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Music listings Performance listings Health listings Kids' listings ...

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Music listings Performance listings Health listings Kids' listings ...

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Ajouté le : 21 juillet 2011
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Friday, May 6, 2011
The Step Saver/ The Observer
To advertise, call (860) 628-9645
Music listings FRIDAY, MAY 6HSO MUSICAL DIALOGUES:The Stronghold, Figurehead. 5OTHER300 York St., New Haven. OTHERHOoNrnC EQUuaPrOteNt:AB aHrbOarRaN .HSO.p.meWbster UndergrounlelW.iHdetsbehTrret,aom.cHp.Om.NTKhYe  TOOuNteKr  TSUpEacSeD,A2Y9S5.5 TMoAadRsGPlOaTc eA.cNoDmTHE MAHAVISHNU PROJECT. St., Hamden.8 Emery Tapley, Hilary Ledebuh Treadwellp.m.Lillys Pad, Toads Place,and Andrew Spearman.2,Dillinger Escape TheSpace.tkNGrUeCatL EBiAgRP iSleO  oAfNLeDa vSeOs,SS,usnA. 300 York St., New Haven. Family concert of music based Plan, Le Butcherettes, Funeral on classic and contemporary Party. 7 p.m. Webster Theater,SUNLIGH SAMURAI CAB COMPANY.children’s books. Will demon- Hartford. TVhEeN IOCuE , 2t aT9. p.m. The Space, 295 7510 p.m. 6:15 p.m.Illusions Dance Clubstrate the connection betweenTreadwelel r SSt.p, Hcaemden.TTrheeaSdpwaeclle .Stkt., Hamden. and Restaurant, 1639 WolcottmPuubsliicc  aLnibdr asrtyo,r yM taeilnli nSgtr.eHeta,rtfordBSRUINSDTAOYL, MAY 8TheSpace.tkWWeHIbTstEeSr,NHAaKrtfEo..dhre7p m.T. Rd., Illusions Hartford. Free. (860) 246-8742KARAOKE SINGLES NIGHT.WEDNESDAY, MAY 11sbeWTrmeotct.arehe (203) 879-4785. ext. 328. Downtown Café, 118 Main St.,BRISTOL IDINA MENZEL WITH THE HARTFORD SYMPHONYIdina Menzel will be per-AR HORTFHETROYNSEHCYS DOHPM ANDJAZZTRA BDlo.irtsEoLwEnCtTowRInC  COafPé,E N1 1M8IMC.ain St.,BSRUINSDTAOYL, MAY 22 ORCHESTRA.8 p.m., Mortensen Hall at the BushnellSTRINGS SERIES.Tribute toOTHERBristol. Center for the Performing Arts,forming Friday intrumpeter Clifford Brown. 8 p.m.HOT JAZZ SUNDAY BRUNCH. THE BRISTOL BRASS AND 166 Capitol Ave., Hartford. $35nohpcrOyroftmySdthh areHrdfoit waHtrra.hestHartford.$40,8,41A ysul mvA.eategnaioChl churlysAC murgnos ry DareSedenaMehtor and Normanw tiDhainn eoMewBOOTWHLEINRG FOR SOUP,ECWovIneNdniDun cgEteNwdiShtb EytMh RBe iLPhcEo.raAndP”s! to $125.