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Just What Are The Requirements When It Comes To Having A Water Heater In The Garage

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what are the requirements when You might live in an area of the country where most water heaters are located in the garage.

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Ajouté le : 22 août 2013
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what are the requirements when  You might live in an area of the country where most water heaters are located in the garage. It is acceptable to have water heaters in the garage however there are some details that you need to understand. The authority on determining what the requirements are when it comes to residential water heater installment as well as safety is the ICC (International Code Council). The following material is taken from the 2009 International Residential Code (IRC) section P2801.6 and P2803.6.1 commentary.  Water heaters using an ignition source will be elevated to ensure that the source of ignition is not lower than 18" above the garage floor. An ignition source may be numerous things, including an open flame, electrical switch, open resistance heating coils, or even an electrical igniter unit. Domestic garages have a substantial potential for volatile liquids, such as gasoline and paint thinners that may spill or perhaps leak from their containers. Since the vapors from these liquids are heavier than air, they concentrate right above floor level, posing an explosion hazard within garages having a water heater.home inspection rochester ny  Numerous electric water heater thermostats have enclosed contacts, yet they are just not sealed gas tight. For that reason, if ever an electric water heater with an ignition source located less than 18" from the bottom of the unit, it is required that the unit be elevated so that the ignition source (thermostat) is at least 18 above the garage floor. Electric water heaters having every switching " controls located above 18" from the bottom of the water heater are not mandated to be elevated.  Gas-fired appliances have to meet the elevation requirement for elevation above the garage floor, however, have an exception in order to enable gas-fired appliances having flammable vapor ignition resistant (FVIR) design to be installed without elevating the unit.  This report was submitted to give you a far better idea about the home inspection process. If you would like to know a lot more about this topic or order a residential property inspection with our company, Certainty Home Inspections, kindly click the this linkcondo home inspectionor give us a phone calll at 812-590-4118! For general info on home inspections, also look at .