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 H R I R I H U
a film by Robin Entreinger
VICTIMS, a film by Robin ENTREINGER 2012 - Thriller – 1h25
To watch the teaser :  Francis is a gloomy, lonely young man, who decides to see a psychiatrist to try and find a solution to his problems. But session after session, the psychiatrist discovers a violent and potentially dangerous man, who doesn’t consider himself as compelled by society rules…  A 2017 films production – Lyon : Vincent MICHAUD, Robin ENTREINGER
SELECTIONS Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival 2012 : international competition Independent Filmmakers Showcase Film Festival 2013 : Los Angeles SCREENINGS Cannes Film Festival: Marché du film – May 2012 The Nerve-racking Night, Nogent sur Seine – Octobre 27th, 2012 Vinon-sur-Verdon, within the Let’s Go Video day The European Fantastic Film Festival, Strasbourg - 2012 DIRECTED BY Robin ENTREINGER PRODUCTION Produced by 2017 FILMS – Lyon Vincent MICHAUD and Robin ENTREINGER Production year : 2012 Distribution Number in France : 132 841 Rated for people over 16 years old
Currently looking for a distribution company
CONTACTS Robin ENTREINGER 21 rue St-Jean , 69005 Lyon, FRANCE – +33 (0)6 14 03 42 31 2017 FILMS – Lyon Vincent MICHAUD : +33 (0)6 61 19 91 24 - Muriel KAY : +33 (0)6 20 66 81 81 –
 S A film by Robin ENTREINGER
THE STORY A small, quiet town in the south of France : Digne-les-Bains. Francis is a gloomy, lonely young man, who decides to see a psychiatrist to try and find a solution to his pro-blems. He works alone, he is single, he finds it hard to meet people and he avoids catching people’s eye, as he syste-matically interprets it as a negative judgement. As he leads a cloistered life, he has slowly lost sense of reality, and loses himself in strange, violent fantasies... Vincent, his psychiatrist, first tries to understand him, and gives him some piece of advice so that Francis would fight his lack of self-confidence. But session after session, Vincent discovers a violent and potentially dangerous man in a patient who looks quiet and balanced. As he is upset by Francis’ dark ideas, Vincent slowly retreats into isolation, neglecting his wife and ignoring his friends. When Francis, who considers Vincent trustworthy, almost as a friend, confesses his obession about death and murder, Vincent is confused and divided between professionnal secrecy, that implies solving the problem himself, or going to the police...
 S Valentin BONHOMME Jérôme PALEFROY Marjolaine POTTLIZER Héloïse LEVEAU Hélène QUILY Guillaume MOITON
François The psychiatrist, Vincent Varennes A victim The psychiatrist’s wife The hitch-hiker Vincent’s friend
 S A film by Robin ENTREINGER
Robin was born to cinema owners, and grew up in a cinema, watching films and learning to be a projectionnist. He later learned to be a cameraman and a cinematographer. After working both as a projectionnist and as a cameraman for short films, he got his first job as a main came-raman on the feature film «The Island» by Olivier Boilot. That is when he decided to try and direct a film himself. He bought some shooting gear, and directed two short films, «Anaïs and Eva» and «Sleepless Nights», in which he worked with actor Valentin Bonhomme for the first time.
After that, they decided together to make a feature film: Victims. Produced by 2017 FILMS from Lyon, Vic-tims was shot with a very low budget in summer 2011. There was a first screening in Lyon in January 2012, and the film was then presented at the Cannes Film Festival, at the Marché du Film. The film was noticed there by a journalist from magazine Mad Movies, Gilles Esposito, and by Consuelo Holtzer, the personn in charge of the European Fantastic Film Festival in Strasbourg, who quickly declares wanting to select Victims for the next edition of the festival in septembre 2012.
The film would be screened 3 times during the festival, and would be noticed, among others, by a journalist from magazine L’Ecran Fantastique, who would, as well as Mad Movies, make a nice article out of it (no-vembre 2012).
A double page on Victims, has also been printed by L’Ecran Fantastique in January 2013. It contains inter-views of Robin Entreinger and Valentin Bonhomme. Robin’s second feature film, SADIK 2, a bloodcurdling comedy still produced by 2017 FILMS wil be scree-ned at the Marché du Film in Cannes 2013.
 S A film by Robin ENTREINGER
DIRECTOR / WRITER (2017 FILMS Production, Lyon)
SADIK 2 (2013,1h15). A bloodcurdling comedy. Co-writer: Jean-Nicolas Laurent. Six friends get together every year to spend new year’s eve. This year, they’ve rented a house in the middle of the Alps.... everything goes smoothly until new year’s eve when one of them disappears... Teaser on Youtube (Sadik 2 – Teaser).
