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MAY6, 2011 VOLUME42, NUMBER18 WWW.MCBH.USMC.MIL Hawaii Marine SWEET HOME, KANEOHE CLB-3 returns from seven-month deploment
Gunnery Sgt. Jose Tejeda, administrative chief, Headquarters and Service Company, Combat Logistics attaion Sgt. ntonio Thomas, equipment operator, otor Transport Support  greets his ife and chidren at Hangar  Saturday. ore than  arines and saiors from CL returned Company, CL, hugs his ife at Hangar  Saturday. CL from a sevenmonth depoyment to fghanistan. Hundreds of famiies and service members aited aniousy in provided tactica ogistica support to egimenta Combat Team  and the hangar for the return of their oved ones. oor eather conditions deayed the unit’s return flight to Haaii. other  arine peditionary orce orard units hie depoyed. Obama Declares 3/3 Marine receives Bronze Star‘Justice Has for heroism in AfghanistanBeen Done’  Jim Garamone American Forces Press Service Kristen Wong PhotojournalistWASHINGTON— “ustice  has been done,” said resident gt. orge . ia, a suad leader arack bama in announcing with Kilo Company, 3rd attalion, the death o sama bin aden in 3rd arine Regiment, was awarded a .. military operation in aki-the rone tar edal with Combat stan. n merican counterintel-, at ewey uare pril . t. Gen. Kenneth . Glueck, r., ligence and counterterrorism commanding general,  arine team killed bin aden yesterday peditionary orce, awarded ia during a firefight near slamabad, or his actions during a firefight on the president said during a short ept.  while deployed in support statement rom the hite ouse o peration nduring reedom in late unday. ghanistan. “Tonight  can report to the ia said he is honored, thankul, merican people and to the world that the nited tates has and ecited to receie the award. e said he is also grateul to oin conducted an operation that other great arines who hae also killed sama bin aden, the receied the rone tar edal. leader o al-aida, and a terrorist ia enlisted in the Corps in who is responsible or the mur-oember  rom his hometown der o thousands o innocent o altimore. ia, who had men, women and children,” the preiously deployed twice to ra, president said. deployed with 33 to ghanistan in The attack ends a manhunt ay .Cp. eece . Lodder Haaii arineo almost  years. in aden n ept. , the suad wasSgt. Jorge . ia, a squad eader ith io Company, rd attaion, rd arine egiment, receivesand his henchmen planned and proiding security in awaa rone Star eda ith Combat  from Lt. Gen. enneth J. Guec, Jr., commanding genera, eecuted the attacks o ept. , district, elmand proince, or thebat  ti hocnnceitno intcon iechmeveoreha ci dra rofitedp neria ripe ai. eviecer a eht d re, ser  tamegnah reoj,rt sithigt Sa.  .jeina.J ei ionary orce, duirgnG uce siv, that killed 3, innocent See BRONZE STAR, A-8ghann fom ireedgn udir nntaoierpg inur desrcof ymene tsniagarations mope .tais Sn,t.ep, mericans in ew ork, ash-ington and ennsylania. bama thanked “the count-less intelligence and counterter-rorism proessionals who hae Base approved for new dog parkworked tirelessly to achiee this outcome.” Kristen Wong gie thanks or the men “eare necessary to be able to get Photojournalist ed uios rtchtesio eparwho carrieiledhotg sotrhpe  oln taieo o, dtnher  h esae yes-them,” said t. Col. erey emp y Cesar can smell when hes Tontini, base inspector. spiaornaalllieslemd,  copuatrraigoet isom haonsde  wuhno-at the dog park. The ase nspector’s fice sere our country,” t he id. The 3-year-old German has receied many concerns sa shepherd, who belongs to base and reuests or a dog ark. thTahte yharse  ba opranret  toh et hhee ageiensetr athiaorne  resident Kristin Ritch and her The ase rders reuire dogs o the burden since h s m-husband, used to ump out o on base to be on a leash at all ber day.” t at epte the car upon arrial at the dog times, so residents would hae park and make a run or the to trael to other dog parks on e d staoi dp rotmeecrti ctahne s naaltsioo n waenred  ence. ut the last dog park he the island to allow them to run tuonitbe those who committed went to was in ashington, ree. ring .C. The dog park will be located the attack to ustice. Cesar will hae to wait until across rom the new aulima “er the last  years, thanks summer’s end to check out Child eelopment Center to the tireless and heroic work o Lance Cp. anessa . merican Horse Haaii arine onthe base’s new ,-suare- our arris enue, according military and our counterter-imbery omo, , hugs ude, her yearod egian maamute inoot dog park, scheduled or to rwin Tamura, proect rorism proessionals, we’e made front yard.  ne ,squarefoot dog par has been approved and great orest City awaii. manager,completion either in ugust or strides in that eort,” the i be ocated on Harris venue across from the ne Lauima Chideptember. OBAMA, A-7 SeeSee DOG PARK, A-8 eveopment Center. The par is schedued to open this summer.“e beliee the dog parks
nside today’s awaii arine Basea eage tite on the ine G ogs and ar igs battle it out in season championship series,B1
