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Tips of Replacing Viton o ring and O ring cord
Every Ford diesel truck owner knows that one of the most common wear and tear problems is going to be with the O-rings. ReplacingViton o ringisn't a question of if, it's just a matter of when. O-rings are integral for several critical components to the Ford diesel engine. When one of these o-rings goes there could be several side effects to your trucks' performance. If you've blown a ring and are trying to locate the source of your problem, here are some helpful tips that might get you to the source quicker.
A) Problem Starting the Truck: If you're having trouble starting the truck or the truck doesn't start at all this could be associated with the fuel injectors. A leaking injector ring could be the cause of this problem, unfortunately this could also be attributed to a faulty oil pump or multitude of other issues, but a leaking o-ring would be a great place to check first. B) Simple Deterioration: If you are experiencing a rough idle or loss of power this could be due to deteriorating injector o-rings. These symptoms are usually diagnosed as being caused by using the wrong oil type, however deteriorating rings are an often overlooked item. C) Fuel Injector Replacement: O-rings are often damaged during the replacement or removal of fuel injectors. Typically, you have to push the o-rings through a pretty tight space to get the fuel injector into the fuel rail. This can often damage the rings if you're not careful.
Lubricating o-rings and other parts before any installations will help prevent damage and make the install go quite a bit smoother. D) Heat Damage: The overheating of diesel engines can cause severe damage to O-rings. When superheated the rings can expand beyond their maximum capacity causing permanent distortion and damage and consequently gaps which will cause leaks. This is most common with injector rings. E) Oil Leak: A common problem in the 7.3L Ford Powerstroke is developing an oil leak related to the HPOP. This can sometimes look like a fuel leak related to the fuel bowl, but if after changing out the o-rings on the fuel bowl the leak continues, it is definitely the HPOP. F) Parts are Getting Old: As with all of us, age takes it's toll. Over time O-rings will simply harden losing their ability to expand and contract. They will begin to crack and lose the ability to create an effective seal. If you see a leak at or near the fuel rail connection this is almost certainly an O-ring failure. Sadly, I've been caught in a situation where I've had to run around town hoping that a dealer would have the part I need. I like to avoid inconvenient situations when at all possible. It might be presumptuous, but I thought some of you might like to avoid the inconvenience of running around town looking for replacement parts and then paying a premium when you find them. There are o-rings for a wide array of fuel and oil related applications on Ford trucks, and because they tend to be a common maintenance issue, I have put together a kit that any Ford diesel enthusiast should own. As I mentioned previously, eventually, your 7.3L Powerstroke will develop a fuel or oil leak. It's only a matter of when. A Complete Replacement Kit includes: full set of Turbo pedestal (4) o-rings, both upper and lower A turbo outlet o-ring GTP38  HPOP outlet fittings (4) o-rings, both internal and external  HPOP rear plug o-ring reservoir fill plug o-ring HPOP "non-serviceable" plug o-ring HPOP to HPOP body o-ring IPR oil rail o-rings (8) for oil rail plugs, ICP or cross-over line Head  HPOP Hose to head internal o-rings (2)  Loctite 608 retaining compound (2 - .5ml packets for HPOP and oil rail)
EBPV solenoid o-rings (2) GTP38  GTP38 EBPV piston backplate o-ring  New Garrett EBPV pushrod clip Drain Valve core o-rings (2) choice of bi-polymer Viton or tri-polymer Fuel Viton  Fuel Drain Valve Stem o-ring (1)  Fuel Filter Check Valve o-rings (2) Bowl Heater/water in fuel sensor o-rings (2) Fuel Bowl plug o-rings (2) Fuel  Fuel Bowl return regulator o-ring  Sleeve gaskets for the fuel rail lines, both ends (4) gasket for the fuel return line Sleeve gasket for the main fuel feed line Sleeve mounting bolts (2) Turbo This kit will cover all of yourO-ring cordneeds. I recommend swapping out all of your stock rings with DuPontViton O-rings. You won't have to worry about the diesel o-rings drying out or cracking, because the shelf-life of DuPont Viton is indefinite! No joke, they won't go bad from air, heat, sunshine or time. More information please visit
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