 S (2012,1h25). Psychological thriller. Francis is a gloomy, lonely young man, who decides to see a psychiatrist to try and find a solution to his problems. But session after session, the psychiatrist discovers a violent and potentially dangerous man, who doesn’t consider himself as compelled by society rules…Teaser on Youtube (Victims – Teaser).
LOST IN CANNES (2012, 12’) The mockumentary stages an actor going to Cannes to present his last film...He arrives there before the rest of the crew and gets lost and confused in the Festival’s agitation. Watch it on Dailymotion. (french language only)
CANNES 2011, DAILY LIFE OF A FESTIVAL GOER (2011, 10’) Comedy Cannes 2011 : the greatest film festival in the world. This mockumentary (is it ?), follows the daily life of a young director , William Tissy, who goes from cocktails to hype parties but never goes to any screening. Watch it on Dailymotion. (Cannes 2011, le quotidien d’un festivalier, french language only)
SLEEPLESS NIGHTS (2011, 15’). Thought. A young writer gets to the mountains by himself to write a new novel. Against his wish, he finds himself facing his own inspiration, embodied in a strange apparition... Watch it on Youtube. (Nuits Blanches, english subtitles)
LES MARTIN  Comedy, TV shows produced by 2017 Films and IMAGINEURS, co-writed and co-di-rected with Guillaume MOITON. Two aliens set foot on earth to analyse our way of life. They wish to know everything about the planet they covet and start travelling around France, discovering the humans’ habits, which sometimes seem very strange... (Watch on Youtube, «Episode pilote les martin» - french language only)
LEFT FOR DEAD pilot, western, co-directed with Vincent MICHAUD. A man and his sister are on their way west, when they are attacked by horse thiefs. But things go wrong, and the man is left for dead, while his sister is abducted. After being saved b a kid, the man will do everything to find his daughter and get his revenge.
page 5
. (S
THE ISLAND vier Boilot. Link :
t in 0270
LINDA survive in a post-apocalypse world. Trailer on Youtube (Linda – Trailer).
MEMORIES memories in a memory «hospital». Watch it on Youtube (Memories extended cut).
FLARE  Directed by Yuki OTSUKA
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SUEURS FROIDES, Yannik Vanesse – Octobre 2012 Here is Victims, Robin ENTREINGER’s first film. With a tiny budget and his main actor’s help, the director decided to get down to a film that would not be easily understood, telling the birth of a serial killer. For their first horror film, many French directors chose the bloody and savage option.... Robin ENTREINGER however, decides to tell a serial killer story from a totally different angle, far away from Maniac, for example: At the beginning of Victims, François hasn’t killed anyone yet. He’s trying to fight his impulses, and slowly opens up to a psychiatrist… The film is smartly built, and makes us want to follow the director’s carrier: Victims is sometimes close to a documentary, both disturbing and curdling, and will still haunt you after it’s finished. The way we get into the dangerous main character’s head and the way we do feel empathy for him left us paralyzed. Presented at the 5th European Fantastic Film Festival in Strasbourg, Victims is a smart and accurate story that is worth watching.
MAD MOVIES, Gilles Esposito – Novembre 2012 European Fantastic Film Festival 2012, Strasbourg. Last september, boor and noisy neighbours did not prevent us from enjoying the 5th Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival, where the sometimes overwhelming presence of comedies hid a broke and disturbing object, VICTIMS. (...)
AND THE LAUGHTER ENDS NOW! (...), the laughter ends with the surprising Victims by Robin ENTREINGER, a tiny production from nowhere (actually from around Lyon) half-made of therapy sequences. There, a coarse young man naively explains he’s got trouble talking to people, then that he instinctively mistrusts them, and finally that he wants to kill them, so much so that the shrink starts to wonder whether he’s facing a serial killer... And the taciturn young man actually starts following girls in between sessions, in sequences that would make you think of a documentary. This simple style, together with rustic but intense acting will curdle your blood!
L’ECRAN FANTASTIQUE, Nicolas Stanzick – Novembre 2012 Pushing the genre to the limit Victims, by French director Robin ENTREINGER was the weird object of controversy and division. The story of a face-to-face between a patient and his shrink in which one of them discovers himself as a serial-killer can obviously disconcert people: the director refuses all kinds of references, the actors are amateurs, and both aesthetics and direction are dull. However, these «defects» slowly become assets: the film was made in Lyon, and looks like a local documentary, hence creating unexpected credibility and tension. Unlike most of French genre films, here is an intuition rigourously asserted: after horror through hand-held cameras, can’t we renew the genre by twisting the rules of reality tv ?
