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hair problems due to hardAndrogenetic Alopecia is a term used to describe Male Pattern thinning. It is a genetic condition which is also affected by the secretion of male hormones in the body. Males after the age of puberty are affected by this problem. Male sex hormone called testosterone is secreted in the body at the puberty age. Testosterone is liable for development of secondary sexual characters in the body like beard and moustache. About 98% testosterone remains in the binded form to the proteins that is sexual hormone binding globulin and albumin. The remaining 2% is set free in blood circulation which with the aid of an enzyme called 5 alpha reductase gets converted into DHT.
The free flowing testosterone gets converted into Dihydro Testosterone (DHT) which in turn causes male pattern thinning. As DHT has direct relation to MPT any factor leading to increase in conversion of testosterone to DHT would aggravate the trouble. DHT binds to the hair follicles in the fronto vertex area of the scalp which is hormone receptive area leading to hair thinning as well as reducing the length of the hair. After some time due to the effect of the DHT the hair follicle tends to die off and after its death it will not be able to regenerate hair again. Factors that are directly related to MPT: 1) Exposing hair to hard water 2) Continuous exposure to chemicals for an extended duration As we are aware of the above mentioned factors let's elaborate them in details.
1) Exposing hair to hard water
Although it is not proved but many a times it is seen that after exposing hair to hard water for prolonged duration MPT severity increases. Hard water is rich in mineral content which is mainly seen in desserts. To minimize the damage occurring due to hair wash with hard water squeeze a lemon into bucket filled with hard water and then wash your hair with the lemon treated water. The other possible way to reduce the damage due to hard water is that final wash of hair must be with packaged drinking water.
2) Continuous exposure to chemicals for an extended duration
Individuals having hair frequently exposed to chemical in the form of hair color treatment or any other types of treatment for a continuous period are reported with increase in the speed of MPT.
So we can conclude that more exposure to chemical is simply going to increase MPT. Chemical
exposure has long and lasting impact on hair health. Hence it is advisable to take necessary
preventive measure to stay away from chemical. Is your hairloss problem haunting you? Are you feeling hopeless seeing your hair on your brush every single day? If yes, watch this advanced freesolution for hair fallvideo. Plus you will also get a free telephone counseling session where one of our senior trichologists will call you personally and help you oneonone to solve your hair loss problem today.
Nutritional deficiency definitely leads to hair fall problems and therefore it is really worth finding a solution of hair fall due to nutritional deficiency. Read this amazing article solution for hair fall.
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