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Welcome! Welcome to our summer portfolio of day camps, Hall Quarry Beach swim programs and beach information. Use this Fun Guide as your source for one-stop planning and scheduling of your summer days, group outings and weekends of leisure. The information within this Fun Guide is earmarked for aquatics only and will not be included in the regular Summer Fun Guide. Please retain this Fun Guide for complete information on Summer Day Camps and the Hall Quarry Beach's swim programs.
Dates to Remember for Swim Programs: Pre-lottery Registration Now through Saturday, February 26 Lottery Date Monday, February 28 Open BNR and Non-Resident Registration Thursday, March 3 Special Notes: Please register early. Class status is determined one week prior to starting date. • Registration is not accepted by instructors. • Your check is your receipt. If you would like a class confir-mation, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.
Five Simple Ways to Register... 1. Online: 2. Mail-In: 327 W. Wilson St. 3. Fax: 630-879-9537 or 630-406-5288 4. Walk-In or Drop-Off: 327 W. Wilson St. or 14 N. Van Buren St. 5. Phone-In: 630-879-5235 or 630-406-5282
H a ar Q B u ea l r c l y h Where Life Is A Beach! Kid Tested! • Family Approved!
400 South Water St., Batavia (630)406-5275 (number valid during summer only) Hall Quarry Beach occupies a former stone quarry owned by the Batavia Park District. It features a sand bottom swimming area covering 60,000 square feet that includes islands, slides, and a diving area. There's a playground and plenty of picnic tables as well. Pool passes are available to residents or visitors may pay a daily fee. Come visit the beach that Batavia built! Hall Quarry Beach is an award-winning facility of the Batavia Park District
2011 Schedule Season: June 10 – August 21 400 S. Water Street, Batavia (630) 406-5275 (number valid during summer only) For more information, call the Batavia Park District at (630) 879-5235 Beach Amenities Kids Flume Large Picnic Area Sandy Beach & Swimming Area Concession Stand Thrilling Drop Slide Sand Volleyball Courts Zero-Depth Edge for Easy Access Water Fitness Programs Public Swim Swimming Lessons Lap Swimming Aqua Aerobics Parent/Tot Swim
Quarry Season Pass* Rates: Starting June 10 Residents Non-Residents Ages 3-59 $59 Ages 3-59 $88
Ages 60+ $20 Ages 60+ $30
Family of 2 $110 Family of 2 $165
Family of 3 $165 Family of 3 $247
Family of 4 $225 Family of 4 $337
Each additional $25 Each additional $40
Pass Sale Hours: Civic Center 327 W. Wilson St. Sorry, there are no exceptions beyond the Monday - Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. listed renewal promotion hours. Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Questions regarding the rates may Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. be directed to the Facilit Ma Sunday CLOSED 630-406-5282x2166.ynager, Eastside Community Center 14 N. Van Buren St. Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Now Available Reminder 10 Punch Pass ! Non-Resident Season Passes Planning on coming to the Quarry numerous times over the season Non-resident season passes will be available starting April 5. but not looking for a Season Pass? The 10 Punch Pass offers the t ou admissio flexibility of an individual to come to the Quarry on ten visits or BEaecahchnfoonr-rtehseid2e0nt11passusmwmillergeseayson.EachindnivtioduHaalllnQoun-arry share the visits with their friends. resident season pass is $110 each. Come one, come all and Residents $55 enjoy the summer season at Hall Quarry Beach Nonresidents $80
* A family is defined as parents and their children ages 4-23 who are full-time students. Ages 18-23 must provide proof of full-time student status at the time of pass purchase to be included on a family pass. Those 24 years and over and other relatives or individuals in the same household are excluded from a family pass. BNR = $10 more per pass – BNR’s are people who live in Batavia, but pay property taxes to the Geneva Park District. Sorry, Season Passes are non-refundable.
Each additional $25 Each additional $40
Family of 4 $160 Family of 4 $240
Family of 3 $120 Family of 3 $180
Family of 2 $75 Family of 2 $112
Ages 60+ $20 Ages 60+ $30
Quarry Season Pass* Rates: April 4 – June 9 Residents Non-Residents Ages 3-59 $43 Ages 3-59 $64
Season Pass Information Sorry, Season Passes are non-refundable.
All registration will be done on special three part forms. Forms will be All full-time baby-sitters and nannies that work for Batavia Park available at the Civic Center and the Eastside Community Center District families (resident or nonresident) will need to purchase their beginning April 4. own season passes at the Resident rate. Nonresident children are not eligible to purchase a season pass even though their Pass sales will be taken at the Civic Center and Eastside Community Center n during pass registration times (see "Pass Sale Hours"). Starting Friday, babysitter or nan y is a Batavia Park District Resident. June 10 , registration can also be taken during open hours at the Quarry. When registering for a new Season Pass, the entire family does not eed to be WhenregisteringforaSeasonPassorpurchasinga10-punchcard,nhavetheirppircetsuernet.taFkaemnilaytamleamtebredrsatneotpresentatregistrationmay . you must show one of the following proofs of residency: Driver's license, property tax bill, state ID or a current lease. Misuse of card or failure to abide by rules will result in loss of privilages. Season Passes must be presented for free admittance. Sorry, no Season Passes are not refundable. exceptions.
