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for people looking for a  I'm sure a large number of of you realize that computers have come an extremely long way recently, actually many computers which are on the market no longer even need a tower. What you're going to discover is that instead of a tower, they end up building all the technology straight into the monitor of the computer system. A few of the lower end computers which are still in the marketplace today will have a tower, but this is a thing that will wind up disappearing inside the next few years. In this post we're going to be looking at the HP TouchSmart 320-1030 Desktop Computer which is one of these kinds of all in one systems that doesn't have a computer tower.  One of the first things you are going to find relating to this computer is that it does not have a tower and the technology is built right into the monitor. I should point out that this is a 20 inch wide screen monitor that comes with this system and I am sure you're in addition going to love the fact that it has touchscreen technology included. For individuals who haven't had a computer with touchscreen technology you're going to find that not only is this something that makes using your computer easier but it is in addition plenty of fun.  Not to mention they have included loads of good technology as well in relation to the technology that powers your computer. This computer includes a 1 TB hard drive which is something that regular individuals are never going to be able to use up throughout the life of the computer. Something you should probably understand about a hard drive of this size is that most people will be able to save almost as many pictures and family videos as you would like without needing to worry about running out of room. The size of the ram which comes in this computer is really rather large at 4 GB, meaning you'll have the ability to run multiple programs without having to be too worried about your computer slowing down.  You're in addition going to discover that this computer comes complete with a slot load disc drive which will enable you to also record CDs and dvds. If you're wondering what kind of operating system comes included with this you're going to find that it's a windows system, in fact it is Windows 7 home premium. For those of you who have not yet have the honor of using this operating system I'm certain it is a thing that you are absolutely going to love.  One final thing I would like to discuss relating to this computer is the price and you might be happily surprised to see that Amazon is now offering this for about $680. There are 2 reasons we suggest that you in fact purchase this from Amazon, the first is that this qualifies for their free shipping program, and you're also going to discover that they actually save you $40.00 off the list price if you wind up buying from them.  Find out more8 zoll tablet tasche 8 zoll tablet tasche
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