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the golden retrievers   The Golden Retriever comes from the Scottish Highlands. This dog can observe you with kind, intelligent eyes. The eyes can not deceive you. The Golden will become your life long friend. The Golden Retriever Breed  Golden dogs are well-known for their playful disposition, they will keep you in touch with the child inside you. If you enjoy watching kids having fun and taking part in a Golden Retriever is for you. It can offer you an excuse to be a child a little longer.  The Golden is one amongst the foremost even tempered and mellow dogs on earth. They make a nice addition to a family with youngsters. They are noted for their ability to induce together with people of all sizes. They will play gently with youngsters.  Golden Retrievers are noted for his or her fabulous coats. The golden is noted for the colour and the method it reflects the light. The coat ought to not be silky and is truly a double coat. The undercoat is what protects the dog and permits it to relish the outside in any weather.  This breed could be a medium sized dog. A full grown golden can weight fifty to seventy five pounds. You ought to bear in mind when wanting to buy a puppy that it ought to move fluidly. This is a nice indicator of the bone structure. They ought to move in one swish stride.  The breeding in the Highlands was to help the hunter retrieve the water fowl from the water. Golden Retrievers are sporting dogs and would like their exercise. Your dog can be happiest with a lively family. If you and your family get pleasure from the outside and an energetic life style the Golden may be for you.  If you're wanting for a dog that's intelligent, easy to coach, loyal and even tempered a Golden is for you. They have a one tract mind and are not easily distracted. You'll be ready to teach your dog how to do what ever trick you would get pleasure from watching. Once you own a Golden you will be hooked and marvel how you ever lived without one.  The breed has no major health problems. The one thing you would like to be aware of is bone structure. The dog will suffer from hip issues. That is why you are going to make certain it moves simply, during a fluid motion with no jerking.  Caring for your Golden can be a pleasure. Your dog and you will fancy the daily brushing. It will be a time of bonding.
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