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Business Consulting Helps Businesses Plan Financially
Business Consulting Gives Business' Edge in Long-Term Success
Business Consulting in Colorado Springs is a challenge Flynn Accounting takes very seriously. With IRS audits on the rise among small businesses, challenges on the horizon with healthcare reforms, a shaky stock market, and other such frustrations, business owners cannot avoid financial planning to assure the business' legacy is protected.
Brian Flynn, CPA, a 20-year veteran in helping small businesses, provides business consulting in Colorado Springs that center on the core of the financial stability of the business. Business consulting can often be a nebulous term consisting of uffy templates and verbose language. Where Brian Flynn and his staff are concerned, business consulting takes on a much different view that is based initially on deep questioning designed to get the business owner to really consider what their goals are for the business. Some of the business consulting questions might include:
• Whatare your long-term goals for the business? • Areyou planning for other family members to eventually take control of the business? • Whattypes of business protection strategies have you put in place? • Whatis the long-term outlook in your industry and marketplace?
The financial markets, tax situations, market dynamics, and overall economy in a world market has made business planning a very challenging undertaking. Flynn Accounting's business consulting services are designed to help owners navigate the maze of such challenges. It may require changes to tax planning, retirement planning, business succession strategies, and the overall way you currently view your business. Many businesses are operating as sole proprietors, which is a risky proposition in today's climate. If you have long-term plans for your business that might include succession to a younger generation, the company most likely needs to be set up as an LLC, C-Corp, or S-Corp.
Contact Brian Flynn for a complimentary consultation to begin determining the paths your business needs to take. Flynn Accounting specializes in providing business consulting in Colorado Springs for many of the area's most prominent businesses.
Flynn Accounting, LLC•  • ColoradoSprings CO• 719-593-9338
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