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losing the fat keeping your  We do understand if you have been trying to burn fat and not muscle and you have been having a hard time doing so. There are millions of people who know your pain and frustration. However, this goal does not have to be impossible to reach nor frustrating. Having the right information plus dedication and commitment will see it through. If you struggle with an exercise program, then we think that this maybe because you do not enjoy this program. You will find that you do not mind exercising if you are having fun when doing it. Once you start to see positive results you should look forward to exercising.  Engaging in resistance training can be one of the most important activities you can do. There are many positive benefits to be gained with this approach to exercise. With regular resistance training there is an important principle involved. Scientific research shows that your body will respond in a certain way with constant resistance training. Fat stores are burnt rather than muscle because you body knows to look for fat. In the body, we think that this is ingenious. So, by training your body with constant resistance training you will develop your muscles and train yourself not to burn muscle, only fat. We are all familiar with the effect of starvation diets and no-fat diets, etc. There are indeed people out there that think they must purge their diet of all fats. That approach guarantees that fat loss will hardly ever happen. The body will know there is no more fat coming in, and then it goes into fat conservation. So what the body or mind must think is there is no need to cling onto any fat. It's pretty much the opposite of the effects of starvation. Your body won't conserve the fat if it realizes that it's not needed. So your body will not burn into the muscle stores but rather it'll go after the fat stores.  Here's a piece of wisdom that's rather old and has been around for a very long time. It is, however, certainly something that not everybody knows about, and it'll have an impact on your habits of eating. Always chew your food thoroughly and eat slowly. There's a 20 minute time lag from when your stomach is full and when your brain gets the signal that it is.  So, by eating at a quick rate you will throw your body off, resulting in you overeating because you don't feel full right at that moment. Indigestion can be avoided by simply chewing your food thoroughly. Plus, your saliva contains enzymes, which will have more time to start the process of digestion, before the food reaches the stomach.  Learning as much as you can about your body is good because you can see the many effects you can have on it. Just like we talked about how depriving your body of something can work against you.  T o f i n d o u t m o r e b e s u r e t o c h e c k o u t o u r i n c r e d i b l e w e b s i t e b y c l i c k i n g t h i s link...[url=,_Not_Muscle_and_Feel_Good_As_W ell&action=submit]related web site[/url]  You may likewise want to weight loss diets
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