Summer Job Opportunities Apply Today! Call our Human Resources Manager Mary Pellico at 630-879-5235 ext 2015 or visit for an online application.
Andrea Will DeckRental Are you interested in having a birthday party, family get together or a business meeting during open swim hours? How about renting the Andrea Will deck? You can reserve this deck during open swim for your next party. The deck provides tables and chairs, and a space for your guests to store their belong-ings while they are swimming. The deck will be roped off during your party so only your guests will be able to use it. This will be monitored by pool staff. Cost is $50 for up to 3 hours.
Important Information Minimum Age Requirements Closings Due to Inclement Weather Children 12 years of age or younger will not be permitted to enter the Hall The Hall Quarry Beach will be open whenever weather conditions permit. Quarry Beach facility without the supervision of a responsible person 16 While public safety is our primary responsibility during extreme weather years of age or older. This policy is due to the inability of young children to conditions, fiscal responsibility for the taxpayers of the Batavia Park District fully appreciate the dangers of the water and other hazards. is our concern during marginal weather conditions. The Batavia Park District reserves the right to close the Hall Quarry Beach at anytime during Non Smoking Policy extreme and marginal weather conditions. Please abide by the Non-Smoking Policy at the Hall Quarry Beach. This policy will be strongly enforced. Picnic Information Hall Quarry Beach has opened the gates to picnics and other snack foods. Quarry Exit and Re-entry Vending machines and a concession stand are available. We request guests Exiting the Hall Quarry Beach is not permitted without a valid reason. clean up any garbage created from their outdoor food and beverages. Patrons who have a need to make a short departure from the Quarry are Alcoholic beverages and glass containers of any kind are asked to make their intentions known to the cashier or admissions person strictly prohibited. prior to leaving the park. Diaper Rule for Young Swimmers Recent concerns about the spread of E-coli and other bacteria at aquatic facilities have caused the Illinois Department of Public Health to create new rules requiring non-toilet trained children to wear tight fitting rubber or plastic pants at pools or beaches. To comply with this rule, the Batavia Park District requires all children, 30 months of age or younger, to wear a "swim diaper", a tight fitting rubber or plastic pair of pants or a swimsuit with a rubber or plastic lining. Parents will be required to purchase a swim diaper for their children if they do not have the appropriate garments when entering the park. Swim diapers are available at the Quarry for $1. Closing Guidelines 1. Hall Quarry Beach will not open for public swimming if the air temperature is below 70 degrees. 2. Hall Quarry Beach may close if there are less than 20 patrons in the park, or if the air temperature falls below 70 degrees. 3. If thunder is heard or lightning is sighted during swimming hours, operations will be suspended for a minimum of 30 minutes or the Quarry will close as is appropriate for the situation. 4. Tornado "watches" will be announced to the patrons. 5. In the event of a tornado "warning" the park will be closed and all patrons will be directed to immediately leave the facility. 6. Parents are required to pick-up their children or make arrangements for their children to be picked up promptly. Please make sure your children have telephone numbers and names of people they can contact for rides to reach home safely. 7. NO rain tickets will be issued. .
Regulations Proper Swimwear Requirements Proper swimwear required. All patrons under the age of 30 months need to wear a swim diaper, tight fitting rubber or plastic pants, or a swimsuit with a rubber or plastic lining. Children without one of these garments will not be permitted to go on the sand beach or enter the water. All patrons over the age of 30 months must wear a swimsuit before entering the water, cutoffs and street clothes are not permitted. Patrons may wear a tee shirt over their swimsuit. Patrons wearing swimsuits with zippers or any other metal objects may not use the slides. No boxer shorts allowed under swimwear. Deep water passes must be worn on suits. Supervision of Children Children 12 years of age or younger will not be allowed into the beach facility without supervison due to the inability to fully appreciate the danger of the water and other hazards. No person 15 years or younger will be allowed to supervise a child 12 years or younger. Food & Beverages Hall Quarry Beach has opened the gates to picnics and other snack foods. Vending machines and a concession stand are available. We request guests clean up any garbage created from their outdoor food and beverages. Alcoholic beverages and glass containers of any kind are strictly prohibited. Safety Concerns Running is prohibited on decks and stairways. Hall Quarry Beach is a non smoking facility. There are designated smoking areas outside the facility only. Games which interfere with the safety of swimmers are prohibited. For the safety of our swimmers, the Batavia Park District reserves the right to require a deep water swimming test for all patrons who enter the deep water areas. Admission to the beach is refused to all persons having any contagious disease, infectious conditions such as colds, fever, ringworm, foot infections, skin lesions, carbuncles, boils, inflamed eyes, ear discharges, or any other conditions that has the appearance of being infected. Persons with excessive sunburn, abraisions which have not healed, corn plasters, bunion pads, adhesive tape, rubber bandages of any kind are not permitted.
