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do you think youre in  Nowadays I am on a sensitive theme, but let me start by saying in my viewpoint it actually is not your personal fault! Not if truth be told as how can we discover the answer if we do not know the reason why you may be hefty? And then it actually is not because you eat to much, as there are plenty of people eating as much or more who is not fat.  Why is it actually so much more difficult to be in shape when we are older? Why? Why? Why?  The answer is pollution! Pollution is really bad for us, much more serious than what you have been told. The fact that the longer you have been alive and then breathed this pollution the more difficult it is for our bodies to neutralise the harmful chemicals. In the second place we are exposed to pollutions is in lotions, alcohol based drinks, water, foodstuff etc. We can not hide, it is all around us.  Your body utilize oxygen to neutralise these toxic substances, but the fact is that we have a inadequate supply of oxygen. As we battle this day by day battle we slowly get overwhelmed and we become the fact that the perfect breading place for infections, fungi, and after that other diseases. We breath not so deep after which it more slowly to lessen the pollution, to help defend our-self, but sad to say this then means we slowly get used to not inhaling correctly and then this in tern leads to us on getting in the fact that the optimal amount of oxygen.
 So the question is "how can we get extra oxygen?" So we can fight the pollution!   Here is some options - protect yourself: - Deep breathing exercises - has to be done in clean air. - Cut out using products with contaminants in it. - Stay far away from tobacco users. And then definitely stop smoking yourself. - Eat more raw and natural fresh foodstuff, less meat etc.  
Easier solution - add more oxygen into your diet:
- Food grade hydrogen peroxide H202 ---Added to drinking water ---Added to the cooking process - water you use wile making food diet, dieting  The only food grade hydrogen peroxide product obtainable on the market that this is possible with is called "Raindrops" and they are situated in Johannesburg and Pretoria in South Africa.  You are ask what helps make there product so one-of-a-kind? They add a food grade stabiliser that change the characteristics of hydrogen peroxide, for how it actually works you can have a look on there web site. This means that you can drink and utilize it actually even when you have food in your stomach, and at much lower dosages than ever before,
and then as a result it actually tastes much better. In water it actually makes the drinking water
taste like rainwater.  So if you may like most of us and then have given up on ever being back in shape again, not even allowing yourself the hope of ever again having no fat - then think again - start by giving your system that oxygen it actually so frantically needs to get rid of the fact that the toxins, after which it in the fact that the process rid of that the extra unwonted weight.
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