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Londra – 16 novembre 2007 – L'attesissima edizione 2007 del ...

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Londra – 16 novembre 2007 – L'attesissima edizione 2007 del ...

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London, November 16, 2006
– The eagerly awaited 2007 edition of the Pirelli
Calendar will be presented tonight to the press, guests, and collectors from around the
world at
Battersea Evolution Park
The stars of this edition are five of Hollywood’s most acclaimed and beloved
Sophia Loren
Penelope Cruz
Hilary Swank
Naomi Watts
and daring
Lou Doillon
, photographed by the Dutch duo
Inez Van Lamsweerde
Vinoodh Matadin
The unique 2007 calendar marks a turning point: the glamour that characterized past
editions is absent. There has been a return to the simplicity of the film sets, stories and
photography of the early sixties (reminiscent of the films of Pier Paolo Pasolini and
Michelangelo Antonioni): the personality of the person prevails over the environment
in a plain, unadorned setting.
Simple, spontaneous images portray five women. These profound, secret stories reveal
the most private and hidden soul of the protagonists. The resolute and proud
personalities of the actresses overwhelmingly emerge in the bareness of the
environment. One bed, five protagonists, and five stories appear in a calendar that
challenges fads, breaks with convention, and delves into the psyches of the women.
Intellectual, psychological, and artistic are the adjectives that best describe this edition.
“We are in a room with just a bed and sheet. We wanted to make it as personal and
intimate as possible, as if we were shooting pictures with friends,” said Inez. This
completely new way of portraying the actresses sharply contrasts with the usual
images of the five superstars appearing in the media – from the red carpet of film
premieres to glossy glamour magazine photos and snapshots taken by the paparazzi.
The 2007 calendar is a powerful combination of simple, eclectic images that explore
the female personality in depth. Inez, a great portraitist, immediately establishes a
feeling with the stars and puts them at ease. From one woman to another, she tries to
capture the hidden and most intense aspects of the protagonists. Thus, Penelope
appears “sanguine and sensual”, Hilary is “a pure, sporty, natural American beauty”,
Lou is “elegant and cool”, Naomi is “sleek and sophisticated, representing British
perfection”, and Sophia Loren is “a superstar and legend”.
Twenty-six incredibly powerful black and white photographs are the result. The light,
composition, and atmosphere of the simple, candid shots have everything one would
expect from two great international photographers such as Inez and Vinoodh.
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