anawii as earn about a local hike in Kailua which leads to scenic waterall and swimming spot, 1
eekend orecast
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A-2 • MAY6, 2011 NEWS BRIEFS Heightened security can cause possible delays nbase residents and employees should epect delays at base entry points for the foreseeable future. ll guests without a Department of Defense identification card will be directed to the main gate at the end of the H. raffic on base may be impacted. Manana residents will be reuired to physically escort any nonresident guests. or more information, call ase Pass and egistration at . E Street Road Closures  portion of treet directly across from Pless Hall and adacent to ldg.  will be closed for roadwork from  a.m. to  p.m. May . st Street roador  sewer line installation will be conducted on st treet between Hangar  and ldg.  from May , from  a.m. to  p.m. wo lanes will remain open, but the westbound lane will be rererouted around ldg. . raffic may be slowed due to construction work. he sidewalk in front of ldg.  will also be closed during the construction work. ontact teen utala at  with uestions. Ne rrials rientation  new arrials orientation brief will be held une  from  a.m. to  p.m. in ahuna’s ommunity allroom, ldg. . his informational gathering proides important information about base policies, serices and programs. his is open seating and no signups are needed. amily members and newly employed M Hawaii ciilians are welcome to attend. Marine orps rder . reuires all newly assigned actie duty personnel to attend. Ne National erroris disory Syste he Department of Homeland ecurity replaced the colorcoded terrorism threat adisory system with the new ational errorism disory ystem  pril . If you hae uestions, contact the base Mission ssurance orce Protection ffice at . olunteers needed or Special lypics pproimately , olunteers are needed for the  pecial lympics tate ummer ames at the niersity of Hawaii, Manoa ampus May  . ents for the ummer ames include softball, swimming, track and field and power lifting. or more information, contact indy imori at . Keii Krayons reak out your crayons and markers, because the Hawaii Marine is starting a new weekly section in the newspaper called “eiki rayons.” We want art from children  and younger to publish in the Hawaii Marine ewspaper. he deadline has been etended until May . Please check the Hawaii Marine for specifications or contact gt. uthill at . Important hone Nubers nase mergencies  Military Police  hild Protectie erice  raud, Waste, buse    Pothole  treetlight epair  ase Information  M Hawaii haplain  D  Hawaii Marine Commanding Officer Col. Jeffrey R. Woods Base Sergeant Major Sgt. Maj. Robert . risson ublic ffairs Officer Maj. lan Crouch Media Officer nd t. iann Olson ublic ffairs Chief unnery Sgt. rsenio R. Corte ternal Media Chief Sgt. Mar . ayloga nternal Media ChiefManaging ditor Sgt. Brian . uthill hotojournalist Christine Cabalo hotojournalist risten Wong rahic rtist Jay arco ress Chief ance Cl. anessa M. merican orse Combat Corresondent Cl. Reece . odder Combat Corresondent ance Cl. yler . Main Hawaii Marine is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Hawaii Marine is published by MidWeek Printing, Inc., a priate firm in no way connected with the .. Marine orps, under eclu sie contract to the .. Marine orps. ontents of Hawaii Marine are not necessarily the official iews of, or endorsed by, the nited tates oernment, the Department of Defense or the .. Marine orps. he appearance of adertising in Hawaii Marine, including inserts and supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the DoD, De partment of the ay or the .. Marine orps of the products or serices adertised. erything adertised in Hawaii Marine shall be made aailable for purchase, use, or patronage without regard to race, color, religion, se, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other nonmerit factor of the purchaser, user or pa tron. ditorial content or public serice announcements i.e., all con tent other than paid adertisements is edited, prepared and proided by the Public ffairs ffice aboard Marine orps ase Hawaii. pin ions epressed are not to be considered an official epression of the DoD, Do or the M. Hawaii Marine is a free publication aailable at stands on Marine orps ase Hawaii and neighboring businesses. If you are interested in obtaining copies by mail, please contact MidWeek Printing, Inc. at . ubmit items for Hawaii Marine to the managing editor no later than noon on the riday prior to publication, using the following address awaii Marine Bo  Building  MCB awaii aneohe Bay awaii Mail a  hone 
