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essential oils for natural skincareCostly skincare products are used by women all around the planet to heal skin problems such as acne, oily skin and other complaints Many of these products work and others are ineffective. Using essential oils, however, can be an successfulnatural skincaremethod. Tea tree oil, organic coconut oil and argan oils are some of these treatments. Whether or not your skin needs frequent moisturizing, a massage, or a treatment for a persistent skin condition, there is an essential oil that you can use. Here are just a few organic oils that are tremendous for facial use: Argan Oil This essential oil is a very popular product for skincare as a result of the many benefits it gives to the skin. This oil will help soften the skin and reduces wrinkles. It is also known to assist regeneration of the skin by revitalizing the skin's cell functions, that prevent premature signs of skin ageing due to smoking, stress, and subjection to pollution and the sun's UV rays. Other benefits include reduction of inflammation, skin irritation and ance or chicken pox scars.It has pH balancing and antimicrobial properties that reduce scarring and its moisturising properties are stronger than olive oil and shea butter. Top Tip: Apply directly to your skin before applying a mineral makeup, with or without a standard skin cream. Tea Tree Oil This essential oil comes with amazing properties, that makes it a popular component for curing infectious organisms like a virus, bacteria, and fungus. More importantly, it is wellknown to work successfully in reducing numerous infections, that are unaffected by to numerous antibiotics. Tea tree oil makes an excellent natural cure for many fungal and bacterial skin problems including; skin irritations, minor wounds, dandruff, rashes, insect bites, herpes, warts, athlete's foot, sun burns, blisters, oily skin, abscesses, and acne. Tip: This oil can be applied directly to the skin or mixed with anyorganic skincareproduct. Organic Coconut Oil This essential oil has been used for many centuries as a skin care treatment because it is rich in mediumchain Triglycerides. This nutrient when applied to the skin is converted into Antimicrobial Fatty Acid, which helps prevent bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. These antimicrobial fatty acids function as natural bodyguards for the skin. Natural coconut oil comes in small molecular structure, which promotes easy absorption when applied to the skin. It also has deep moisturizing properties, which rapidly shield, condition, and hydrate the skin. This oil is a great treatment for relieving a rough, wrinkled, and dry skin which makes it a superior skin moisturizer. Moreover, it is known as an optimal natural remedy for treating severe skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema. This essential oil is not only beneficial to the skin but also found beneficial to hair care, increased immunity, maintaining cholesterol levels, and even weight loss, among others. Tip: Use this essential oil as a natural skin moisturizer and experience the wonderful results after a week.
Tip: To cleanse oily skin and prevent acne, mix a drop of citronella oil with one ounce of witch hazel and apply on a clean face. The mixture is an effective astringent that tightens the pores and protects the skin. Rose Otto Oil  Rose otto essential oil is effective for treating wrinkles, thread veins, and complexion problems. This oil is the purest essential oil that contains antiviral properties. It is also an excellent astringent. The oil is effective in eliminating acne, dark spots, blackheads, and also removes the spidery veins. The oil has rejuvenating properties and refreshes the tired skin. It keeps the skin youthful, soft and supple. Tip: Mix the oil with jojoba oil and apply on your skin directly to refresh a tired looking skin. All essential skincare oils, those listed here and others that are not listed here, have brilliant remedial properties. All these oils are powerful antioxidants as well. Use them on your skin but keep them away from your eyes.
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