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Buying An Unlocked Iphone

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We're here to provide some tips, tricks and little secrets on the ancient art on how to buy an Unlocked
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Buying An Unlocked Iphone We're here to provide some tips, tricks and little secrets on the ancient art on how to buy an Unlocked iPhone. No doubt you've seen one of these gorgeous gadgets in action, and you're keen to get your very own Apple iPhone. Butbefore you rush in and Buy one, there are a few things that you reallyneed to watch out for. Get this right and you'll be a happy new iPhoneowner. However, get this WRONG and you might find yourself stuck in amoney pit for the next two years! We'll go over some of the really important hints, tips and tricks that'll save you time and money. We'll cover the following topics: 1. Why Would You Want An 'Unlocked iPhone' ? 2. Things To Look For When Buying An iPhone 3. How To Get The Cheapest Price Online! Ok, So you're fallen in love with this new fancy device called the Apple iPhone and you need to get your hands on one. You can't sleep at night, all you can think about is the iPhone and it's starting to get a little wierd. Don't worry, we know what it's like ;) So what's all this talk about 'Unlocked iPhone's' ? Well,when the iPhone first came out, Apple teamed up with a number of CellPhone (or Mobile Phone) network providers. They're they guys that buildall the funny looking towers around the place make the Cell Phone'swork. You'll know them as AT&T or Verizon if you're in the US, orperhaps Telstra or Optus if you're an Australian like myself. Forsome reason, the network providers decided it would be a good idea toONLY OFFER the iPhone on a CONTRACT. That is a lengthy, 24 monthagreement that LOCKS your iPhone with that particular provider. Yousimply can't use any other companies SIM card  Because the iPhone willReject it... Whilst this is a good thing for them, it's not such a great idea for you.
Nowdon't get us wrong, there are some contracts out there that areexcellent value. But, in all honestly, they are few and far between.More often then not (like 95% of the time), you'll end up paying A LOTMORE for your iPhone if you get it on a Contract. Every Month... Forthe next Two years... So what do you do? Here's what we advise: Buy a Unlocked iPhone, find a great Prepaid Plan, and you're done!Itreally is that simple. The prepaid plan allows you to control yourspending, and having an Unlocked iPhone gives you the choice to pickand choose the best plan available, AT ANYTIME. Find a betterplan, then just change over the Sim card! Don't worry, you can keepyour old number with a little effort. Best part is, You're not lockedin. The choice is yours. Freedom with a Capital 'F' When you're looking to buy anUnlocked iPhone, it's essential that you know exactly what you're getting. Here's some crucial things to check out when you're going shopping. 1. Make Sure It Really Is Unlocked!Yep,that's right. Obvious but true. Usually, if the seller doesn't mentionit's unlocked, it probably isn't. Make sure it really is UNLOCKED. Ifin doubt, just ask the seller. 2. Check the iPhone is in GOOD, workable Condition!Youwant to aim for a fully working iPhone in good condition. Make sureit's not damaged, scratched, has dints or other problems. Sometimes youcan pick up a iPhone that's got a bit of wear and tear for a cheaperprice. That's ok if it's still in good working order. So make sure youcheck this out. Don't buy a DUD! 3. Does It Come With The Standard Accessories?No iPhone is an island. It needs other things to make it work. They are:  A USB Cord  For charging! A Handsfree Headset (It's specific to the iPhone, make sure it's the original Apple iPhone Headset!)  The Wall Charger! (you'll need this if you're away from your computer!)
So now you're all cluedin on the fine art of Unlocked iPhones. You've done well!  It's simple really once you know the basics. But, you're probably wondering where you can actually buy an Unlocked iPhone? Well... We're not going to hold out on you!<<<Here's a GREAT site that Compares Different Unlocked iPhone's Currently For Sale Online. But before you go there, we want to thank you for visiting our hub, and reading our guide. We've enjoyed creating it, and sincerely wish you all the best with your new iPhone. apple ipad 3 features