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fedco ceo leo eisenband adopts  This decision is part of the social and business duty that Fedco has of sustaining the vital job that is being done at the Zoo in Barranquilla, the just one the Caribbean area can depend on to safeguard nature.
 "The beauty of nature and of this certain specie is genuinely special," claimed Leo Eisenband "We should do every little thing we could to aid maintain it to make sure that our future generations can likewise cherish it and matter with its whole habitat.".  From all the edges of this zoo, the know-how and nurture of our fauna is being advertised to reach the youthful city populace oblivious to it. The encounter they get from going to all the varieties located in the zoo, permits them to be in contact with nature and to recognize their obligation to take treatment of these animals.  "It is a privilege to Fedco to be able to sustain the conservation of the Caribbean region," claimed Eisenband. "We encourage various other companies to join us in sustaining these environmental tasks that are necessary to keep types at risk of extinction such as the case of the display bear. It is remarkably essential due to the fact that this is the only bear specie inhabiting in South The united state.".  Fedco is a fragrance and womanly beauty line of product that for over 30 years has advertised improvement in Colombia producing employment, being an economic stimulus and attaining ecological and social goals as part of its business and social duty. Fedco is run by Leo Eisenband, a brand man that thinks that personal brands have the obligation to provide welfare and high quality life for individuals.Leo Eisenband
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