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International Education in the Web 2.0 World    
Education  Blo  The Chronicle of Hi herhttp://chronicle.com/blog/brainstorm/  Education: Brainstorm U.S. Department of Education /http://www.ed. v/blo  International Hi her Educationhttp://ihec-djc.blogspot.com/  Consultin Blo Chan in Hi her Educationhttp://www.chan in hi hereducation.com/  The Ke t-U Academichttp://keptup.typepad.com/academic/  Librarian GlobalHi herEdhttp:// lobalhi hered.wordpress.com/  IE Research NAFSAhttp://www.nafsa.org/RSnetwork       
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http://mariaabroad.com/  http://www.studentuniverse.com  http://www. abroad.com/  http://www.lonelyplanet.com/travel-blo /community/  htt ://www.arcadia.edu/abroad/  http://www.facebook.com/arcadia.abroad  
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Forei Policy  Blo  Twitter  Di note: U.S. Statehttp://blogs.state.gov/  @StateDept Department Official Blo Mountain Runnerhttp://mountainrunner.us/  @mountainrunner  John Brown's Public Di lomac ressandblohtt :// ublicdi lomac review.blo   Press and Blo Reviewspot.com/  Every Citizen A Diplomat @usccdhtt ://www.uscenterforcitizendi lomac .or /bl  o /  Whirled Viewhttp://whirledview.typepad.com/whirledview/     CNN Internationalhttp://internationaldesk.blogs.cnn.com/  @CNNi  
Join the Conversation: Advocac in a Web 2.0 World Thursda June 3 20102:00 m Page 1 
  Study Abroad/Travel  Blo  Global Links Newswirehttp:// lobalinksnewswire.com/about  Glimpsehttp:// limpse.or /people/blo  Abroad 101http://www.blog.abroad101.com  NY Times Travel USA Today Travel State Department - Travel De artment of State Consular Notificati on Studying Abroad.comhttp://www.studyabroad.com/blog-abroad/  Fulbright Scholars Program Fulbri ht Student Pro ram IIE Globalhttp://iie.or /en/Students  Gilman Pro ram Boren Awards   
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 Immi ation  Blo  Twitter  Immi ration Impacthttp://immi rationimpact.com/     Greg Siskind on Immigrationhttp://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/     Law and Policy Immi rationProf Blohttp://lawprofessors.typepad.com/immi ration/     Feet in 2 Worldshttp://news.feetintwoworlds.or /  @Fi2W  The Huffin ton Post:htt ://www.huffin ton ost.com/news/immi rati Immi rationon   
Cuba  Blog  Forei n Polic Blo Network:http://cuba.foreignpolicyblogs.com/  Cuba The Havana Notehttp://thehavananote.com/     
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Join the Conversation: Advocac in a Web 2.0 World Thursda June 3 20102:00 m Page 2 
 Social Media Best Practices   Blogs    olic - be sure to follow work lace has a social media or blo inFind out if our their uidelines to rotect them and ourself  have a set of guidelines for them to follow (eg. don't useIf using student bloggers, profanity or derogatory comments, etc.)  When commenting, use your name - this will give your post more authenticity   s our RSS feeds from blo Reader to or anizeUse Goo le   are reflective and not osts blo our make sure , own blo our haveIf ou sim l lists of events or what ou did ever da  Ask a colleague to write a guest post on your blog Twitter   Be conversational   conversationsDon't be afraid of havin one-on-one   start a conversation with a stran to erIt's oka  Don't send all tweets at once or send hundreds of tweets a da our  sure to send people directly to the external siteURL shortening is a must - Make  Make use of monitoring software like: Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, etc.  Don't use Twitter for RSS  Put authenticit before marketin   have multi toIt's oka our be careful of weakenin but Twitter accounts le messa e with too man channels  Don't forget to market your Twitter account on your website/e-mail   to tweetStatistics are reat hithe are likel to o hl viral  Create lists  icsor look for lists related to to of interest  Take art in Twitter Karma - Be nice, Be Thankful, retweet, and list   Facebook   Monitor what is posted to your Facebook wall  Use the a s Facebook rovides   TwitterTie our Facebook wall our to osts  Promote your Facebook page on your website  If possible, get a student to be your Facebook ambassador  to post to your Fan page while abroad (posts and photos)Encourage your students  
Join the Conversation: Advocac in a Web 2.0 World Thursda June 3 20102:00 m Pa e 1
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