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Cost Saving Extra Money on your bath room renovation

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Cost Saving Extra Money on your bath room renovation

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Ajouté le : 08 septembre 2011
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Cost Saving Extra Money on your
Bath Room Renovation
Wouldn’t it be fantastic to remodel your run-down bathroom without running your
wallet down? You just might be able to, if you follow some of our tips and do some
Redoing your bathroom can be pricey, but bathroom renovations retain most or all of
their resale value.
But you’ll need to thoroughly plan your remodel. First, you’ll want to search through
magazines, go to bathroom showrooms and question remodelers to collect ideas.
You’ll want to get estimates from multiple contractors, even if you’re planning to do
the work. Contractors are great at giving you ideas and info.
You can save a fair sum of dough if you do some of the renovation yourself. Some
contractors will allow you to work along with them. At the very least, there’s a good
chance he’ll let you help them with debris hauling or demolition. You can usually at
least help with hauling debris away.
But if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might end up costing yourself some
money instead of saving it. Goof-ups in a
shower bath
can be detected quite easily by
guests. I doubt you want to be reminded of your boo boos for the next twenty years,
Hiring a professional has several pluses. If a contractor make a mistake, they have to
correct it out of their own pocket. And professional remodelers also able to buy
materials below retail prices, which you probably can’t do. And your resale price is
usually a bit higher if you have a professional remodeler do the job.
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Setting tile is something some homeowners like to do themselves, but installing it
properly is harder than it might seem. It’s quite a bit easier to lay linoleum, and
linoleum is also much less costly and easier to clean than tile.
You should put your new sink, toilet or tub in the same spot the existing ones are in.
If you alter their spot, you have to rip up concrete and then put in new plumbing, and
that can cost you a bundle.
Removing a wall can also be terribly expensive, particularly if it’s a bearing wall or if
it involves electrical wiring. Re-wiring is not only costly, it’s something you definitely
shouldn’t mess with by yourself, unless you’re an electrician or have a death wish.
Conservation can also save you some money in the long run. Replacing leaky faucets,
purchasing water-conserving fixtures and buying an on-demand
bathroom radiators
can save on your up-coming bills.
If you have a scratched up tub, it’s much cheaper to put a tub liner over it than it is
to get a new tub.
If you want to buy a new bathtub, you can get an all-in-one unit, where the tub
comes with attached walls. This saves money on paint and wall material.
Instead of buying all new furnishings, you can reframe your existing mirror and
refinish your
bathroom mirrors cabinet
You shouldn’t skimp on your toilet, though. New toilets aren’t that expensive, so if
your existing toilet is funky, buy a new one.
The most important factor when you’re trying to save money is that all your new
items have to fit into your over-all theme for your bathroom.
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