HAWAIIMARINE No layoffs for MCB Hawaii Kristen Wong lanchardorps has structured for M Ha said if a base em Photojournalistwaii, currently only  are filled. ployee leaes a position now, a “re en when the hiring freeze took alignment” can occur in order to n pril , when President effect, the base was still able to em fill that critical need or function. arack bama and members of ploy  more people who were un “eryone on this base is ery ongress aoided a goernment dergoing the hiring process when important to us. erybody per shut down by approing a federal the freeze began. forms an important role, but there budget, operations went back to ome acant positions may be are some critical skills that are normal. eliminated, but not all. ome will hard to find which reuire spe Howeer, as the base now ad be redistributed and the rest will cial training and certification,” usts to a smaller budget, accord remain unfilled for the time being. lanchard said. ing to inda Warrick, ase comp eeral offices are working ther workforce options con troller, one uestion still lingers around the acancies by distribut sidered was the oluntary arly for many members of the base ing the workload. ne eample is etirement uthority  and community — “am I going to lose the base Human esources ffice. oluntary eparation Incentie my ob” ancy linitski, H specialist and Payments IP. hrough IP, In short, no, according to Pete interim director of H, has taken an employee who oluntarily wainson, Manpower, Personnel on some duties of the former di left a position would be gien a and dministration Director. rector while maintaining many of certain amount of financial com he base’s chief of staff, hris her own responsibilities. pensation. hrough , those lanchard confirmed there will “eryone has taken a big hit who were close to retirement not be a reduction in force now or one way or the other,” linitski could choose to retire before their in the near future. said. eligibility age without penalty.  ince eptember of last year,   task force has been estab surey was conducted on base to appropriated funds P ciilian lished by MP   dedicated to re gauge employees’ interest regard employees hae left their positions eamining the current work force ing  and IP on March , oluntarily, whether for a new ob, and finding ways to stay under according to lanchard. retirement, or other reasons. t budget without eliminating obs. lanchard said  and IP the same time, as of March , “We need to hae a system would not currently be beneficial MDMI  placed a “hir where we can absorb additional programs because the base would ing freeze” on ciilian obs at all losses and still be able to maintain then lose aluable employees. Marine orps installations indefi the base operations,” wainson “We alue eerybody in the nitely. his resulted in a natural said. workforce, regardless of their po reduction in the payroll needed to wainson said once the budget sition,” lanchard said, repeat fund the workforce. can allow for more obs, the base ing the confirmation the Marine f the  regular P posi will start to fill positions consid orps is not considering a reduc tions that Headuarters Marine ered most critical. tion in force option. ew olicy for medical records Lance Cpl. yler L. ain ensurefor the entire Department of De member’s continuity Combat Correspondentfense. to care,” Wakefield said. “or his is not a local decision, a eample, the record will be ffectie March , actie duty al Health linic Hawaii is com aailable for physicians to reiew military will no longer be allowed plying with DoD policy,” t. .g. prior to scheduled appointments, to carry their medical and den udrey . Wakefield, aal Health lab results and other paperwork tal records to and from appoint linic Hawaii patient adminis can be filed and maintained where ments, or for a permanent change tration department head, said. they belong, and the record would “hough many beneficiaries be be aailable should anything of station. Instead, serice members will liee that their serice treatment happen to the member.” be gien two alternaties for record and medical record belongs Wakefield said patients should which to transport their records. to them, the record is actually the not hae possession of their medi irst, members with P orders property of the .. goernment.” cal or dental records any longer. can bring a copy of the orders to a ccording to a aal Health “If a member is currently in pos base’s medical records department linic Hawaii press release, the session of his or her record, they and the staff will forward your re responsibility for patient’s health should return it to the appropriate cords to the nearest medical treat care records lies with the medical medical records room,” Wakefield ment facility at their net duty treatment facility, not the patient. said. “lso, if aal Health linic station. nother option is to isit he new system will ensure tighter Hawaii is the custodian of a mem the medical records department at control of patients’ medical health ber’s record, he or she should re your new assignment and fill out information and better protect the uest a copy of his or her record a reuest for a records transfer us medical and legal integrity of the no less than  business days prior ing DD orm . he form will be records. to his or her Department of et sent to your preious assignment “he implementation of this eran ffairs appointment, separa for processing and shipping of system ensures that the member’s tion or retirement date.” your records to your new assign medical record, thus protected or more information, contact ment. health information, is kept safe the aneohe ay ranch Health he decision to make the and secure within the military linic, medical records depart change is not ust for Hawaii, but health system which will also ment, at  et. . 