in 1957, the 17th of For Azzam, one of the founders ensuring fresh fighters for the priority would become kicking the boys” participated in the 1993 battle the 54 children of the founder of the of the Palestinian militant Afghan cause and a steady stream Americans out. in the streets of Mogadishu, Somalia, Bin Laden Group, a construction group Hamas, there could be no of contributions. According to one that killed 18 US servicemen and led company. compromise with the enemies of Western intelligence estimate, bin Continued on Page 11
Page 4 • time out • Wednesday, May 4, 2011  books Argentina mulls special pension for writers granting a special A rpgeennstiionna  tios  twor ictoenrss iodne rt he grounds that they generate “social richness” but often end up proposal pre authors a monthly stipend of £565, well above the state minimum pension. The idea, inspired by similar initiatives in France and Spain, would offer the pension to those who are aged over 65 and have published at least fi ve books or invested more than 20 years in “literary creation”. “Writers support the general culture of a community. They are individual creators who generate a sort of social richness that is diffi cult to quantify,” Carlos Heller, a deputy from the socialist party who sponsored the initiative, told the BBC. Some analysts said the proposal, coming from a party which supports the president, Cristina Kirchner, appeared linked to her expected run for a second term in October’s election. Recent populist measures include sending trucks with cheaply priced meat to poor neighbourhoods. Mario Goloboff, a writer and university professor, said the pension would remedy a cultural anomaly. “The state grants prestige to intellectuals but that isn’t payment.” He said hundreds of Argentine writers dedicated their lives to literary output only to struggle financially in old age, and “they deserve a pension”. Graciela Araoz, head of the Argentine Writers’ Society, said the law would enable elderly authors “to live with dignity for the rest of their lives”. The city of Buenos Aires, proud of a national literary tradition which boasts Roberto Arlt, Julio Cortzar and Jorge Luis Borges, approved a similar proposal in 2006 which granted a monthly pension of almost £400. Of around 100 applicants to date 72 have been approved, a low number which should calm those worried about the fi scal implications of the scheme going national, Victor Redondo, a poet and member of the Argentine Writers’ Society, told the BBC. “It is not easy to publish fi ve books in Argentina. They have to be registered with ISBN numbers and published by publishing houses. A commission of legislators, academics and writers would judge whether an applicant had invested more than 20 years in literary creation and weed out those whose books were self-published. Jorge Boccanera, one of the dozens of published writers in congress, welcomed the proposed legislation, telling the newspaper Clarin it would boost “imagination and the comprehension of the world” . Vicente Battista, another author and member of congress, was even more lyrical, saying congress had a piece of “utopia” in its hands. Argentines consider their country the literary capital of South America and like to name streets after famous authors. The number of titles published annually has more than doubled in the past decade. Argentine fiction is known for cerebral plots and philosophising but a new generation of writers has embraced topics such as sex, the Internet and Dan Brown-style stories. The pension proposal comes in the middle of the Buenos Aires book fair, one of the world’s biggest literary expos. Some ministers and pro-government intellectuals criticised an invitation to Mario Vargas Llosa because of his criticisms of leftwing governments in Latin America, including Kirchner’s. The president dampened the row by saying the Nobel laureate had every right to attend, earning thanks from the Peruvian novelist in his speech which opened the fair. — Rory Carroll/Guardian News & Media
* Having gained a degree in English and philosophy at Trinity College Dublin, Anne Enright was given an electric typewriter by her family for her 21st birthday. I was always on the side. Like a saladAnne Enright talks to Sean O’Hagan about life after winning the Booker and why her latest novel is a ‘less uneasy’ read than The Gathering am ha Anne brought up, and the Enright in a restaurant in I w  here vsihneg  lwuans cbho rwni tahn d hoca feht riBhl hrdearauyets,r nbe.w a Idnhniedrere, vec iMtstoaahrrbe,  ltainy, nn os dwewM ea h lsuieairvrrd peete sh t wtyawoo,l  ikwtihnn  g cabsrbhoiotosihOuws t .n w uIerrp ite tjlhtuaeisnnnt d gah stno hdowe n  scgmprooauiskncehhg n  deb,i lctdaoh twanhtoae srm,  ic Dun Laoghaire, which lies between the city of Dublin,
