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Vority Dual USB Wall Battery Charger Power Problem, SolvedI looked up at the sky in dread as I cried out to the heavens at how unlucky I was. I've been in this hotel room l here for half a day and my smartphone is dead. So is my iPad and music player. The two key important stuff I need on this business trip are already powerless. I decided to unpack my stuff and I see my dual USB power adaptor's prong got bent and broken in my stuff. I have a dinner meeting to attend and all my contacts, files and messages cannot be accessed. Seriously, I bought thisdual USB power adaptor just two l a couple of days ago, especially for this trip since I wanted to pack as light as I can. And now, I am involved l trapped in this annoying situation where I have no idea what to do. I've seen a lot of these l them at the office so I decided to get one since it seemed so convenient. Everyone was talking about how easier it is to travel with a dual USB power adaptor than taking all your mobile devices' adaptors. I got one, and now, I can't even use it. There are still a few l a few more hours before the dinner meeting so i decide to go out and look for something, maybe another power adaptor to use before judgment night. I walked out of l exited my hotel room and walked into the closest gadget shop i could find. My mouth blurted out "dual USB power adaptor" as soon as I made eye contact with one of the sales clerks. I was overwhelmed with happiness l overjoyed when they said they had them. Anyway, the clerk seemed like a man who knew his stuff so I told him about what happened to the one I bought just recently. He recommended to me this dual USB power adaptor by Vority. He said it was supposed to be "universal". He said this would be the dual USB power adaptor that will fix all of my problems. So I did buy it and it was one of the best purchases I made. It was compatible with absolutely all of my gadgets l mobile devices and t he prong was foldable! I could sleep during my flight home at peace knowing that it wouldn't break inside my luggage. So, anyway, I was able to get my dual USB power adaptor and recharge my stuff before heading to the dinner meeting. The charging was fast and easy. I'm pretty sure this purchase is a pretty good investment. I am honestly
quite happy about how it works l its performance until now. I always carry it around with me with my other gadgets. It doesn't disappoint when it said l mentioned that it was a universal adaptor. This universal USB power adaptor by Vority really saved me back then. This is definitely designed for l made to adapt to a universal lifestyle.
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