3/3 Marine earns top intel award Cpl. Reece E. Lodderout and lacked email access, the I Marines would Combat Correspondentpatrol to them on foot and obtain debriefs in person. Weeks often used these patrols to teach them how to n his deployment to fghanistan last year, pl. iew the area like intelligence specialists. aymond P. Weeks found little sleep but plenty of “pl. Weeks could’e ust gotten the info from purpose. other people and figured out how to talk about it, s an intelligence cell team leader with India but he went on patrol and eperienced it himself,” ompany, rd attalion, rd Marine egiment, ance pl. aronn ichter, one of Weeks’ I Ma Weeks worked tirelessly to train his Marines, gather rines, said. “his helped him hae a better situational information from patrols and produce companyle awareness, and painted a clearer picture in his head el intelligence products in Helmand proince’s awa of what was happening.” District. hough spread out in different areas oer Helmand In recognition of his work during the deployment, proince, Weeks maintained constant contact with the yearold intelligence specialist from Miami ’s other I leaders to share intelligence and pass was selected as the ational Military Intelligence on his learning eperiences. ssociation’s ol. Donald . ook ward recipient, st gt. William . Pinkerton, India o.’s first ser pril . He will be presented the award at an awards geant during the deployment, said Weeks’ intellect banuet net month. and ability to work independently enabled him to ccording to the award, his “outstanding leader understand what the commander was looking for, ship and tactical intelligence proficiency significantly and then teach to his team how to delier with the contributed to India ompany’s reduction of aliban intelligence product. capabilities” in their area of operation during the “Weeks took basic riflemen and mentored them  deployment. into I Marines,” Pinkerton, from Marion, .., fter oining the battalion in , Weeks said said. “He wasn’t gien any particular standard on he was forced to learn his ob uickly. hree months how to train them, but he went the etra mile in gi into ’s deployment to Ira later in the year, he was ing them all the knowledge he had. y putting a lot thrust into a sergeant’s billet despite being a newly of time in with them, he brought so much to their promoted lance corporal. table, and brought a lot to the table for each of their “eing thrown into the mi without training up platoons.” to it put me in a learning enironment,” Weeks said. In return for his guidance, Weeks said his I “here wasn’t too much going on in Ira, so I spent Marines taught him the infantry side of the spec time learning the ropes and building confidence in trum, which he said helped adust his perspectie on briefing higherranking indiiduals, from suad lead the intelligence he was gathering. ers to company commanders to twostar generals.” “My eperiences at the platoon, company and bat Weeks remained with India o. after returning talion leels hae gien me a lot larger outlook on from Ira, and carried this confidence into his second how to conduct intelligence products,” Weeks said. deployment two years later. “hey hae helped me learn what the commanders While in fghanistan, he led India’s company are looking for, and if what they’re pushing down leel intelligence cell — comprised of si infantry to the battalions is realistic and feasible. ow that I Marines without formal training — to proide intel hae these skills, I’ll be able to narrow my focus when ligence coerage for the company’s seen positions in moing up to a higher command.” Helmand proince. er the past four years, Weeks has lied and “Working on the company leel allows you to iew breathed intelligence from within an infantry com your intelligence in the works, because you’re passing pany, and now he’s looking for the opportunity to it right to the ground elements and they’re putting it apply his knowledge at a higherechelon unit like into action,” Weeks said. “It’s pretty enoyable when .. Marine orps orces entral ommand. you get to see your work unfold on the battlefield.” hough  is slated to deploy to fghanistan later s part of India o.’s headuarters element, Weeks this year, he will soon moe to rd Marine egiment’s participated in patrols three times a week, and fre headuarters in preparation for changing duty sta uently oined his Marines on their patrols and op tions. erations. “ow, my concern is to mentor the unior Marines ince the company’s small patrol bases were spread with my knowledge and what I’e seen,” Weeks said.