fiction, particularly in the voices of her intentionally so.” the characters not knowing everything though more ey than eral; the story constructed as a female characters. Did winning the Booker prize, for better and the reader knowing more than them. parable o betrayal and wonder. In her new novel, The Forgotten Waltz , or worse, change her life? “ No, not really. There’s more mischief in that and more  the narrator, Gina Moynihan, is a young What happens is that the world changes room for seriousness, too.” Island of Wings woman who has tasted, but is now in very quickly, but you don’t. The world In 2004, Enright published her furious retreat from, everything that is suddenly looks at you with diff erent first and, to date, only non-fi ction By Karen Altenberg expected of her: early marriage, house, eyes, but you’re not different. So, that’s book: Making Babies: Stumbling Into Quercus family, the slow erosion of spontaneity interesting. The crowd is illuminated Motherhood , a kind of antidote to all In 1930, the last inhabitants let the remote archipelago for routine. Like her creator, she has an suddenly and I don’t really do crowds all those self-satisfied books about the joys o St Kilda in the Outer Hebrides, weakened by illness eye for the absurdities of modern Irish that much. Readers only happen in ones.” of giving birth. Of late, despite what she and near-starvation. Altenberg sets her tale in the life and a gift for describing them with a Enright grew up in Dublin “on jokingly calls “the curse of the Booker”, St Kilda o 1830, based on the real-lie testimony o gleeful attention to detail. the border between Terenure and she has been prodigious: another short its minister, Neil Mackenzie. Mackenzie let Scotland Early on in the book, Gina attends Templeogue”, the youngest of a family of story collection, Taking Pictures , came with his young wie Lizzie on a mission to save the “the kind of party where no one ate the five, all of whom, she says, “were brainy out in 2008, and she recently edited The St Kildans rom pagan worship and sel-degradation, chicken skin” and surveys the room with and did well at exams”. She was the Granta Book of the Irish Short Story . yet despite his own messianic leanings the tough the withering gaze of the natural outsider. youngest and the lone creative in a family Does she consider herself an Irish years on the bird-inested islands bring reward as well “They were talking about plastic of successful professionals, gaining an writer? “No, I was always on the side. Like as incalculable loss. The Mackenzies’ experiences surgery. Indeed, a couple of women in the international scholarship that took her a salad.” Another cackle of laughter gives run in parallel with their parishioners’ inant death, room had the confused look that Botox to “a funny school in Canada” for two way to a frown of concentration as she isolation, shortages o everything rom ood to gives you, like you might be having an years in her teens. “When I came back,” reflects on the question. solace. Altenberg’s dialogue is awkward, yet the emotion, but you couldn’t remember she says, “Ireland did not make so much “I guess I’m engaged with the tradition descriptive passages, whether they be o a night-time which one. One had a mouth that was sense.” You could say she has been trying even insofar as being against it. The phosphorescent swim or the persistent ordure lining so puffy she couldn’t fit it over the rim to make sense of it through her writing periphery has always been the more the islanders’ dwellings, are stunning: a historical of her wine glass I recognised someone ever since. interesting place for me. I didn’t quite fi t document turned into lyrical fiction. from the telly over by the far wall, and Having gained a degree in English and and that suited me. I never wanted to be  an awful eejit from the Irish Times the philosophy at Trinity College Dublin, mainstream as a writer, but look at what’s 22 Britannia Road Enniskerry husbands stood about and she was given an electric typewriter by happened.” — Guardian News & Media talked property: a three-pool complex in her family for her 21st birthday and, soon By Amanda Hodgkinson Bulgaria, whole Irish block in Berlin.” after, won another scholarship, this time Fig Tree As vignettes about the vulgarity of pre- to the University of East Anglia, where Hogkinson’s impressively structured story o a boom Ireland go, that passage takes some she studied creative writing under the displaced Polish amily uncomortably reunited beating for its brevity and black humour, tutelage of the late Angela Carter. In a ater seven years o war is a flowing read, i lacking its near-perfect evocation of a certain recent essay for the London Review of in depth. What lits it is the clever juxtaposition o a lifestyle that epitomised those unreal Books , she wrote of Carter’s importance time sequence. It’s 1946, and Silvana and her eight-times. But the giddy rise and sudden fall to her and of her fractured sense of self year-old son Aurek are shipped to England rom a of the Celtic Tiger economy provides only when she first attended the course. reugee camp. Meeting them is her husband Januscz, the glimpsed backdrop to The Forgotten “I was 24. I had no idea how to live in demobbed rom fighting or the Allies, now setting up Waltz , which is essentially a novel about the world, let alone write about it; the self home in Ipswich. Their contrasting, equally harrowing illicit desire and its consequences. It is who was supposed to produce some kind experiences o war and its compromises are recounted deft in its delineation of an adulterous of narrative by the end of the year seemed in flashbacks more riveting than their present-day affair that wreaks the usual kind of havoc increasingly fugitive and fragmented. I conundrum. To traumatised Aurek, his ather is a but then grows slowly into something worked all the time, but inspiration did monstrous stranger. Janusz is haunted by a past love more, in its disregard for the conventional not strike. There was no shaft of light. If affair with a French woman; Silvana by the humiliations moral imperatives that still stalk many the