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abilities every parent must master  There aren't many who would claim that parenting is simple but, as with most things, there are skills that you can cultivate that will help you be better at it. When everything is going fine, that's a time when you can assume you're making the right choices. When things aren't going well, however, it might be time to brush up on some parenting skills.  Lots of parents make the mistake of not allowing kids to learn how to do things themselves. Mistakes are how we learn and if kids aren't allowed the chance to fail at some things, they won't learn how to learn from those failures. Obviously you have to protect them from making mistakes that would be dangerous to their health or well being, but in small areas, let them find their own way. For example, if you jump in and take over every time your son has problems with a homework assignment how will he ever learn the material for himself? One of the parts of growing up is learning how to complete tasks by yourself even if you make mistakes as you do so.  Every single parent is going to feel frustrated, mad or even just overwhelmed sometimes. When you start to feel this way, you need to take a break. It's best to have some resources in place so that you can have someone watch your child when you need a breather. This can be a friend, a relative, your partner or even a babysitter you trust. Remember that these people have lives and might not be available so make sure you have a long list of people to call. Even if you haven't yet gotten to your breaking point it is still important to take some "you" time once in a while. Sometimes there isn't a lot of time to have but even a fifteen minute walk around the block can help you renew your perspective. You're going to be a better parent if you allow yourself to take time and not try to be perfect 24/7.  Many parents have a problem when it comes to denying their children everything they want. Being able to say "no" in a way that is firm but still kind is a skill that you should have for your own peace of mind as well as for your kids' needs. Kids need to be told, as much as you can, why it is a bad idea to let them have every single thing they want. If they want to eat too much ice cream, for example, tell them that they can't because they'll get sick later (not to mention that regularly eating too much ice cream can lead to being overweight). Even when your kids don't care about your explanation or seem to not understand it, it is still sinking in somewhere in their brains so it is definitely worth repeating. In such cases, you have to be as patient and persistent about saying no as the child is in asking over and over.  The above are some of the parenting skills that can be helpful in your relationship with your kids. Every single parent has unique hurdles to overcome and those hurdles will be dictated by the personalities of you and your kids. You need to remember, for your own sanity, that parenting is a process and that it changes constantly as you and your kids get older but that having solid guidelines in place can be helpful both to you and your kids.  
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