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5 reasons a guy should5 reasons why a guy should know how to iron a dress shirt Yes, it can feel tragic that something as little as wrinkles can ruin the positive effect of an otherwise good looking outfit. Nevertheless it can and this does. Wearing wrinkled clothes are the fastest way to announce to the world (or at a minimum your office or date) that you don't take note of the details. And guys who don't take notice of the details are rarely trusted to manage larger duties (like promotions or marriage). A man just should be aware of how to iron a dress shirt. Want a reason why? Included here are five: First, it will save you money  Say you're paying the lowpriced rate of $1 per shirt to your local dry cleaner; at twenty shirts per 30 days you will spend $240 annually. This amount can easily end up being $1000 if you are paying the standard $4 to $6 a shirt or go out on dates or out on weekends. Second, you'll likely do a better job cleaning it  It is your shirt and you know that there is a hot sauce stain on the sleeve which should be treated and you know specifically how you want your collars to be pressed. Carrying it out yourself enables you to to get exactly the results you want. Third, your shirts will last longer  Hand washing coupled with hang drying can prevent shrinkage and unnecessary wear, adding years to the life span of an expensive shirt in your usual wardrobe. When you clean your shirt, you can cleanse it more thoroughly in the areas that require it (collar and cuffs) and lightly in areas that don't (body as well as sleeves). Fourth, you manage your timing  When you need a nice white dress shirt for a surprise meeting tomorrow morning you have control of the situation and are not waiting on a dry cleaner's service. Fifth, you can iron a dress shirt in matter of minutes  Ironing a dress shirt is not as time consuming as you may guess. The important thing is ironing in a batch where possible to spread out the setup time which makes ironing a single shirt a ten minute task. Just before you start, ensure you have the most basic of items; a very good iron and a great ironing board with an above average pad. They go hand in hand. An excellent iron on a couch isn't really ironing. Do it right and get a solid ironing board. You will thank yourself later.
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