words came from anywhere, it was she endured in order to survive. And so their lives are novels on the subject of forbidden, and from a point over my left shoulder, like a disrupted once more in a book that satisfies but never potentially destructive, female desire. taunt. I do not think I was entirely well.” quite takes flight. “Gina is someone who ac ts, who sets Even after her stint at East Anglia,  the affair in motion,” says Enright. “It Enright came to fiction slowly, first The Book of Lies was not something she was helpless working as a successful producer and to. I am interested in creating female director for the Irish national television By Mary Horlock characters who are no better or worse channel, RTE, where she produced the Canongate than they should be, who are, in fact, acclaimed comedy show Nighthawks , The lasting effects o the Nazi occupation o Guernsey just themselves. I don’t want to invest a groundbreaking mix of stand-up and are the subject o this seething, startling work. From them with some idea of the goodness or satire. While working in children’s the off, Horlock plunges with relish into the novel the wickedness of female nature, but I television, she wrote The Portable Virgin , as 15-year-old anti-heroine Catherine Rozier relates, am drawn, as most writers are, to fl awed a short story collection that won her the with wounded bravado, how she apparently pushed female characters flawed as opposed to Rooney prize for Irish literature in 1991. her best riend Nicolette to her death rom a cliff . bad.” It was followed by her fi rst novel, The Wig A jittery, volatile adolescent, Catherine is besotted Were it not for the quality of Enright’s My Father Wore , in 1995, an uneven tale with the sophisticated, daring Nicolette. She is also prose, her acute ear for dialogue and her that blends surreal comedy a stern Irish painstakingly uncovering her amily’s deepest secret tendency not to take the well-trodden father sports the ridiculous hairpiece of a transcription o her uncle’s statement describing his narrative path, The Forgotten Waltz might the title, which everyone else pretends actions as an alleged inormer during the war. Both seem slight after the sustained intensity not to notice and Angela Carter-style narratives, 20 years apart, emphasise the naive trust of The Gathering , the novel that won her fantasy an angel falls to earth and marries placed on unreliable riends alongside unpalatable the Booker prize in 2007. That novel was Grace, the female narrator. revelations about the treatment o oreign workers a thing of brooding beauty which touched Two other novels followed, What Are during the occupation and the islanders’ own suff ering. on the collective trauma that attended You Like? , which examines the ties that — By Catherine Taylor/Guardian News & Media
time out • Wednesday, May 4, 2011 • Page 5 first novels roundup The Godless Boys there is in this country,” she says, Ireland’s belated acknowledgment of bond through the story of identical twins By Naomi Wood laughing. “The national conversation the systematic sexual abuse of children separated at birth and raised apart in Picador has been going on forever and now it by priests. The new book is a lighter London and Dublin, and The Pleasure According to Wood’s vibrant alternative history, the just bores the pants off everyone. And read. Is it, I ask, a reaction to the weight of Eliza Lynch , which saw Enright use a England o 1986 is in the grip o the church. Members you know what, the people who talk for of expectation the Booker accolade third-person narrative for the fi rst time o the notorious Secular Movement have been a living don’t actually do a damn thing inevitably engendered? to recount the story of an Irishwoman banished to the Island, ar off the Northumberland except talk. I think that recently there was “Well, I’ve heard people, usually who, in the 19th century, becomes the coast, ollowing the violent uprisings o 1951 and almost a collective realisation that this writers, say that no one wrote a great long-term mistress of the Paraguayan 1977. Here Nathaniel Malraux leads a gang o teenage was the case and, you know, I was kind of book after winning the Booker, but I president, Francisco Solano Lopez. boys the Malades whose language and appearance delighted by that.” honestly did not feel any big pressure. “The next book will be in the third lie somewhere between A Clockwork Orange and Enright cackles into her soup and looks The Gathering did hang over me in that person,” she says, as we order coff ee and Fagin’s urchins. Bored and high-spirited, they aim to slightly guilty at the same time. She it was darker than I thought at the time. the interview winds down. “I’m starting denounce “Gots” believers deecting rom secularism. has the air of a mischievous and unruly I wrote it at a desk in a small room that to think my narrators’ sentences are The catalyst is a boat rom England, bringing supplies child and her thoughts fl ow into words I have not been back to since. It was a getting too big for them, and they are and a stowaway one November night. Sarah Wicks, with a kind of lateral logic you have to quite unpleasant place to be in some ways, getting to sound a bit samey and, more with “red hair sumptuous as a git rom God”, seeks her just personally for me, and I wanted to disturbingly, a bit too much like me.” She mother Laura, who vanished ater being arrested as an
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