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Rhett Palmer Interviews Dr Frazier And Dr Bailor On The Proper Use Of Liposuction And Diet In Body Contouring

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Rhett Palmer Interviews Dr Frazier And Dr Bailor On The Appropriate Use Of In Body Contouring WHO·S A CANDIDATE FOR LIPO? WAXE 107.

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Rhett Palmer Interviews Dr Frazier And Dr Bailor On The Appropriate Use Of
In Body Contouring
WHOS A CANDIDATE FOR LIPO? WAXE 107.9FM Radio Show host Rhett Palmer recently invited two Vero Beach cosmetic surgeons to discuss the appropriate use of laser liposuction and why lipo should not be used for weight loss or as a replacement for dieting. VERO BEACH, Fla.- --Katya Huseva Bailor, MDandWilliam H. Frazier, MD, FACSpractice cosmetic surgery atVero Cosmetic Surgery & Medispain Vero Beach Florida which serves the Treasure Coast and surrounding areas. Dr. Bailor's training isspecialized in cosmetic surgery of the head and neck. Dr. Frazier's specialty includes reconstructive surgery, breast reconstruction, liposuction, skin cancer and skin cancer reconstruction. He began the show saying, "She's a real delight, technically excellent and thinks well as a clinician." Liposuction Is Not For Dieting It's For Body ContouringRhett brought up an important point about the appropriate situations in which liposuction may be used. Dr. Frazier explained, "Alot of times people think of liposuction as a way to lose weight. Liposuction will only remove modest amounts of weight. It's really about what the person's shape is. They'll get close to their ideal bodyweight through changing eating habits, diet and exercise. The full video can be seen here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUmUUrzeaWQDr. Frazier much rather his patients change their diet and engage in a regular exercise regimen prior to liposuction surgery. This way the patient achieves a healthier lifestyle in the process.95% of a person's weight comes from what goes in their mouth and the other 5% is from exercise.
He says managing your insulin and glucose levels are the key to avoiding the temptation of overeating. Adding more protein and medium chain fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, nuts and grass-fed products (beef, butter, yogurt and milk) helps keep an even amount of glucose, are 98% burnable and eliminate mood swings (from sugar). To learn more about liposuction and facial surgery visit their corporate website at http://www.verocosmetic.com/liposuction/liposuction or call 772-562-2400. About Vero Cosmetic Surgery & MedispaServing the Treasure Coast community and beyond, founded by Dr. Frazier and joined by Dr. Bailor, the practice provides body contouring, facial rejuvenation, medispa services, breast improvement and tattoo removal with the most advanced laser in medicine today. William H. Frazier, MD, FACSis Yale-trained, experienced and trusted for over 25 years. Katya Huseva Bailor, MDcompleted her Fellowship at Colombia University of Missouri in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery through American Academy of Facial Plastic &Reconstructive Surgery. She will be having an Introductory Clininc to minimally invasive treatments for the face this month. Inquire about the Facetime Facelift athttp://verocosmetic.com/mini-facelift/mini-facelift
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