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Clear and Foam Backed Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

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Clear and Foam Backed Polycarbonate RoofingSheet s Polycarbonat eis one oft hem ostw idelyand popularly used therm oplast ic m at erialsused today for both residential and comm ercialroofing.

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Clear and Foam Backed Polycarbonat e Roofing Sheet s
Polycarbonat e is one of t he m ost w idely and popular ly used t herm oplast ic m at erials used t oday for bot h resident ial and com m ercial roofing. This is because of it s num ber of benefit s like being able t o w it hst and high im pact , being durable and flexible, being easily t herm oform ed, being able t o w it hst and all kinds of w eat her condit ions, being fire resist ant , and being light in w eight . These are t he m ost im port ant qualit ies one checks for w hile choosing a m at erial for const ruct ing a st ruct ure.
Since polycarbonat es are very st rong and durable in t hem selves, t hey need no reinforcem ent in t he roofing st ruct ure or w alls, w h ich ult im at ely reduces t he const ruct ion cost s significant ly. M oreover, polycarb onat es are so flexible t hat t hey can be easily and inexpensively m odified t o cr eat e a num ber of roofing designs. Thus, w het her you need a peaked roof or a circular dom e or anyt hing else in t erm s of design, you can highly rely one t sroofing she polycarbonat e .
Clear polycarbonat e and foam back polycarbonat e are t he m ost com m on t ypes of polycarbonat es used in t he const ruct ion of roofing. Bot h t hese t ypes of m at erials have t heir ow n advant ages and disadvant ages. Let us t ake a look.
Cle ar polycarbonat e
Clear polycarbonat e sheet s look very professional. W it h a w ide variet y of colours in polycarbonat e available in t he m arket , people ge nerally opt for clear polycarbonat e w hen t hey are planning t o build green houses, sum room s, skylight s and solar ium s. Basically, t hese sheet s are used in places w here nat ural sun light is needed. These clear sheet s com e in a variet y of shapes and designs, w here you can get unlim it ed opt ions t o choose from . M oreover, t hey com e w it h a V prot ect ion layer t hat reflect s t he harm ful UV rays of t he sun, w hile bringing in alm ost all of t he sun’s light ; t hus prolonging t he service life of t he roof.
M anufact urers of t hese clear polycarbonat e sheet s are const ant ly im proving on t he qualit y of t heir product s so t hat t hey can m ake t hem m ore efficient and cost -effect ive, w hile providing t he best of qualit ies an d benefit s. One such im provem ent is t he aerogel insulat ion, w here t he gel act s as a t herm al insulat or t o harm onize t he t herm al insulat ion propert y of pol ycarbonat e, by helping t o elim inat e t he scorching heat from t he sun. These she et s help t o m aint ain t he t em perat ure of t he room t hey cover at a const ant le vel, t hus saving on energy cost s due t o no heat gain or loss.
Foam back polycarbonat e
Anot her t ype of polycarbonat e is t he foam back poly carbonat e sheet t hat is available in a variet y of shapes and designs, in co lours like red, green and grey. These sheet s can dam pen noise and provide ext ra insulat ion, w hile being cost -effect ive and light in w eight . The foam back polycarbonat e sheet s resem ble corrugat ed m et al roofing m at erials, and are m ainly used in indust rial w arehouses as w ell as resident ial hom es for bot h flat and slop ed roofs.
Check for m anufact urers t hat offer w arrant y on t he polycarbonat e sheet s t hat t hey put up for sale. The validit y of w arrant y m ay vary from one m anufact urer t o anot her ranging bet w een 2 t o 5 years. Longer w arran t y periods generally m ean t hat t heroofing she polycarbonat e e t squalit y.are of bet t er
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