LE PROGRS, D.T – March 2013
Robin Entreinger: a killer from Lyon in Los Angeles
Victims, by Lyon director Robin Entreinger, and produced by 2017 Films (Vincent Michaud and Robin En-treinger, Lyon)is confidentially, but strongly supported by horror magazines (Mad Movies, L’Ecran Fantas-tique) and has been selected for the International Filmmakers Showcase taking place this week in Los Angeles. The low-budget film stages a psychiatrist obsessed by the bloody tendances of a patient who’s about to act out his fantasies. The film will be screened on April 2 in the city of angels. Robin Entreinger partially shot his NC-16 (in France) thriller in Dignes-les-Bains, where his parents used to run a cinema and where the young man sharpened his film culture very early. The former projectionist has already made a second feature film, a horror comedy entitled Sadik 2. You can’t change who you are.
TWITCH, Brian Clark – April 2013
IFS Review: No Easy Answers In The Disturbing French Thriller VICTIMS
Victims is an intriguing, disturbing indie thriller from France, one which uses a tense relationship between a seemingly well-meaning therapist and his patient to examine the darkest recesses of the human psyche. While the film isn’t perfect, it is bleak, thought-provoking and appropriately twisted, and it definitely establishes director Robin Entreinger (who also wrote, shot and edited) as a unique talent to watch. At the same time, it’s a tough film, one which will likely alienate many viewers with it’s slow-burn, dialogue-driven approach and refusal tie anything up neatly.
The film begins with the first meeting between Vincent, a psychiatrist, and Francis, his new patient. Francis is anti-social, insecure and very likely a sociopath, but, at the same time, he’s completely honest about all of his compulsions, and hey, at least he’s trying to get help.
But, while the therapy seems to be getting Francis more in touch with his true self, his true self is actually awful, and much more dangerous to others than his repressed self. Vincent begins to suspect that his patient is potentially dangerous, but, as I imagine must happen often with psychiatrist, he’s not sure how dangerous, and also not positive that the case merits police intervention.
But is that the whole story? Simply listening to Francis discuss his damaged psyche -- and the way it seems to become more damaged each day -- is gripping stuff. As with any psychological thriller, our interest in the film is directly proportionate to our curiosity of how just how fucked up and crazy the protagonist will get, and what exactly makes him/her tick. Who is to say the psychiatrist, also an audience of sorts, doesn’t feel the same way?
TWITCH, Brian Clarck – April 2013
(...) As Vincent begins to drift away from his wife and spend his free time searching the snuff porn websites that Francis frequents -- in order to better help him, of course -- this suggestion becomes more and more plau-sible. Victims builds slowly to its inevitable, violent conclusion, layering questions like these over each other through tense counseling scenes and revealing glimpses of each character’s home life.
It’s the type of story that would make Alfred Hitchcock and Brian De Palma grin, but stylistically, it’s far removed from either of these visual masters. The film is shot on a shoe-string budget, with an modest, unapo-logetic video aesthetic and little in the way of production value.
However the budget limitations, or rather, how Entreinger chooses to employ them, actually work in the film’s favor. The stripped-down aesthetic forces our attention towards the characters, and it’s from close attention to what they say and how they act that the intriguing ambiguity and suspense emerge. Most films use showy aesthetics to put the audience into the minds of the characters, but Entreinger realizes that sometimes it’s actually more effective to leave the psychosis to the audience’s imagination.
While the tech aspects may bother some, I was actually impressed with the way Entreinger shunned a glossy, commercial aesthetic that would have probably served his «career» better in favor of a less accessible one that works for the story.
It’s only during the last ten minutes that the film falters, especially during a protracted scene where one cha-racter spells out much of what we’ve already inferred. Also, while part of the final conclusion is disturbing and extremely well-directed, the film ends with a coda of sorts that I found both a bit too vague and, assuming I understood it, not quite as profound or provocative as it should have been. Still, there’s a lot to savor about Victims, and the penetrating questions it poses about repression, obsession and psychosis linger much longer in the mind than its missteps.
Victims screens tonight (April 2, 2013) at the IFS Film Festival in Los Angeles.
Interview by Julie Langlois, Mag2LYON N°45 - April 2013  
Nicolas Stanzi N°338
ck, L’é
an Fantasti
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