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start late finish rich  For a lot of people, it is frustrating to not have options to make a better income.  So many people are just working to get a pay check, pay check to pay check.  When you are in a situation like that, it is difficult to see your way out.  In the book, Start Late, Finish Late, by David Bach, he discusses options that can change you where ever you are in life.  Rather than thinking you are old, and can't do anything now... That it is too late...  You can instead change your attitude!  In the book he discusses everything from getting a raise to starting your own business.  For many, if you are looking for a raise, a lot of the opportunity to get one involves doing better work, and getting yourself noticed in a positive way.  If you are looking to create your own business, there are a few options.  One things you can do would be to start a business like a store, a cafe, or similar type storefronts or even online businesses.  When you deal with starting a resale business, you do have the disadvatage of needing overhead to start, marketing, and the reality of having to create the business from the ground up.  Another option would be to start a franchise - a business like Subway, or other such restaurant or gas station type franchises.  This can be a bit easier, as the adverttising is already being done by the corporation.  The products are all in line, and a general business plan is already laid out.  The biggest disadvantage to this one is that it costs - a LOT!  In his book, David Bach goes over the pluses and minuses in more detail on these and other ways to increase your income.  Whether you are looking to invest in securities, or get a great business of your own, there are a LOT of options you can use.  In my blog you can read in more detail about the option of signing up with an existing online
This is by far the most economical, and easiest, opportunity to get rich...
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