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Written By John W. Woodall, Jr., JD, MBA
Pinnacle Endeavours Management Concepts Group, LLC.
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Small Businesses That Succeed Don’t Grow on Trees

I. SPECIAL NOTE: Business Partner Needed ........................................ 3
II. About the Author .............................................. 4
III. Introduction ....................................................... 6
IV. The Kind of Money Entrepreneurs Recklessly Ignore ......................... 7
V. Waking Up to a Bad Dream ................................................................ 9
VI. The Entrepreneur with a Hole in His Pocket ....... 10
VII. Thinking Smarter About Entrepreneurship ........................................ 12
VIII. Conclusion ......................................................................................... 14
IX. Additional Tools for the Entrepreneur
a. 7 Reasons to Own Your Own Business .......................................... 16
b. 5 Tips for Creating a Successful Business from the Ground Up ..... 19
c. 10 Common Mistakes When Creating a Small Business ................ 21

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businesses every month. But the fact that even more businesses close their doors is a great threat to
entrepreneurship, but a tremendous opportunity for you and I, as entrepreneurs. The article pulls its information
from the United States Small Business Administration (You can see the official report from the SBA Office of
Advocacy Frequently Asked Questions Report.
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John W. Woodall, Jr, JD, MBA
Pinnacle Endeavours Management Concepts Group, LLC


Small Businesses That Succeed Don’t Grow on Trees

With over 20 years’ experience as a corporate level management executive, John has consulted
multiple small and medium sized owners on the growth and development of their business. His clientele
spans from a pre-startup dance studio to an established multi-million dollar construction firm with 5
offices in multiple states. This diversity shows that the principles of his growth and development
consulting are truly universal. John's objective is to utilize his educational, experience and business
success to help the owners of small and medium-sized businesses seize ownership's greatest advantage
and achieve the ultimate reward that business ownership has to offer.
His academic credentials include a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree with a concentration in commercial
law from the Indiana University School of Law, a Masters of Business Administration degree with a
concentration in Finance from the Ball State University Graduate School of Business. John has served as
an Adjunct Professor in Business, Entrepreneurship, Business Law. Accounting and Finance at Indiana
Wesleyan University and Martin University with over 14 years


Small Businesses That Succeed Don’t Grow on Trees

of teaching experience. Furthermore, he is the successful author of ‘The Ultimate Reward of Business
The industries that John has consulted for, range from insurance repair construction to travel and
automotive to mattress manufacturing. He teaches small business owners how to grow a business
instead of merely growing a job in a business they happen to own. He believes very firmly that this is a
common failing of many unsuccessful or struggling small business owners. Unfortunately, it is a hidden
failing and the consequences are never realized or even deemed relevant until the business owner has
decided or is forced to end of their entrepreneurial journey because of insolvency, overwhelm, or
eventual gross disinterest. It is only then that they understand that they never built anything of value.


Small Businesses That Succeed Don’t Grow on Trees
Contrary to the belief of many would-be entrepreneurs, successful small businesses don’t just
naturally grow into thriving mature business organization. It is not like the ripe red apple that is the
natural fruit of the apple seed. The successful small business is the exception to the small business
startup and thus it must be treated differently. The small business organization must be carefully
nurtured and pampered and even trained. However, most entrepreneurs are completely unfamiliar
with what a small business really needs, so they rely on their intuition.
They assume that the growth and development of the business will come by simply generating
the next sale. They fail to realize that the business creature is much more complex than that. As a result
most entrepreneurs generate what I call “empty sales” that do nothing for building the value that can
only be found in a mature and independent business organization. However, this does not concern most
entrepreneurs. They do not worry about empty sales because in their minds a dollar from an “empty
sale” spends just as well as a dollar from an “engaged sale”. It is that kind of short-sighted thinking that
has gotten small business owner in trouble.


Small Businesses That Succeed Don’t Grow on Trees
I always find it very unfortunate that so many small business owners spend their entire
entrepreneurial careers building a business organization that is completely worthless. I’m not saying
that they are unprofitable. Believe it or not, many of these worthless businesses are very profitable (I'll
show you how that’s possible in a moment). But the business itself is not worth anything. As a business
owner the business you build should be your hardest working employee. Your business should be your
greatest asset and capable of make money for you even while you are not working. In fact, by its very
design, a business is perfectly capable to holding and carrying an incredible amount of value for its
owner. That’s what a business should do for you, but that is not the kind of business most
entrepreneurs build.
I am a small business growth and development consultant, but I used to be a business broker. I had the
great misfortune of being in the position to tell a lot of business owners that for the many years they
had been in business they had ultimately wasted their time and energy. It was always so disheartening
to see their faces when they would learn that they had unknowingly cheated themselves out of
hundreds of thousands (and in some cases even millions) of dollars. It is a mistake that they will regret
every day for the rest of their lives. This writing is prepared so that you do not have to repeat their
After earning an MBA and a Law degree, I started my entrepreneurial career brokering the sale of
businesses. I can say with complete confidence that being a business broker taught me the most
valuable lessons I ever learned about business, in general, and entrepreneurship, in particular. Even

though I spent nine years as a student of business, I never learned in school what I came to understand
so very well during my first year as one who sold small businesses from one owner to the next.


Small Businesses That Succeed Don’t Grow on Trees

I learned that a very common failing among entrepreneurs is that if they are able to survive past the first
6 years, most of them tend to spend the rest of their entrepreneurial career nursing what will ultimately
become a small business enterprise that has no lasting value. They will find that although they were “in
business”, they never grew a business. For all of their years of effort all that they ever had was a “job” in
a company that they happened to own. The sad thing is that in most cases they never came to realize it
until it was too late.


Small Businesses That Succeed Don’t Grow on Trees
You would be amazed at how many people are frantically trying to get out of their businesses. As a
business broker, I was hired by business owners to find someone to buy their business. These owners
were always convinced that they had built a priceless gem because of all the time, hard work, effort and
heartache that they had invested over the years. They were always passionate about the huge financial
windfall they were convinced would soon come from selling their business. And yes, they were almost
always disappointed.
As the business broker, one of the most difficult things for me to do was to share with an owner that the
business they had labored over for so many years was essentially worthless. They could really just
auction off the parts on eBay and make more money. Telling someone that what they had built was
worth so very little was always a very painful conversation to hold.
Based on my work with these owners who had built worthless businesses, I began to work as a
consultant showing owners how to become the successful owner of a successful business. My most
fruitful client has grown over 700% and their company now earns about $35,000.000 in annual sales.
Interestingly enough, neither of those numbers are the most exciting thing about the success of their
story. I had the honor of teaching them how to build a business instead of a job and now their business
grows in spite of them and not because of them. They have graduated from being Self-Employed
persons and now they are truly Business Owners. And Yes. There is a difference.


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