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Vority 3000mAh Power BankCharger Product Information

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Vority 3000mAh Power Bank Charger Product Details If you are searching for an external charger that is compatible with a number of devices, 3000mah power bank external charger is what you need.

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Vority 3000mAh Power Bank Charger Product DetailsIf you are searching for an external charger that is compatible with a number of devices, 3000mah power bank external charger is what you need. You can chargeyou’reSamsung Galaxy Note, Sony Experia, iPhone 5s, iPod, Galaxy S3, HTC, Blackberry, Galaxy Nexus, and others, using the Vigor charger. You can pick from three brilliant colors available - black, pink and blue. As you might already know, when it comes to chargers and other cellphone accessories there is only one brand you can depend on - Vority. The company has been providing reliable and fast chargers for many years now. The chargers they produce are very dependable and won't let you down if you need to recharge your gadgets fast. By using the chargers you can charge your units in less than an hour. Still, there are some vital things you need to know before buying this external battery charger so you will not get disappointed. This article will show you how functional the Vority 3000mah power bank Vority Vigor 3s portable charger is. Things You Need to Consider When Buying 3000mah Charger Unlike other chargers, this battery charger has one USB port with 5 volts and a micro USB port with 5 volts/one amp. Before buying, make sure that you are dealing with the authorized dealer online. At present, Amazon is the only authorized online store to sell Vigor 3S charger. Using the3000mah power bank chargeris easy, simply charge the backup battery charger by using the Micro-USB cable and attach your unit using the USB 2.0 port to charge. The Vority Vigor 3S charger is easy to carry. You can easily slip it in your purse or bag. This backup battery charger is available in 3 lovely colors black, pink and blue. This charger will keep your device and gadgets working at their best all the time.
Vority Vigor 3000mah Power Bank ChargerGreat Features If you purchase the 3000mah external charger, here are some great features that you can expect. The Vority Vigor 3S portable charger provides power to your gadgets up to 150% full charge, which translates to roughly 10 hours of additional talk time for your device. One of the main benefits of Vority Vigor 3S is that you can charge even your fully drained gadget. It has a micro USB input and output cable which you can plug-in simultaneously. As compared to other battery chargers, 3000mah has smart features like the auto power on. This feature automatically turns on the charger once you connect your device to charge. It stops charging automatically when the gadget battery is fully charged, or if it detects a danger of overcharging. The charger's power turns off automatically when it is not in use for 3-4 hours. This lipstick power bank charger has stylish features, portable and can charge your device quicker. Final Words Vority is confident that all their chargers are of best quality. This is the reason why they offer a 2 year limited warranty with all purchases. However, the warranty only applies if you purchase the product from the authorized dealer.