MAY6, 2011 • A-3  
Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 463 supports operation in Afghanistan Cpl. Rasan . Jaestheir mission and we were 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (Forward)there to support them when they needed us.” C A M P B A    O N ,he troops the nd Aanistan —Marines Marine ircrat ing rom Marine eavy Forward aircrat sup-elicopter uadron ported, as Force , is  participated in a a coalition orce, ormed coalition troop insertion primarily o ritish rmy and extraction operation and ghan ational in southwestern rmy soldiers. ghanistan, pril . .. Marine ta gt. ogether with a pair illy oth served as a crew o M- spreys rom chie aoard one o the Marine Medium iltrotor - ea tallions dur-  uadron , M- ing the mission. s crew inserted and retrieved chie, he was responsile more than  coalition or preparing the aircrat  troops into an area near eore tae-o and ma-the elmand iver sus- ing sure all passengers pected to e with rie with and cargo coming aoard insurgent activity, pril were positioned correctly -, explained apt. and saely secured during harles rennan, M- the mission. oth and the ‚ aviation saety oficer other Marines and sailors and one o the - ea o M- are deployed tallion pilots who partici- to ghanistan rom Ma-pated in the mission. rine orps ase awaii. “e inserted mem- “e inserted and ex-ers as Force  and tracted the troops on approximately  hours the first run with no is-later we extracted them,” sues,” said oth, rom said rennan, a native o nthony, an. “ll the owie, Md. I eel the mis-aplnady erss powt-eorne  own ith oatrhd e Cpl. asaun . ames |2nd Marine ircraft Wing orward sion went very well. he ground side accomplished time line.”uadron  C ea tallion prior to taeoff pril 2.
ROK and US Marine howitzers howl through KITP Cpl. Kentavist P. Brackinmunition utilizing its five M III Marine Expeditionary Forcelightweight howitzers in coordination with three  Marine firing atter-CAMP RODRUE, Replic ies, while th GLI provided fire Krea — control.Marines and sailors rom rd attalion th Marine egiment ein- “his wasn’t a typical GLI orced, rd Marine ivision, III Marine mission, so it got us out o our com-Expeditionary Force, and epulic o ort zone,” said Lance pl. olin . orea Marines with the nd n., nd Frueholt, a fire support man with th rtillery rigade, nd  Mariv., GLI. “ormally, we wor with conducted ilateral artillery training the more maneuverale part o the in-during the orean Incremental rain- antry, ut since we came here we have ing rogram - at the odriguez gotten a lot closer to our artillery roots Live Fire omplex here, pril -. with helping to coordinate the fire mis-he coordination exercise is one sions.” o many exercises that mae up I he language arrier was proaly -, a oint-service, ilateral training the most dificult ostacle .. and dexeesirgcinseed  etween gthe na nthd e ..   Marines aced during the exercise, alliance, tow hsitlree npromoti staility according to Frueholt. ut a couple ng o the  Marines spoe English, so throughout the orean eninsula. we were ale to easily get over that.”   orcehsi s hisa vteheh e lrds t at imaet talion -alenvde l .ar.- uring the exercise  and  Cpl. entaist . B.. Marines woring together fired tailllliearny cee, xaecrcciosred itnogg ettoh er d urMinargi nteh eLitr.  