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What Is the ICF Building Process?
When you’re building a new home, or even making major renovations to your current home, there are many different variables to consider. Obviously, one of the more important aspects of any home is the foundation and walls as they provide support for the entire structure.
One of the newer innovations in home construction is known as ICF or ‘Insulating Concrete Forms’.
What Is ICF?
Insulating concrete forms are basically panels made from expanded polystyrene insulation material. Each concrete form is held in place by plastic bridging and they are stacked to build the wall or foundation.
ICF construction, as it is known, is effective in traditional houses, townhouses, hotels, churches, theaters and other structures.
Why Is ICF More Efficient?
Using concrete forms to create walls and foundations is considered more efficient by many builders, because they snap into place easily and combine five different steps into one. ICF construction provides:
1. Insulation 2. Vapor Barrier 3. Structure 4. Sound Barrier 5. Fastening Strips
The ICF Process
The ICF process begins with the concrete form,or panel. The panels have cut lines on either side, making it easier to cut them to size when the job requires it.
Steel bracing is put in place in an effort to keep the walls straight and plumb once each concrete form is stacked and the process is complete.
Steel rebar is also used to help reinforce the walls and to keep everything stable in the case of an earthquake or other natural event.
The Process cont…
Once the bracing, concrete forms and rebar are securely in place, it is time for the concrete.
A concrete pump or crane and bucket is used to pump concrete into the reinforced wall. The nature of the panels and the concrete help to increase the strength of the concrete by up to 25 percent.
After the concrete is poured and allowed to dry, you can install the roof with confidence.
Additional Benefits
The relative ease and efficiency of construction aren’t the only benefits of using the concrete form in your building project. Some of the additional benefits of ICF construction include:
• Environmentally friendly • Effective sound barrier • Improved strength and durability • Improved interior heat retention
More Benefits
•Reduced energy bills •Cooler interior when it’s hot outside
More and more builders are utilizing ICF construction for various projects, and that trend is only likely to grow as the effectiveness of this style of building becomes more widely known.
ARXX Constructionis a major player in the ICF industry. They are located at 800 Division Street Cobourg, ON K9A 5V +1 800-293-3210. For more information, visit
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