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Real Wood Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Hints

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Installing white wood kitchen cabinets will dramatically alter the look of your residence. Find out more about All Wood Cabinets by visiting their site which is

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Ajouté le : 30 juin 2014
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Real Wood Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Hints With their stunning, natural grain, deep, wooden hues and brilliant, shiny finish, wood kitchen cabinets beautify your kitchen. Fortunately, wood cabinets are incredibly durable and simple to care for. With only a handful of simple cleaning tips, these cabinets provide a warm and inviting ambience to your kitchen for many years. Grease and Grime Must Be Dealt With A result of the fumes of cooking and the residue from dirty hands, grease and grim are inevitable in kitchens. Directly below countertop surfaces and on or close to handle is where grease and grime are normally found. Another place that provides a bothersome hiding spot for dirt and grease are the hinges due to their many cracks. You can find grease spots not just by using your eyes but also by feeling with your hands to uncover sticky or rough spots on the wood or on the metal handles and hinges. Wipe down the handle areas frequently using a damp towel or sponge. To reach into the crevices and cracks on the hinges, a toothbrush may be needed. Right after cleaning, gently dry damp areas with a dish towel. Be careful not to use anything rough or abrasive when wiping the wood, because you don’t want to damage the finish. Clean With Homemade Options When cleaning off wood cabinets, you can make a simple solution to remove grease by combining one part greaseremoving dish soap with two parts water. Wiping the cabinets down with this solution should quickly remove any grease spots with consistent cleaning. For extremely tough grease spots, a slightly stronger solution can be made by mixing one cup warm water with three tablespoons baking soda. You can mix this solution and then lightly sponge it onto the troublesome areas and let it sit for several minutes. This works particularly well in the hinge areas. After letting the solution sit, you can wipe the cabinets down with a sponge and after that rinse gently with a damp rag. You can follow this cleaning by wiping everything down with a solution created from equal parts white vinegar and water, and then dry it off with a soft rag or towel. A natural shine is going to be left behind and the finish of the wood will not be harmed. Don't Overlook Cabinet Interiors The interiors of cabinets will become dusty without frequent care and cleaning. Take out the items from your cabinets and wipe down the interiors with the vinegar cleaning solution; you may have to set aside a day to accomplish this. This will help prevent the accumulation of dust. You may also consider utilizing cabinet lining or paper on the interior of the cabinets to protect the surface. These can be either disposable, and replaced regularly, or made from a material such as plastic, where you can remove them regularly and clean them. Just be sure not to use any cabinet linings with an adhesive surface which could damage the wood. Cleaning Safely Some cleaning solutions damage wood. To make sure it is not going to damage the wood or finish, be sure and test any cleaning solution you intend to use on your wood kitchen cabinets in a small area first. Bleach or any cleaning solution which contains scrubbing pebbles or grains should
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Real Wood Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Hints
really be avoided. A specialized cleaner or one of the mild homemade cleaning solutions should be considered. Wood Cabinets Are A Great Investment Your durable and versatile wood kitchen cabinets will last you numerous years to come with the proper care and cleaning. You will enjoy the glow of natural wood and the pleasure of knowing that you are looking after your investment in the best way possible. Installing white wood kitchen cabinets will dramatically alter the look of your residence. Find out more about All Wood Cabinets by visiting their site which is
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