(860) 987-5900, bush-$20.Student tick,e ts are $10.Johnson.11:30 a.m.and 1:15Dollyrots, Patent Pending.8ault.4 m.Featu (860) 244-2999, p.m. Murasaki Café at the Mark m. Place, 300 York . BLUE TRAIL,inLadon Bdaei.spTehirmphordSyrgny.otrofaHes ,H uoawniTraW,un gNroeinw 1  Ho3am5vfrermnF.c ap.To, sad 5 p.m. The Outer Space, 295VANILLA ICE. Pacific,” “Pirates of the Ave., Hartford. (860) 247-0998,7 p.m. Mohegan Treadwell St., Hamden. Sun Wolf Den, Uncasville. Free.JEAL,THE SKICOSTS ERAM.ANN THD E SSLIMAMarkTNwDaiAnYH,ouMseA.oYr g9KATE CALLAHANgniS gniseugB st,”a9nd hdoadMiyesrhtTD  .Cnheuhrech.,y r9Plsaoeipstec nTrUa.tmmiad zepzM.o 5taenbiebaCrr MoheganSun.comAMECELL.FR7 p.m.TheMO 295 Treadwell St ,Oute ace, . STEREO STORY, ALMOST 13 DJ WALT, DANCE PARTY.mSaeadpecH ,Sea:651pS ,r.Stl eldweaTr5 29 , Save Pluto. 7 p.m. The Space, p.m. Illusions Dance Club and Hamden. TheSpace.tkTOHTEHGERROWLERS,The Guru. 7THURnS. TDhAYpMceA.tkY 12olst86.( 50)-584muS rem,.tSirB indEandWble.nsemrBsi11,2arssotBl 295 Treadwell St., Hamden. Restaurant, 1639 Wolcott Rd., Illusions (203)A NEW ODYSSEY, The Space, 295 TreadwellEllis p.m., 879-4785. Ashbrook, Above Us All, Two St., Hamden. TheSpace.tkWOATLHE.E9R club.officelive.comp.m. Toad’s Place, SATURDAY, MAY 7and Nine, Young and In Love,TUESDAY, MAY 10 Performance listings BRISTOL OTHER08-f0o0r2 2V0I8P8.,,1-Casino,s Resortt  aixom.C.mpdoowxoF,sdoowxoFNOW thru MAY 8 03:2 taaehT.m.p mndkeees eeinatWra ltS,.terWorks, 233 Pe THE 50TH ANNUAL REVUE MURDERERS AND OTHER advaMashantucket. $15 i GOLDEN JUBILEE.7 p.m.BAD GUYS,presented by Live n nce. Held by Sandys Baton Studio.Radio Dramas Troupe.Friday, 1-800-NOW thru MAY 14tOoA T TShHTuErEsRAdDayY  aRtA7I:3N.0”o.grofdraHtrrosk7-72,838aehTWret40.$$5, (80.)560aaHdtsryuoTfsderp.m. Following baton twirling per- 8 p.m. Saturday at 3 and 8 p.m.OTHER formances, awards and schol- A replica of a classic radio pro-arship will be presented. St. gram environment. FairfieldTOUTHESEDRAY, MAY 10AAcLoOmNeEd yT ObyGLEaTwHreEnRc eAGAIN.”Kids’ listings Paul Catholic High School, University’s Wien Experimental1001 Stafford Ave., Bristol. Theatre, Fairfield. $25. 1-877-BIG DANNY S COMIX.Rick Roman. Friday and Saturdays Tickets at the door. Children ARTS-396, quick. Carino, John Porch, and Bones. at 8:15 p.m. Clockwork Rep, under five attend free. 8 p.m. Comix at Foxwoods, 133 Main St., Oakville. (860)OTHEROHoNrCnEQUuaPrOtetN: BAarHbOarRaN .HSOilHl, MAY 6, 7Foxwoods Resort Casino, 274-7247.MOTHER S DAY WEEKEND SOUTHINGTONOTHERMashantucket. $15 in advance.PRINCESS TEA PARTY. Tapley, Hilary Ledebuhr2 Emery CONNECTICUT TALENT JAM- COMEDIAN STEVE, 1-800-NOW thru MAY 8 and Andrew Spearman. 2 p.m.p.m. Princesses of all ages are BOREE.Held by the Miss at Connecticut ScholarshipFSriadtuaryd ay  8a ta 8n da n1d0 :1300: 3p.0 mp..,m.2M00A-Y2 81822., 13, 14RNONIUTMGHLEIANNRSERENTPEYILBAD -RAB DNA.SORB Genweet bontiecnsdTwaiark in M,yC S suetsruahgoj ot detivniamFoccnli yfom re t basusic claedoncissdna noc pmetarorhiycrelds nobko.siWlld meno-strate the connpecith serfoal p ,naalar.niWJdaeChd ortfsendrilybecnamrraH eht Pageant. 