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Expired Domains - The Right Way
Determining The Expired Domain Name's Type
The first step in buying an expired domain name is determining which of the 6 types it falls under (pre-release, closeout, on hold, redemption period, dropping, and deleted). If you don't know its type, check its expiry date. If the expiry date is 1-30 days in the past, contact the domain name's registrar to find out how to acquire it. If the expiry date is 31 or more days in the past. If it says pending delete, it's considered a dropping domain name.
Closeout Domain Names
A closeout domain name, also known as a "firesale domain name", is one that has not been renewed by the original owner before its expiry date, has not been bought in a pre-release auction.The term "closeout" is used because it is the last chance to buy the domain name from the registrar before they release it to the registry, where it would eventually drop and become available to anyone through a backorder.
On Hold Domain Names
An on hold domain name is one that has not been renewed by the original owner before its expiry date, and has been placed under the REGISTRAR HOLD or REGISTRY HOLD statuses. Although the majority of domain names under these statuses are legitimate expired domain names, there may be some that are the subject of a legal dispute.
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