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Things to Consider When Choosing a Cemetery

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Cemetery No matter how rich and fulfilling a life is, sooner or later it will inevitably come to an end. Death is a reality in the cycle of life and whether it is for yourself or a loved, choosing a cemetery is a reality, too.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Cemetery
No matter how rich and fulfilling a life is, sooner or later it will inevitably come to an end. Death is a reality in the cycle of life and whether it is for yourself or a loved, choosing a cemetery is a reality, too.
On the surface, choosing cemeteries may seem pretty simple and straightforward, but there are many different elements to consider before making a final decision.
As you read through the following points, you will discover which considerations are most important to you.
Planning Ahead
If you’re able, planning ahead and choosing a cemetery for yourself while you’re still healthy is a viable option. Preplanning takes the responsibility off your loved one’s shoulders and will avoid higher prices when that day finally does arrive. Consider things like:
Your executor Budget Type of casket, urn or mausoleum How you want to be memorialized
Cemetery Location
The location of the cemetery is always an important thing to consider, for yourself or a loved one. When considering the location of cemeteries, consider the person’s personality, proximity to living family members and the overall look and feel of the grounds.
Some people might have a favorite town or city, some might like to be buried where they grew up, and some might just want to make it easier for family to visit. Take every aspect into consideration before choosing the location.
Type of Cemetery
The type of cemetery is another important consideration when making a final decision. There are generally four types of cemeteries, including:
Public cemeteries District or municipal cemeteries Religious cemeteries National or veteran’s cemeteries
Sometimes, the choice will be made for you due to religion or budget, but other times you will have to choose.
The Cemetery Regulations
Sometimes, the cemetery rules and regulations go against a person’s wishes and this aspect can become an issue. Some cemeteries have regulations regarding:
Religious requirements Type or size of headstone or marker Decorations placed on graves Personal memorials or messages Flower arrangements or in-ground plants
Aesthetics & Upkeep
Not all cemeteries are created equal when it comes to overall aesthetics and upkeep. Look for things like:
General maintenance of grounds and graves Landscaping Benches for visitors Freshness of flowers at grave sites
It’s nice to know that your loved one or you will be resting in a place that is well kept and respected by the cemetery and its employees.
The security element isn’t one that too many people think about when choosing cemeteries, but it is nice to know that family members visiting will feel safe and that grave markers won’t be vandalized.
Ask about the security when you first approach the cemetery, so you can feel confident have peace of mind that it is taken seriously.
Naturally, the cost of the cemetery plot and burial will come into play at some point. You may be able to save some money by choosing a plot a little ‘out of the way.’ Also, watch for hidden fees like:
Grave opening and closing fees Set up fees Graveside service fees Maintenance fees
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