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tips for parking before youWhen choosing to park your vehicle at an airport, there are normally a number of alternatives that are offered to you.We all have lots of choices open to use when deciding on airport parking. Depending on whether or not you will be traveling and choose to park your vehicle for an extended period of time at the airport, (longterm parking), otherwise if you are only going to be there for a short period of time and will only need to park your car there for just a few hours. It really is best if you decide what you are going to do well in advance before traveling. First, determine if the airport's parking charge will fit your budget (most airports cost a certain price per day, and you also need to choose whether or not you trust you car to be parked somewhere public where you have to trust the attendees In fact it's not a bad thought, especially if you are going away for a holiday, to get dropped off at the airport as an alternative of utilizing airport parking at all. Just make sure that the individual is available to pick you up when you arrive back, and let the person know which flight you are taking; most airports have pick up locations for each flight, to make pickup easier. As already mentioned you don't even have to use airport parking as most people get somebody to pick their car up for them. This makes sense if you know that particular person as you only have to pay for short term parking. Just remember that you have to really trust this person because they are taking what is probably the second most valuable (in terms on money) posession that you own. Just remember that you have to tell them where to pick it up, there are lots of cars parked at airports and it's very easy to come unstuck trying to find yours. Also don't forget to provide them with a spare set of keys, otherwise they won't be able to start your vehicle! So if you have decided upon the type of parking you are going to need and you have also decided that it will be long term parking then here's a quick tip  remember to put your keys into your luggage and not hand carry on because this way you won't risk the embarrassment of being questioned by security at the scanning area. Another tip is security, just remember not to have anything on display in your car before leaving it. An empty car is not a target for criminals (unless they plan to steal the whole car. Another important safety considering is to park where there are other cars and your car is well lit up, hopefuly this will deter theives from trying to break into your car. It may also be an idea to take a picture with your phone of your car and where it is parked, this not only helps you remember for when you get back but also may provide evidence of anything surrounding your car should any damage occur whilst you are away. You will be able to use these photos as evidence that it was damaged before you arrived. If you want to you can check out my blog at:This Web site
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