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1Mastering  Google SEO experiments and 3 ways to fix PenguinAwesome, thanks guys. I'll positively wait until the previous page is removed from the G index before reposting my page. If I keep in mind I will post my results here. Hoping to determine some improvement.I used to be additionally wondering 301 redirecting only the penalized URL to a junk domain. I assume this would purpose the penalty aloof from my site? Either of you tried this?no point in doing this. unless you wish to pass that bad juice at somebody else.. Anyway what i assume your want to try to to is get the "dangerous" url off your web site thats got to enhance any quality score fatcors the most. As i discussed you'll be able to submit an url removal request inwebmaster tools or what for it to travel on its own. this is often not a reconsideration simply a notification youve delete a page from your website and it can be faraway from the index. have nevertheless to try this but technically if those links are passing dangerous juice, or that page is penalized, you should be ready to purpose it to competitors. my experiment definitely appears to point this. Terribly sensible and informative video. One question thou regarding the aff links. Do you think that that we have a tendency to ought to mask aff links, like clickbank ? Or use them as is. I just browse a thread on a forum, everyone saying that you shouldn't cloak, redirect aff links, G hates it and we should use them as is, G will not mind aff links. What do you think. We have a tendency to got all our sites that were penalized back by doing 301 through a code that my engineer created. If you'd like access to the code, please contact our support team Wow! I've learned a lot from your video presentation regarding the latest Google Algo, Penguin.. Now I grasp that a number of my subpages will simply be rank on top of Google since I've never been doing link building for my subpages.. I am therefore thankful you sent me this to my email.. :) I like the idea of "throw out all the concepts we tend to had about SEO and specialize in the new signals". I want more SEO's would think that approach Joshua. The difficult part of "restricted budget SEO" is making a protractedterm white hat link & social profile. SEONuke and alternative software do a nice job of emulating user behavior to create layer 1 links appear fashionable through layer two bookmarks and layer 3 ondemand social profiles.
For little businesses (locksmiths, florists, etc), the "currently" issue is what keeps them in business and is sadly how these local battles are played and won. It is the short term revenue and it's critical. But, one has got to marvel what the longterm impact can be as authenticity becomes a factor. Will merely moving a website to a brand new domain and beginning over be enough? Or can business information and business information history be included in whatever penalties are to come? I am lucky enough to work with larger accounts and haven't any concern of putting my cards on the table in front of Matt and Maile and voice issues without worry of scrutiny. Of course, we get to focus on PR, have development budget to produce killer link bait and out reach programs, and have social dragonflies killing it in SMO. I'm wondering how prudent it might be to gift creative link building and social signal boosting strategy that doesn't include "spinning", "blasting" or the creation of faux social profiles, therefore that SEO's newcomers will explore options that build trustworthy link and visibility profiles and suggesting alternatives to SEO to enhance traffic sources? Just throwing that out there. Thanks for sharing the data. I want we have a tendency to had at least twentyfifty cases to check versus such a restricted batch. Maybe a community collaboration on contentonly sites to test would possibly be price while? I would contribute.
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