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cat defense keychain get thisEvery one on this earth is aware that they have a god given to defend their life. The only issue is that most men have no idea on how to secure themselves. These are 2 questions I know you will answer yes to, do you like being alive and do you love a strong body? You probably answered yes, why because you are fully aware that there are crazy people that would enjoy to harm you for no reason. Because these bad ladies are weak they will try to get you when you don't expect them at all. In this article you will learn that there is a simple way for you to guard your body at all times. There are some ways you can prep yourself. Karate is something that we all want learn but it takes time to master. An option could be to get a gun but you need a conceal weapon permit and practice and you need to recognize the laws in your state. An immediate choice is a self protection keychain. You carry your keys with you all the time so having a self defense keychain only makes sense to have. What choices do you have for self defense keychains? This is actually a huge market so you have a lot of options to choose from. Consumers love them because all you have to do is attach it to your key ring and if you need to use it just grab it and start swinging. What makes it so awesome are the sharp but not deadly sharp ears that will bring a hurting to anyone who tries to hurt you. If you see one of these keychains you will notice that they look cute and that's why females love them but they are toys so don't let kids play with them. The law is clear when it comes to selling these to ladies below the age of 18. I know you want to buy one but before you do make sure you read up on the laws in your state. Also remember that although these are keychains they can also fit in your pocket, purse or hand. Like I said in the begining of this article, every person has the right, no every body needs to guard themselves and a great way to do it is with a cat self defense keychainSelf protection is something all girls need to practice becasue every two minutes a. woman is attacked. If you would love to be taught more on how to secure yourself with a self defense cat keychain examine these linkscat self defense keychain amazonor
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