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DigitalPrinting vs. ScreenPrinting – Which is Better?

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Check out the differences between digital vs screen printing and which among these two is your best option. We have considered everything from requirements and budgets in this article. For more details:
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Digital Printing vs. Screen Printing – Which is Better?In this dayand age, everythingis turningdigital, andit’sno surprise thatprintingis movingin the same direction too. For example, offset printing used to be theworld’smost used printing process since decades, but with the advent ofdigitalprinting, more and morepeople nowprefer the latter for its ease of use. Despite offsetprinting’shigher quality output, digital printing is fast catching on because of a non-existent pre-press process and initial cost.
Similar to offsetprinting, screenprintingis anotherprintingtechniquethat’sbeen around since decades. Theprocess is quite similar to using a stencil, because in screen printing, a design is imposed on a fine mesh or polyester, then the ink ispushed through the openings bywettingthe substrate and transferred to theprintingsurface. The areas to be left blank are simply covered by impermeable substances to stop the ink from flowing onto the printing surface. Digitalprinting, on the other hand, directlyprints a digital image onto theprintingsurface, either through inks (inkjet) or laser exposure. Digital Printingvs Screen PrintingThequestion of which method ofprintingis better has been asked tons of times over thepast fewyears, and the answerisn’tthat simple. One printing method is not‘better’than the other, but each one has their pros and cons depending on the type of print job. So ifyou’retrying to decide between digital printing and screen printing,you’vecome to the rightplace! Advantages of Digital Printing∙ Quick, low setup cost
∙ Easyto print multiple colors ∙ Better for short runs ∙ Variable data and customization options ∙ Better forphotographicprints ∙ Design does not‘bulge’out Disadvantages of Digital Printing∙ Limited range of printable fabrics ∙ Not as durable as screenprinting∙ Cannot print white color ∙ No reduced costs for bulk orders Digital printing, as seen above, is more suited to smaller orders when you need a range of colors and customization, but not on light colored materials because digitalprinters cannotprint white ink.Unfortunatelyit’snot as durable as screen printing and each unit cost just remains static, so digital printingisn’tthe best choice in every scenario. Advantages of Screen Printing∙ Cost effective for bulk orders ∙ Highest qualityoutput ∙ Durableprints ∙ Wide range of printable fabrics, including wood, glass, textiles, electronics, signs and more ∙ Easytoprint on specific areas Disadvantages of Screen Printing∙ High initial setupcost and time ∙ Better for limited colors ∙ Design‘bulges’out ∙ No variable data or customization options Screenprinting, on the other hand, is more suited to highquality,professional lookingmaterial ifyou’reokaywith shelling out the extra cash for it. Itisn’trecommended for photographic prints however, and is more suited to bulk orders with low customization/colors. So there you have it, now that you know what each method of printing is good (or not-so-good) for, choose one according to your desired output anddon’tforget to pick a greatprofessional printing service!