Marines wit omeo Battery, rd Battalion, 2t Marine eragciimne|nt Marienienfpoerdcitieodnar,y orrcde mm high-explosive, smoe and il -o lumination rounds rom the howitzers mal.n deyru nogr  unn dL een, .t hI ea ma tgtraelaitolny  choomn--illery B 2nd rtn2 d iraged ,twie triMas nelatt,noin22 aB dd e, anorcery er a focio uplMa , onsiiianoitidep enirMarine nc  laum men aMiroi,nisithroughout the day. ored to e a “It was all a good experience or said Lee.  pea ratc toe dt haiss  hoinset orwich iecvhe nwti,ll  ninie glareart  e,atilseticr , aojni m22g rogra raininlatnemercn naerof  ortpas  isereic ee .2il  prrea,f o,uee lpu oicta emaC o pgirddination eercis lraitllre yocroa g inurratelai yrellitd sllesaricre esewte ne. .d an rcfosed segien dthe unior Marines,” said pl. ndrew ultimately allow us to connect with . urner, a section chie with omeo  one another, as well as, realize the im-a .. ecnaillpre ilwg inotomlititsaorgu yt teoutean  ora.nieulnsots trengten te attery. “It will give them a dierent  portance o our alliance.” outloo on lie in and outside the pproximately  Marines and sail- cluding th ir aval Gunfire Liaison the temporarily assigned firing attery, military. I ust hope that our eing here ors rom rd n., th Marines ein. ompany, III Marine Expeditionary omeo attery. made a stronger ond etween our two are participating in the exercise, in- Force eaduarters Group, III MEF, and omeo attery fired artillery am- countries.”
Unit wins second Puller Award Cpl. Melissa Latty that what they do maes a themsaid Ma. illiam . arlow, the 2nd Marine Logistics Group dierence,” he said. hugend Maint. n. commanding oficer. “Marines at every level arlow agrees that the recog-yCeAarMaPsLmEaJllE,UNEd,uNm.Ca.nd d teurintcoss .cuecrus oto  leel o levEacharinhe Mes t giv-itnoargienly e reEsvnes a seeradipshas ho  tocca-m me i o sel accomplishment. sized unit within the II Marine l “he Marines don’t always get tEhxep eLdti.t iGoenna.r y Fhoersctey  isu lalewr arduetd- paitsthah litisoh nei sit r ot mhiees  ssisuoeccnco enossdr  tuthli.em ee nttihree  to see the product o all o their hard wor,” arlow said. “hey standing Leadership ward to ecognized or see the repaired euipment, ut commend the unit or superior thatetiar liosun perwioars  lreadership. he they dont see get to see the unit leadership. he award, which originated unit received the uller award in out in the field that gets to train approximately seven years ago, fiscal year  as well. ecause o the euipment they was awarded to nd Mainte- he acting attalion sergeant fixed.” nance attalion, omat Logis- maor, st gt. Marcelino el he unit will display their sec-tics egiment , nd Marine alle, said receiving the award ond victory in the halls o their Logistics Group or the large-size shows the Marines that all o attalion headuarters, next to unit category or fiscal year . their hard wor pays o. their previous winning year, or “his award signifies alanced “hings lie this eep the all o their Marines to see and e excellence within the attalion,” Marines motivated and reminds proud. Cpl. Melissa Latty |2nd Marine Logistics Group Maj. William Barlow, commanding officer, 2nd Maintenance Battalion, Comat Logistics egiment 2, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, and st gt. Marcelino el alle, te acting 2nd Maint. Bn. sergeant major, pose proudly net to te Lt. Gen. Cesty uller utstanding Leadersip ward, wic te unit receied for teir superior leadersip, aoard Camp Lejeune, .C., pril 2. e award, wic originated approimately seen years ago, was awarded to 2nd Maint. Bn. for te largesie unit category for fiscal year 2.