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Fire-Flood Recovery Fundraiser

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fireflood recovery fundraiser I have been busting my hump for the last 6.

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Ajouté le : 24 avril 2016
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fireflood recovery fundraiserI have been busting my hump for the last 6.5 years to keep my home, recover from tho losses of a house fire and flood and mind my grandmother, keeping her safe and ensuring she has help and the things she needs. During this time I have been also managing an maintaining a large bankruptcy payment each month then fell behind on finances while my grandmother was sick and hostpialized, which then she needed extra help which was not available at the time as she was released from the hospital frail and weak, much to early needing 24 hour care. All of this has set me back financially over the last 6 months as I had to take time off from work and withdraw my retirement to recover from losses and needs for my granmother with very limited family and support available, both of my parents are deceased. Although I have returned to work last week since things have settled down and improved with my grandmothers health and move, I am in jeopardy of losing my home, power and water supply do to the chain of events any day now. I wont will not recieve a paycheck for at least another month or 2 as I am paid monthly as opposed to daily, weekly or bi-weekly. So they will hold back a month. I am almost a month behind on my mortgage and behind on all my bills as try to catch up. If I lose my home, power and utilities. It will leave me homeless with lots of legal fees from not complying with bankruptcy agreement and finances will continue to snowball. I have always been one to give and have never asked for help or anything in return but hope. I sincerely hope my my generosity in the past will find its way back with crowdfunding a last resort. I am scared, afraid and nervous of what the future holds trying everything possible to get over this hump and reach the last 2 months of my bankruptcy term sucessfully. If this passes sucessfully the marginal financial burden of the chapter 13 payments will be eliminated and I will be able to keep my home, pocessions and still be avialable to help my grandmother as needed. I am praying for a miracle and hope to get through this!!!! Any donations recieved will be posted and applied to my bankruptcy payment, utilities and mortgage to bring me up to current and back on my feet while I continue to work to reach the end of my bankruptcy term . To Donate To This Cause Please Click Here