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ideas for parenting teenagers  There is not a one size fits all kind of strategy for parenting teenagers that works well in all instances. Every teenager is a bit different than the other and parents possess their own unique forms of parenting. No matter what your approach, however, you should do everything you can to keep the lines of communication open with your teenager. The following hints on being a parent to a teenager can be helpful as you do your greatest to help your teenager transition into a healthy adult.  Parents simply need to realize that some of this behavior is completely natural for teens to go through. You aren't the only one having to deal with changes, these teens are dealing with physical and emotional changes within themselves. Teens often struggle with wanting to be independent but feeling dependent upon their parents. The resulting behavioral acting out in a number of ways may seem a bit on the bipolar side. The brain of a pre-adult child is not completely developed as of yet. This is important to realize because, no matter what your approach to parenting teenagers, you can't expect a teen to be the model of stability and rational thinking. At times your best approach is to let them progress and learn things at their own pace, and don't take all of their moods personally.  
Being a good parent of a teenager means knowing your teens. Take time to learn what they are up to, the world is a different place now than it was when you were a teen. This includes the kind of music they like, the people they are spending time with and the TV programs they watch. You don't have to know every detail, but many parents are living on a different planet from their teenage children, and this makes communication almost impossible. Invade their world some to learn about them without interrogating them. Knowing what they like or don't like doesn't mean having the same likes or dislikes it simply means being aware.  
As you do your best parenting teenagers, you have to take responsibility for certain things, but you also shouldn't blame yourself for everything that goes wrong.  
Teenagers are not adults, although they are in the beginnings of making their own determinations and there are times that they need to learn particular lessons from their oversights. If, for example, your teenager neglects to study enough and fails a class, you may be inclined to feel guilty for not teaching him better study habits. You can't be chargeable for all of their happenings and missteps. Letting guilt or an overpowering sense of obligation overcome you when parenting a teenager is a gambit, which will not make you a greater parent and will only make the teenager trust you less. Parenting a teen is full of challenges but if you are patient you will persevere. You have to expect your teenagers to be difficult at times, but the important thing is to not lose contact with them. These suggestions on parenting teenagers can help you to keep the lines of communication open with your teenager.  
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