No hardballs, tennis balls, or raquetballs allowed. No masks or snorkels allowed. No balls or floatation devices in the deep water areas. Batavia Park District is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Swimming/Diving Tidbits Diving in the shallow water is not permitted. Swimming will not be permitted after sunset. Caution shall be exercised in the use of diving board and platforms. Bouyed lines mark the 5 foot depth of the quarry beach water. Depths beyond the bouyed lines is greater than 5 feet. 50 meter lanes will close when the north beach is closed. Code of Conduct To provide an enjoyable environment for everyone, patrons using the Hall Quarry Beach are required to comply with specific standards of behavior established by the Batavia Park District. Copies of the Code of Conduct are available at the Quarry, Civic Center and the Eastside Community Center. Parents are asked to review the Code of Conduct with their children. Spitting, spouting of water, blowing in the nose or otherwise intro-ducing contaminants into the beach water area is not permitted. A person under the influence of alcohol or exhibiting erratic behavior shall not be permitted into Hall Quarry Beach.
Who needs to spend thousands of dollars on a private beach rental in Florida when you can have your own affordable private beach rental in Batavia? Picnic Information Looking for a new venue to host your next employee appreciation party? Hall Quarry Beach has opened the gates to Need a creative spot to host a family reunion or birthday party? picnics and other snack foods. Vending ...Look no further than private beach rentals at the Hall Quarry Beach! machines and a concession stand are available. Book your private rental today with our We request guests clean up any garbage created from Facil L i i t fe y gu M a a rd n s ag ar e e r, pr A ov m i b de e d r a S t c n h o mi a d d t d : iti 6 o 3 n 0 al -4 ch 0 a 6 r -ge 5 . 282 t g h l e a ir ss ou c td o o n o t r a f i o n o e d rs an o d f be a v n e y rag ki es n . dAalcroehsotlriicctbleyvperroahgiebsitadn.d e Volleyball court and grill are available for use.
Tired of the daily grind? Plan a picnic or company outing for your employees and their families and head to the Quarry for a unique group outing and inexpensive fun, special rates are available! Group Rate Guidelines Call 630-406-5282 x2166 tGhreoiupsdmmayohnavfeeeasponsorpay for group rate information. r a issi A group consists of 10 or more persons Reservation form must be completed no later than one day prior to the group’s outing The ratio of children age 12 or younger to adults shall not exceed 10:1
Hall Quarry Beach Policies & Group Information 1. Tickets are required for all group 9. Tickets must be purchased no 14. Checks are to be made payable members age three and older. later than one day prior to the to the "Batavia Park District". 2. Fee for groups whose sponsor is group's outing. located in Batavia Park District: 10. Noadditionalgroupticketstmheay 15. cAolcnothaionliecrsbeavreerangoBteesapcaerhn.mdigttleadssat $4.00perperson.obeutipnurchasedonthedayoftheHallQuarr 3. Group swimmers who have a 11. Refungd.sarenotgrantedforno-16. Childrenunderytheageofthirty current Quarry season pass months must wear a swim should not purchase a group shows. ticket. 12. Rainouts may be scheduled with diaper or rubber/plastic pants F 4. Fee for groups whose sponsor is 13. tPhiecnQicuatarrbylesaacinlidtygrMillasnaargeern.otobrefpolraeytohenythmeaybeeancthe.rthewater not located in the Batavia Park reserved District: $6.00 per person. . 5. Minimum group is ten people. (Excluding season X SLpo/Group pass holders.) eadnesrorsSignature 6. The ratio of children age 12 or younger to adults shall not exceed 10 to 1. For Office Use Only: 7. All Hall Quarry Beach safety _____ Resident Tickets @ $4.00 = $ __________ Non-Resident Tickets @ $6.00 = $ __________ rules must be observed. Ticket Color _________ Numbers ______ th g ______ ype of Remittance _________ rou h T 8. rReesemrivtattainocne.mustaccompany Processed by Date _________________________________________ ___________________
Group Reservation Form uarry Q H a ll h CSiptoy:nsorsPhone:GSrtoatuep:LeadersPhone:Zip: Beac Date Requested for Outing: Approximate Time of Arrival: Total Number in Group: Number of Children Age 9 or younger: