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dark chocolate snickersa must try  Dark chocolates are not for everyone, but definitely there is a particular class who completely indulge into the taste of dark chocolate. People have numerous questions and conceptions regarding chocolates, there are numerous benefits of dark chocolates, science also proves now that they are really healthy .  Some of its benefits are listed below:  Dark chocolates and dark chocolate almond milk are famous for their anti-aging property, actually they contain a substance called flavonoids, and that behave as antioxidants. when any disease occur generally it is due to the oxidation that occurs in,it you want to remain young for a longer time then green tea and dark chocolates are the must. They can cause you to age slower. As they make the oxidation of the cell slower, this causes the disease to occur.  They help in anti-aging in the way as they capture the free radicals in our body which are harmful to us. They have anti oxidizing property. Now, you must notice the flavonoid content of each chocolate you choose, because different chocolates have different content it may be 70%, 80% or 90%, but any chocolate cannot contain 100% of flavonoid.  Dark chocolates have multiple benefits; they also help in reducing blood pressure. It has a content called nitric oxide which has a certain hormonal effect that causes to reduce blood pressure. So, people which heart problems  
Another important function of the dark chocolate is to reduce the blood pressure. This is possible because of high content of nitric oxide.  
Bad cholesterol known as LDL gets reduced upto 10% bydark chocolates. They are responsible for the production of endorphins and serotonin. Chocolates contain caffeine and they are also very good in taste dark chocolate almonds.  
While they have many health benefits they are also known for their high fat content. About one third of fats are monosaturated and two third are saturated. and these fats surely affect your cholesterol levels.
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