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Your Peace of Mind, Our Promise TRAVELANCE
is delighted to provide you
and your family
with the ideal medical
coverage for your trip to
was created with the mission to provide quality
travel health insurance plans at a reasonable price.
When traveling abroad, your clients’ peace of mind is
our promise as we insure they’ll be taken care of in
case of medical or health emergency.
TRAVELANCE Our Plans – Visitors To Canada
We offer two plans, specifically created for visitors (visitors
insurance) to Canada, immigrants, and Canadians who
are without a government health plan.


 $100,000 Emergency Medical Benefits
 Meets Super Visa Requirements
 Repatriation Benefit: $5000, Cremation Benefit: $3000
 Covers trips up to 18 months in duration
 Affordable Family Rates
 24 hours Travel Assistance


 $100,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit
 Plans are available from 7 days up to 18 months!
 Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions*
 Additional & Upgraded Benefits as compared to the Essential
 Repatriation Coverage up to $15,000
 Waiver of Deductible
 Hospital Stay Allowance

* Please read the policy wording for details
TRAVELANCE Additional Benefits
Clients have 10 days to review their policy and cancel their policy free of charge (the free look period
begins on the date they receive their policy).

Refunds available if clients return home early.

 Side trips are covered as long as each side trip begins in Canada and is no more than 45 days in
 Period of Coverage must be more than 50% of the accumulated coverage days under this Policy.

Are Pre-Existing Conditions Covered?
Yes, under the Premier Plan, pre-existing Conditions or related
Medical Conditions are covered as follows:

1. For ages 69 and under on the Start Date of the policy, the Pre-Existing
Condition is covered as mentioned in the policy wording.
2. For ages 70 to 79 on the Start Date of the policy, the Pre-Existing Condition or
Medical Condition was Stable and Controlled during the 180 day period
immediately, as mentioned in the policy wording
3. For ages 80 and over on the Start Date of the policy, there is no coverage under
the policy for any Pre-Existing Condition or Medical Condition that was present
on the Start Date.
For other than the “10 Day Right to Examine” period and provided
that the client has not incurred claim under this Policy, a refund for
unused days will be allowed. The following administration fees will
be deducted from the refund if your client:

a) cancels their policy due to a denial of their travel visa (no fee will be deducted);
b) cancels their Policy before they leave their Home Country for other than “a)”
above ($250fee will be deducted);
c) cancels their Policy before their Expiry Date to return to their Home Country ($50
fee will be deducted); or
d) cancels their Policy and decides to stay in Canada ($250 fee will be deducted).
TRAVELANCE Why Travelance Plans?
 A Strong range of deductible options that can be used to
balance the client’s medical needs versus cost of the policy

 Convertible Plan Option: Clients can upgrade to the Premier
Plan, before the effective date of their existing policy

 Special Assistance Services provided by Travelance

 Get in touch with us today! TRAVELANCE

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