6 p.m. Featurin gthe Comix at Foxwoods, Foxwoods talents of Miss contestants, Resort Casino. $25 in advance,OTHER‘FULLY CHARGED.’Thursday Theatre. Mark Twain House music and story telling. Outstanding Teens, Rising $50 in advance for VIP.COMEDIAN NICK DI 10;30 a.m. and 7 Stars, Diamonds,, 1-800-Thursday at 8 p.m.and Fridayat 7 p.m., Saturday  apt. m1.1,  aF.rimd.a,yaAnvde .,M Huasretfuormd,. 3(8561 0F) a2r4m7i-n0g9to9n8,HStarretfeot,r dH Parutfbolircd .LiFbrreaer.y,( 8M6a0i)n managers, , etc. Approximately 246-8742 ext. 328. 200-2882. and Saturday at 8 and 10:30 3 p.m., and 7 p.m., and Sunday 35 acts will be participating. p.m. Comix at Foxwoods, at 1 and 5 p.m. XL Center, MAY 6, 13, 14Foxwoods Resort Casino. $25 Hartford., 1-MAY 6, 7, 8, 12 and 14 SOUTHINGTONPNLUANISNEVNISLEL.’E on7:30 p.misti Fridays and Saturdays.Meetingulnsolicited vonlu tgeerss (SUV) ‘ ’. THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Presented by The Steeple Presented by the PlainvilleBRI LargoeM.mnitea sgnprpen re otoBRISTOLHealth District. Wellness Clinic Players of the First Choral Society. Plainville HighNG.1 at 240 Stafford Ave., Bristol. Congregational Church of School, Robert Holcomb Drive, -Southington, on the Green, 37 Plainville. (860) GBuReISstSTtrOTaLOi nCerEwRiTll. ,.tS hg gniteeMbrLic liHi5 y,arB.irlbciP butsloe puthfChie be p.0 m.:36tsirB.lomooRB,1 .crt.omstriCeolSKIN CANCER SCREENI(860) 584 7682. Main St., Southington. Friday 747-5695. and Saturday at 7 p.m.andpWriellsiaenmt iAnug sttihne  osfp oWnetsatn eHoarutsford Sunday at 2 p.m. $10 for adults,MAY 8, 11 $5 for students and seniors.OTHER Sunday is a free-will offiering. (860) 628-6958.NORTHEAST COMIX REVIEW. Featuring Corey Manning. • Small Engine  E(860)637-4471SJediuto Mla l m icgnliaSzienpioteinncnar aiMa& peRse& MtkalesM doervie S MoscingTrn aw L rstoac (860)209-4517m bsPower Equipment, LLCand Mowers TREE REMOVAL &es Service25071rs and Trimmers elliT er Tvirye lladRo LANDSCAPING LLCLowetsG  p2U5r AYiecRarAs EN,xpTBerEeieEsntcDe! 86Bri0st-ol5,8CT30-620711FLuellayfI nBsluorewderPsick-up and Delivery Available TREE REMOVAL 10% OFF • Climbing • Crane Work • ChippingFully Insured Mowing • Stump Grinding • New Lawns • Lawn RepairLic #204369 Pavers • Snow Plowing • Retaining Walls • Excavation Commercial & Residential Fully InsuredFree Estimates
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for light carpentry and handyman services airwith the same Furnitur&e  TToopuccoha-tuinp g Repattention to detail you’ve come to expect! CT Reg #(860) 877-196625Years Experience • 629667
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