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The Mini Pellet Mill The Quality Small Pellet Mill The Mini Pellet Mill has been designed to provide you with a compact and robust pellet mill to produce pellets from your home, lab or small workshop. The Mini Pellet Mill has been specifically designed to operate from a single phase domestic power supply, and can produce a wide range of pellets. The Mini Pellet Mill uses the ring die pellet mill design, replicating the process of most commercial pellet mills. Below are some of the unique features of the Mini Pellet Mill:
Raw material hopper with controlled auger feed
Water and Vegetable oil drip feed to control compression
Conditioning chamber for improved material consistency
Variable speed drives on the auger, conditioner and die
The Mini Pellet Mills strengths are in its flexibility and the quality of its construction. This means a wide range of materials from wood to any other form of biomass can be compressed in to quality pellets with a high density. The design and construction of the Mini Pellet Mill is unmatched by any other small mill. VIDEO:
ProductivityEstimates: Between 20 kgs to 100 kgs per hour TechnicalSpecification: Overall Dimensions: 1.4m x 0.45m x 0.6m (h x w x d) Weight: 84 Kgs Size of Die: 270mm (o/d) - 200mm (i/d) Motor: 2.2kW Single Phase or a 3kW Three Phase Hopper Volume: 0.03 cubic metres (approx. 7kgs sawdust)
PriceEx-Factory: £4,895, Quotations also available in US dollars and Euros DeliveryandExport: We can provide Door-To-Door delivery to any location Quotations: For a quotation, please
The Mini Pellet Mill has been Designed and Manufactured In Great Britain
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