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3 marketing lessons from dma  Marketing is mystified to some people only because of what they've read according to DMA Portland.  You'll find tons of things that could work out well, but it's always tough to know what really works. Marketing mistakes are a dime a dozen, and even though it's a drag - you can learn a lot. Just avoid falling for the crap and lies you read in sales copy, and most of it is not worth reading.
 Go through the following from DMA Portland formore infoYou may thank me later on concerning. all of the excellent advertising information you will have learned.  
It is important to work hard on your opt-in list so that you will be able to enjoy the rewards that are associated with list marketing just like DMA Portland does. If you follow in the path of the online marketers and other (larger) businesses, you put your opt-in box in a really obvious spot so that everybody can see and, potentially, ignore it. Here are a few things that you can test out today...once you've taken the time to do it right. You have a subscription and a freebie that you offer for opting in--sell them. If you aren't sure how to go about it, simply publish a little bit of pre-sell copy or even a short sales letter for the both of them. Set them up as just one bit of copy and watch what can happen. Then, instead of setting up the traditional opt-in box that your visitors are
used to seeing, put up a good (but small) ad that will make people want to learn more about the things you are offering. You probably haven't seen this utilized all that often.  DMA Portland says that boosting performance can be realized with the blog or site audit, and probably 99.5% of IM marketers are clueless about it. This is very specific information and it really is not all that cheap, but it's worth knowing and doing. So you can look into audits for your business site because it's all about marketing and usability. This is just one way among a host of others to positively effect your marketing. You may be surprised at what this will tell you and the improvements to your marketing will be excellent.  To learn more about DMA Portlandclick this link. Take a look right now for a lot of the best marketing information on the internet!  Social media marketing and engaging your audience to generate social signals are two extremely important marketing strategies in 2012 and beyond. If you'd like to improve your search and regular marketing you will figure things out pretty quickly. One thing that goes hand in hand with them is scaling back or toning down the sales efforts. There is an appropriate time and an appropriate place for sales copy but that should wait until much later after you've built up a genuine connection with people. There are lots of reasons this is true, not the least of which is that people are starting to get tired of reading sales messages. If you've got a relationship with the audience that is good and you've put together a good offer, your audience is going to respond to that. This is the fun part about online business because it's really under your control. When you go through this, then you'll see just how easy it is and that will be encouraging. So do more learning because this is barely anything at all other than an overview.
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